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Bulk Candles with Custom Logo

Promote your business with personalized candles as promotional giveaways.

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Bulk Candles Personalized with Logo
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Why choose candles with logo for advertising your brand?

Custom candles are the chic and elegant variants of a customizable promo item. In the hierarchy of favorite giveaway choices, bulk candles with logo are pretty high up there. Unseemingly as it may be, this household décor is not limited to just sitting in a corner of your home, all to be forgotten forever. There are actually a lot of uses for candles, most especially the aromatherapy ones.

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This promotional product has been noted to be one of the more affordable ways to unwind and relax. This calming phenomenon is widely known as aromatherapy. Just imagine it yourself: a room full of these promo candles, lighting up a dark room, the slow and deep breathing that passes in and out of your body, the peaceful aura all around. Might seem trivial to some, but the relaxation and health benefits of aromatherapy are numerous; it even matters which scents you are using. Lavender is good for those who may be fatigued or depressed as it calms the nerves. This is particularly helpful when wanting to get a good night's sleep. Jasmine also has antidepressant properties for relaxation. Other benefits include the balancing of hormone production by the endocrine system and the general enhancement of one's mood. All these advantages can be shared to your clients (and potential clients) if you have promotional candles as your company merchandise. You are sending the message to them of how healthy and happy you want them to be, through your customized candles with logo.

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You can shed more light on the industry of where you're from through the packaging of these custom printed candles. There are votive candle holders that come in clear and frosted. These are timeless and can beautify the space wherever they're placed! The awesome aromatherapy wax candles come in different shapes: round tin, heart-shaped tin, and square tin. Aromatherapy candle jars are on hand, and so are square prism glass candles. If you want a witty business message for professionals, there is a candle mug design for you. If you want this material to be boxed up, a gift box is also an option. Last but certainly not the least, you can opt for our candle light with LED! Yes, technology is amazing. It can even have a rechargeable light—an innovative marketing campaign choice for the next tradeshow, right? So pick up the nearest phone and call us at 877-272-6337 and order imprinted candles now!


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