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Bulk Glow Sticks with Custom Logo

Promote your business with personalized glow sticks as promotional giveaways.

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Bulk Glow Sticks with Custom Logo
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Why choose glow sticks with logo for advertising your brand?

Admit it--if someone gave you free glow sticks, you would secretly be smiling, and might even be giddy from it. You snap them to get the glow going, you would do so immediately and watch as glow light slowly spreads throughout the whole stick. It's automatic. It's nostalgic. It's takes back to haunted houses during Halloween decorated with glow sticks for a more eerie feel. It just fills you up with child-like wonder and brings you to a happy place of memories past. That is exactly the kind of experience you want your clients to go through when they receive a giveaway or customized promo item from you. So if you haven't considered custom glow sticks for the next tradeshow or corporate event, then it's about time that you do your marketing campaigns a favor and whip up a batch of bulk glow sticks with logo to attract more potential customers.

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Customized glow sticks are perfect for kids. When you were a kid, you'd save breaking the glow stick until the evening so you could play around with its light in the night. The fun of having such colorful (they come in several, after all) and spectral lights are so magical that you'd carry them wherever you went! Especially the customizable glow sticks that came as necklaces so they would conveniently be on your body even if you weren't holding on to them. Think of the exposure your personalized glow sticks with logo would get if every child had one. There would be so much visibility for your business name! It's not just the children who get to see it, but adults too, because children are always supervised anyway. Thus, not only will you get amazing marketing mileage from your merchandise, you get to be the source of fun and laughter all around. That is another reason why parents appreciate this promotional product, too, because they know it would be a treat for their kids!

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But aside from how entertaining they are, custom printed glow sticks have other uses too. They're great for disaster relief operations because they emit light that's safe, particularly for situations where potential gas leaks may cause gas explosions, like if "cold light" isn't used at the scene of disaster. These are also used as warning signs on areas like beaches which have little to no light. Associating your brand with fun AND with safety can give your brand a boost to potential customers. Don't let this opportunity slip by you. Order custom glow sticks in bulk as your marketing campaign material now!


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