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Bulk Rubber Ducks with Custom Logo

Promote your business with personalized rubber ducks as promotional giveaways.

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We recommend the following personalized rubber ducks with your logo

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Rubber Ducks in Bulk with Custom Logo
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Why choose rubber ducks with logo for advertising your brand?

There is no other marketing giveaway that will put a smile on everyone's faces than a rubber duck. Especially the yellow ones, it has became a cultural icon and is often figuratively connected to bathing. Happy in nature, custom rubber ducks can enlighten everybody's mood because of their soft, rubbery material and smiling beaks. Pump up your next tradeshow event with a free customized merchandise that will truly put your business in the top of your audience's minds. Unquestionably, giveaway rubber ducks will add an ounce of happiness in each and every household.

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The first rubber ducks were made in the early 1800's simultaneous to the development of other rubber toys. An interesting fact though, that most rubber ducks were not really made of rubber. They are actually made from vinyl plastic material that feels rubbery which is why they are still called rubber ducks and more importantly, this gives the promotional rubber ducks the squeaking feature. Up to this point, rubber ducks remain to be a very popular item among people because of their cuteness and kids love squeaking them. You can never go wrong promoting your brand through custom bulk rubber ducks because everybody would love to ride into their popularity.

They are a common sight in bathrooms wherein kids use them as floaties and also to provide them some sort of entertainment. As we all know, kids hate taking baths and customized rubber ducks are the absolute way of encouraging them to hit the showers. Kids also use them as a toy because of their squeaking sound which makes personalized rubber ducks a perfect gift to them in their birthdays, holiday seasons, and just about in any time of the year. Aside from the infamous yellow rubber duck, manufacturers have come up with different variations of this iconic item, appealing to hardcore collectors.

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As you launch your marketing campaign, consider printed rubber ducks as your next promotional product. These bulk rubber ducks are low-risk, high-reward type of investment that will give you the results you've wanted. They come in the usual yellow color and also customizable in different styles and colors that is perfect for kids and collectors alike. The varying styles that we offer makes them a perfect present in different occasions. With rubber ducks with logo displayed around, they are surely to generate massive advertising traffic to your brand. Order this culturally rich and popular promo item by calling our toll-free number now!



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