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Bulk Hand Warmers with Custom Logo

Buy custom hand warmers with custom logo for promotional giveaways.

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Bulk Hand Warmers with Custom Logo
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Why choose promo hand warmers for advertising your brand?

Winter may mean a lot of things to different people, but if there is one thing that is constant—winter opens up a lot of new and unique promotional opportunities for your business! Winter promotions are special because they are practical, and are made to suit a definite purpose. Because of this, they are kept and treasured by the recipients and depending on their quality, they can last for years, to be used by customers over and over again. Given that, it makes absolute sense to market your brand through custom hand warmers. This is the promotional product of the season! Customized hand warmers with logo are a good investment when it comes to continuous and constant advertising. This merchandise is important during the colder months, as they add to the warmth provided by the more common winter clothes that people wear.

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Only a valuable promo item can get you the mileage you truly need—and bulk hand warmers are a necessity during winter. They provide warmth underneath clothes and gloves. They are very portable and are easy to reheat. Just imprint them with your logo and give them as gifts to employees or clients. Yep, they're fully customizable. They will also make for an excellent tradeshow giveaway—give them to all your booth passers-by or to potential customers! These promotional hand warmers with logo will let everyone remember your brand name. Imprint them with your contact details, too, so they can look you up online or drop you a ring if they ever need the product or service that you offer.

Our wide array of personalized hand warmers will make sure that there's one that's the right match for you. We have rechargeable metal hand warmers, salt-based hand warmers, ones made of polyester and nylon mesh material. All of our hand warmers are portable and durable. They're meant to be personalized, and so they will accommodate any print or label—go ahead and get creative!

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There's a guarantee that they will be used frequently (because winter is coming!). Make the most of these marketing treasures, by planning ahead for the cold seasons to come. All we want is for you to make the most of every dollar you spend. Let us give you a hand! Call our toll free number now to order custom printed hand warmers or ask for any assistance. Our friendly and dedicated sales representatives are standing by to be of service.


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