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Bulk Lentils with Custom Logo

Promote your business with personalized lentils as promotional giveaways.

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Bulk Lentils with Custom Logo
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Why choose lentils with logo for advertising your brand?

Bulk lentils rank among one of the most ignored food by people. For people with diabetes, this type of beans offers a variety of health benefits. They have a low glycemic index which means they won’t cause an increase in blood sugar level. If you are conscious about your weight, lentils in bulk slowly release nutrients in the body so you will not feel hungry for a long period of time unlike other foods. They are rich in complex carbohydrates which is essential in providing energy to our body. In addition, they also contain essential fatty acids. When combined with grains, lentils can be a source of complete proteins.

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Personalized lentils have sustained our ancestors since prehistoric times. The name was derived from the Latin word “lens” because they are shaped like the double convex optic lens. Traces of lentils dating back to 8,000 years ago have been discovered. In the Bible, Esau surrendered his birthright for a bowl of crimson lentils and a loaf of bread. Logo lentils have been served in the tables of both peasants and kings. Poor Catholics who could not afford fish during the Lenten Season used them as substitute. Lastly, lentils were a common food in both Greek and Roman civilizations.

Promotional lentils come in different varieties, with as many as fifty or more cultivated for food. They are available in different colors with red, brown, and green as the most common color. Lentils serve as a basic food in most cultural cuisines. For example, in Asian, European, and Mediterranean, they provide the foundation for several types of dishes. The sprouted variety can be used in salads, stir fried, or served as soup. Promo lentils can add an interesting flavor and color to any meal. Unlike other kinds of legumes, they do not need to be soaked overnight.

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Customized lentils are either packed, boxed, or placed in a jar. You can take advantage of this and use it for advertising your brand. Add your logo or contact details on the box, pack, or jar and you will surely grab the attention of customers. Imprinted lentils makes a great giveaway for the home or office so your logo will be seen by a wide range of customers. They offer an affordable way of promoting your brand to intended recipients. Take your brand building efforts to the next level and look forward to seeing huge benefits at the end of your campaign. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 and place your order now.


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