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Bulk Mason Jars with Custom Logo

Promote your business with personalized mason jars as promotional giveaways.

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Personalized Mason Jars in Bulk
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Why choose mason jars with logo for advertising your brand?

When promoting your business, come up with a free merchandise item in your next tradeshow event that is immensely useful inside households. Definitely, your audience would love to have your giveaway mason jars. Distribute custom mason jars in one of your marketing affairs, and you can be guaranteed huge promotions for your brand. A mason jar is something that a person is frequently looking for, and because of that this could make it your ultimate customized promotional product.

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Way back in 30th of November, year 1858, a 26 year old tinsmith from New York presented an invention into the US Patent Office with a patent application ready in his hand. The patent application of his read in part, "Be it known that I, John L. Mason, of the city, county, and state of New York, have invented new and useful improvements in the Necks of Bottles, Jars, & especially such as are intended to be air and water tight, such as are used for sweetmeats..." That tinsmith named John L. Mason turned out to be the man behind the mason jars, hence the name. Because of his invention, the world found a solution to its food storage problems. Speaking of food storage problems, this iconic invention is customizable into your giveaway customized mason jars which will greatly empower your advertising campaign.

Why personalized mason jars as your primary promo item? Promotional mason jars are bulky, heavy, and their glass material makes them the most fragile of objects a man can use. One wrong move and people can pretty much bid farewell to their mason jars. So much for the cons, but the advantages just simply outweigh the disadvantages. All the reason you need to advertise through printed mason jars. While they seem to be outdated in terms of design, they are still the old yet reliable goodies inside homes and even businesses like restaurants, bakeries, and bars. Mason jars are known for their screw threads on their outer perimeter which enables the screw-threaded lids to fit in when screwed down that is air-tight and even water-tight, which is ideal for canning and preserving solid and liquid substances for longer shelf life.

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Because of their significance in food storage, mason jars are excellent gift options for households and food businesses. Mason jars with logo allows many kinds of food to be shelved without the worry of spoiling them and they are also ideal for food processing. They are also perfect for individuals who find amusement in jar collection. Because they comprise a huge chunk of audience, you brand will surely get mammoth promotions that you seek. Reinforce your position in the market. Call our toll-free number and order bulk mason jars now!


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