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Printed Camisoles in Bulk
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Why choose camisoles with logo for advertising your brand?

Camisoles? Every woman has one. That's because this material is the go-to tops for women: they go with anything! They can be worn with skirts, shorts, or just plain jeans; they can even be worn as undergarments, and can work with layered clothing. They're comfortable enough to be worn as nightwear! Camisoles hug the body just right, making the body look slimmer, with curves in the right places. Every woman has one in her wardrobe. But what does this mean for you and your business? This means one thing: they will make for an excellent promotional product! Personalize them as printed camisoles with logo, and increase brand recognition and recall for your company! If you gave out custom camisoles, you'd be doing yourself a favor.

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A bit of history: camisoles actually began as something to cover the famous Renaissance-era corset. Earlier corsets used to be long and thin until Victorian era tailors realized that a lighter, shorter piece of undergarment would be more effective in hiding the corset. This piece of undergarment evolved to be the ones commonly used today: the ones that feature thin spaghetti straps, and are designed to be worn over a bra. Made of light materials, promo camisoles are cool to the skin and allows for a wide variety of movement. They're designed to control the shape of the bust, waist, and abdomen, while still retaining maximum comfort. Women began wearing this undergarment as an outer garment since the 1920s. Every woman has one, if not a lot, and since there is a great need for it, it's only logical for it to be an excellent customized promo item or giveaway!

Here at Branders.com, we're sure to have just the right customized camisoles for your merchandise campaign. All of the features that make promotional camisoles with logo the preferred undergarment are present in the ones in our collection. Our customizable camisoles come with a lot of features, in all colors and designs. We have ones made of cotton and spandex. They come in all kinds of styles: long tank tops, bra camisoles, rib spaghetti tank tops, and jersey tank tops. Personalize these versatile items with your logo, for more effective brand recognition and higher sales! They can make great gifts or incentives to employees and customers, or giveaways during corporate shows. They can even make for great tradeshow freebie!

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Imprinted camisoles are excellent promotional items as they are creative, fun, and innovative. If you wanna get started, don't worry, we are here to assist. Call our toll free line to talk to our dedicated account managers and order custom camisoles now!



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