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Bulk Candles with Custom Logo

Promote your business with personalized candles as promotional giveaways.

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Bulk Candles Personalized with Logo
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Why choose candles with logo for advertising your brand?

Custom candles are the chic and elegant variants of a customizable promo item. In the hierarchy of favorite giveaway choices, bulk candles with logo are pretty high up there. Unseemingly as it may be, this household décor is not limited to just sitting in a corner of your home, all to be forgotten forever. There are actually a lot of uses for candles, most especially the aromatherapy ones.

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This promotional product has been noted to be one of the more affordable ways to unwind and relax. This calming phenomenon is widely known as aromatherapy. Just imagine it yourself: a room full of these promo candles, lighting up a dark room, the slow and deep breathing that passes in and out of your body, the peaceful aura all around. Might seem trivial to some, but the relaxation and health benefits of aromatherapy are numerous; it even matters which scents you are using. Lavender is good for those who may be fatigued or depressed as it calms the nerves. This is particularly helpful when wanting to get a good night's sleep. Jasmine also has antidepressant properties for relaxation. Other benefits include the balancing of hormone production by the endocrine system and the general enhancement of one's mood. All these advantages can be shared to your clients (and potential clients) if you have promotional candles as your company merchandise. You are sending the message to them of how healthy and happy you want them to be, through your customized candles with logo.

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You can shed more light on the industry of where you're from through the packaging of these custom printed candles. There are votive candle holders that come in clear and frosted. These are timeless and can beautify the space wherever they're placed! The awesome aromatherapy wax candles come in different shapes: round tin, heart-shaped tin, and square tin. Aromatherapy candle jars are on hand, and so are square prism glass candles. If you want a witty business message for professionals, there is a candle mug design for you. If you want this material to be boxed up, a gift box is also an option. Last but certainly not the least, you can opt for our candle light with LED! Yes, technology is amazing. It can even have a rechargeable light—an innovative marketing campaign choice for the next tradeshow, right? So pick up the nearest phone and call us at 877-272-6337 and order imprinted candles now!

Choose the right custom candles to light up your promotions

Promotional candles would make great marketing gifts due to their aesthetic features. People always lend their attention to something beautiful, which is exactly what the custom candles are. Combined with your appealing logo designs, the candles can really make everyone’s eyes open wide in amazement. That will bring the audience closer to your brand as people won’t be able to help themselves apart from feasting their eyes on the customized candles and on your brand for that matter. All that needs to be done is utilize their prominent imprint features to highlight your logo designs to the fullest and transform the candles into potent marketing tools that are sure to brighten up your marketing campaign.

The choices of bulk candles are almost endless. That is something that you can capitalize on to plan out your strategies carefully. Choose the item that will serve you best, the likes that can coexist with your branding elements and branding theme very well. In that way, you are advertising your brand to the very best that you can. Have a quick peek at the following sections below to see and understand what the personalized candles that we sell are all about and so you can select which of these nifty giveaway items will be the perfect fits in your promotional stunts.

Candle Jars
First in the line are the candle jars. As a marketing giveaway, these lighting essentials truly rock! They have solid branding features such as excellent imprint spaces, diverse assortments, and very customizable. Just all the ingredients that you need to cook the most delicious marketing items your customers will truly love. Fully utilize them to assure the most potent advertising tools that will aid you in your promotional efforts. Speaking of assortments, there are a lot of candle jars that you can find in our gallery. There are the regular wax candle jars and even the coveted aromatherapy candle jars that are further diversified by the variety of sizes and scents. Additionally, they are looking so stylish and appealing as well. This is a great news for you so you can have the complete freedom of choice to acquire the best items and you can also tap to the varying desires of your customers for that matter.

Candle Mugs
Another impressive line of promo candles are the candle mugs. They are very much similar to the candle jars except that they are contained in a mug. The featured mug has a lot of imprint space that you can work on to render your branding logo designs visible and clear. Besides, the mug can be used for the customers’ own discretion, giving them more reason to appreciate the items. As usual, the candle mugs are available in different scent choices that you can choose to give your branding theme a good match. Another impressive thing about the mugs is that they are microwaveable and dishwasher safe. All of the aforementioned are sure to impress your customers that adds up to the promotional power of your marketing campaign.

Candle Tins
If you want durable marketing goodies, then candle tins are your best choices. Because the containers are made of tin, they won’t break upon impact. This gives the users the freedom of movement when they start carrying and using the items. They don’t even have to be too cautious when handling these items. For your branding needs, the candle tins are very customizable to your preference. They also offer prominent imprint area to give your branding images ample visibility. Maximize their customizable properties to produce powerhouse promotional devices that are very appealing and compelling. The tin material also gives your brand long-term advertising, and that is exactly what you want. In addition, they are available in different scents which you can take into consideration when reaching your market niche.

LED Candles
Transcend your marketing campaign to a whole new level by distributing the very rare LED candles. They are not your ordinary types of candles, as they come to life with the use of electricity and they have special operating features to give that flickering flame effect like those of the conventional candles. With that unique feature alone you can attract so many of your audience. That is before you add the fact that the LED candles have very wide imprint space so that you can put over your branding images with full emphasis. Because they don’t require actual flames to function, they are very safe and they make the perfect marketing giveaways to anybody.

Uses of bulk candles

Custom candles are excellent forms of promotional merchandise, particularly because they really are good! Both for you and for your customers, the items here will go a long way. Their distinct roles in the lives of the people should be more than enough to make your case to your customers and plainly just to show how great the promo candles are. That will bring your business and anything along with it to instant popularity.

The promotional candles have definitive functions. Have a thorough look below and see where these personalized candles can come in handy.

Marketing Giveaways
As the marketer of your business, you should organize and execute promotional affairs to make a loud buzz around and once that guests start to pile up and congest your events, distribute the candles as freebies to impress them. Any customer, regardless of gender, age, or lifestyle, will not hesitate to grab one because the bulk candles are not selective when it comes to your customers. Add that to the fact that they are looking so stylish and elegant and that makes them excellent giveaways and tokens of appreciation during your events or so. The branding designs customized on each item will remind the guests of your presence in the market. Just maximize their exceptional branding features to produce the best marketing handouts ready to be given out.

The personalized candles that we offer make great souvenir options. In several business and other commercial establishments and even the public sectors, keeping people afloat and very vocal of them is essential, and one way of doing that is by giving keepsakes so that people can remember them. If you are an industry that is looking for a way to get the attention of your customers, then you can acquire a bulk of customized candles and supply them in strategic sectors to utilize them as gifts or relics to show your logo designs to your audience and in the process provide easy advertising traffic to your brand. During events and high-end functions, the candles are the perfect souvenir items.

Source of Light
Candles in bulk are neat gift and giveaway options. As have mentioned before, they have topnotch aesthetic features that will get the attention of almost everybody, but they are at their best when they are practically utilized by the people. Being the candles that they are, they do what they do best and that is to provide light. Everybody is bound to encounter darkness, regardless of the situation. The candles that are featured here can serve as the instant means of light and they truly shine in circumstances whenever there is an absence of light. Being in the dark is surely an uncomfortable feeling and the printed candles that we offer ends that dilemma. Besides, the bulk candles that are featured here can also be utilized in various functions that do not encourage too much lighting. The candles can be adjusted to flicker a specific amount of light that gives the events a more eerie and dramatic feel to them.

The bulk candles are very useful indeed. Acquire them in sets right away and begin customizing them so you can deploy them in your promotional stunts. Their distinct and unique roles to the lives of the people make them surefire grabs and your logo designs will be exposed for that matter.

Why custom candles are the perfect branding tools?

If customized correctly, logo candles truly are one of the best marketing tools that have ever graced in the promo products trade. They are very stylish, equally customizable, and undoubtedly functional. The very same aspects that will impress everybody and with your logo designs imprinted on them, the customers will be impressed of you, too! To answer the previously asked question, just read the following sections below.

1. The wholesale candles that we offer have adequate printing spaces that will render your branding images visible and clear. Furthermore, the bulk candles are available in a variety of assortments that you can capitalize to accentuate the imagery of your artwork. Candles with logo definitely are the ultimate mediums for your branding elements.

2. Logo candles are not market-sensitive meaning they can be distributed to anybody regardless of gender, age, and lifestyle. If you are aiming to target wide audience, then go for these promotional items. Ideally, you really should aim for the general public to boost the marketability of your business drastically.

3. Candles are something that are pretty much abundant in aesthetic matters, which is another important factor if you are to promote your brand to your customers. If the items look good, chances are that your customers will like the items, and your brand for that matter.

4. Aside from their exceptional appearance, they are also a rarity when speaking of promotional merchandise. Letting a word out that there is something new in the town always raises the interest of the general public, which is a piece of cake should you utilize customized candles.

5. Personalized candles are extremely affordable, and if you are looking for money-saving marketing ideas that are results-oriented, then the candles that we offer are your best choices. Buy them in bulk to be granted additional discounts.

Custom candles: Light up your brand

Acquire these bulk candles now and impress your audience! With their prominent imprint spaces, you are definitely showcasing your branding elements in full detail, giving your customers a full glimpse of what your business is all about. They are also available in impressive variants which is also a huge factor in your branding. All you have to do is to choose the items that you believe would mix well with your branding theme and in the end you will have the powerhouse promotional devices, ever.

The line of promotional candles that are illustrated here is something that is truly excellent. There are the candle jars, candle mugs, LED candles, and many more. Truly an impressive array of products that you can utilize as gift and giveaway options in your marketing stunts and rest assured people will grab them without having any second thoughts because of the fact that they are unique.

What are you waiting for? Call us at 877-272-6337 for your orders of promotional candles. Pick up your phone now!

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