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Bulk Stopwatches with Personalized Logo
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Why choose stopwatches with logo for advertising your brand?

Time is of the essence and that will remain true forever. But unfortunately, time is one the hardest things to measure in this world, if not the most difficult. Thanks to your bulk stopwatches, people won't have to settle for wild guessing how much time did they spent doing something. As cliché as it may sound but still, time is gold. And because of this famous remark you can take advantage of this to promote your business. Handing out a free merchandise like these also means that you are giving your customers the ability to measure something precious, which is time. Everybody would love to have that power, right? In your next tradeshow event, giving out a customized promo item such as the custom stopwatches will certainly make your brand golden.

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Who would not want to measure time? Everybody does, and because of this promotional product, your customers will be able to do just that and with a high degree of accuracy. Just how exactly a stopwatch works? It is simple, just press to start time and press again to stop time. The user will be able to record how much time has passed whether in seconds, minutes, and even hours. This is important especially for those people who wants to keep a record of their activities. Because of personalized stopwatches, your audience should be able to monitor their daily routines and make necessary adjustments so as to determine which activity would be requiring the most time and so on.

There are several situations wherein the printed stopwatches would be very helpful. At homes, this excellent marketing giveaway would come in handy in kitchen tasks. Because every cooking needs to be timed with precision to achieve the perfect texture and taste, and too much or too little is never an option. Promotional stopwatches are also useful in timing various events such as theatrical and concert events where time is significantly measured to make way for the next performers. But the most glaring function of customized stopwatches is to time several sporting events such as racing, swimming, track and field, football, and so much more. Because of its extensive use, giveaway stopwatches would make a perfect marketing gift for event organizers, sports personnel, and basically to everyone.

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Capitalize on the material that is customizable with your brand name and logo which gives additional promotions to your brand. Because your brand is associated to the importance of time, people will acknowledge it even more. Order stopwatches with logo now by calling our toll-free number. Let your brand stand through the test of time with these bulk stopwatches.

Bulk Stopwatches

Bulk stopwatches are a common sight in international sporting events such as the Olympics and in other events that require recording and comparison of times. Their basic function is to determine the number of minutes or seconds it took a trackster or swimmer to complete a particular round or lap. Athletes also need stopwatches during their training to measurement their improvement.

Custom stopwatches are used in various sporting events such as in swimming, track and field, motor racing, to name just a few. There are two buttons that control timing in logo stopwatches. The top button starts the timer and a second press stops it. The elapsed time will then be displayed. Pressing the second button resets the device to zero. Likewise, the second button is used in recording split or lap times.

Types of Stopwatches

There are two types of personalized stopwatches that are available in the market today and they are:

Mechanical Stopwatches. These types of stopwatches are usually preferred over the digital ones because they provide a contemporary look and do not require batteries. Mechanical stopwatches have an analog face and resemble a pocket watch. They are powered by a mainspring and must be periodically wound up by turning the knurled knob at the top of the watch. Mechanical models are used for general purpose as well as sophisticated industrial timing. They are usually available in a silver case thus giving it a traditional look.

Digital Stopwatches. Because they are powered by crystal oscillators, digital stopwatches are much more accurate than their mechanical counterparts. These timepieces have more advanced features and looks more stylish and sporty. Digital stopwatches are available in basic as well as advanced models. The former are designed for general timing and have the basic functions of start, stop, and reset. The latter, on the other hand, are used for sophisticated timing requirements. Aside from the basic functions, advanced models also have split, lap, and multi-memory functions as well.

As technology advanced, new types of customized stopwatches emerged and here they are:

Display Stopwatches. These models have the ability to provide accurate timing in either a single, double, or triple display method. The single display type cannot save times but can offer split or cumulative. A dual display shows the current time and the cumulative time on a second display. A triple display shows the current time in one display, the cumulative in a second display, and the previous time in a third display.

Memory Stopwatches. These models possess all the basic functions of any stopwatch. but can also record and save times for future comparisons. Memory stopwatches can be a valuable tool for training and can save over 100 previous times. The memory feature allows the user to compare previous times to be able to develop and recognize a pattern.

Countdown Stopwatches. These watches are designed for counting down up to a specific time, day, or even year. At the end of the countdown, an alarm sounds. They also possess the basic stopwatch functions.

What are the common uses of bulk stopwatches?

The most common use of customized stopwatches is to record the duration of an event. However, they now have advanced functions that have enhanced their functionality. The basic model is used for recording running time. They are used for calculating the speed a competitor covers a certain distance. Other uses include countdowns or saving previous times for future comparisons.

Nowadays, stopwatches with logo are also being used as a promotional product. They provide enough imprint area for companies to add their corporate logo or slogan. Using bulk stopwatches for promotions makes sense given the expensive nature of traditional advertising mediums. By capitalizing on the allotted space, businesses can look forward to beefing up the popularity of their brand.

With different options to choose from, using stopwatches in bulk can be a profitable proposition for your business. They only require a minimal investment on your part. At the end of it all, you can look forward to getting huge returns for your business. The variety of options gives you flexibility in choosing the right stopwatch that will promote your brand to potential customers.

Where Did Bulk Stopwatches Come From?

Printed stopwatches are usually associated with athletic sprinters. However, in the early 1980's, it was also associated with the infamous Stopwatch Gang. This group was known to have robbed banks in record time. In 1980, they robbed the Bank of America branch in San Diego for a whopping amount of $283,000. They got their name for the stopwatch they carried whenever they carried out robberies.

Before the first genuine stopwatch came into the market, the chronograph set the mold for the design and function of the stopwatch. Although it was known that the first chronograph appeared in 1821, there is much controversy as to who was responsible for its invention. According to popular belief, it was invented by Nicolas Rieussec, a royal French watchmaker but there is no truth to that. His model was actually designed as a specialized and improved version of the first chronograph and was specifically designed for King Louis Philippe who used it for timing horse races.

According to Osvaldo Patrizzi, among the most renowned horological experts and the chairman of Patrizzi & Company, it was the Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet who actually created the first chronograph. The chronograph resembled the stopwatch in that it had the ability to measure time forward and backward. However, what set apart the first chronograph from the first stopwatch is that the former could not only tell time but also record time increments while the latter simply counted time increments.

Stopwatches were designed to be an easier and more practical way of monitoring time intervals. The first stopwatch was designed in 1869 by Tag Heuer, a renowned Swiss luxury timepiece company. It was used to measure intervals of time fragments equal to 1/5 of a second. In 1916, Tag Heuer also created the most popular stopwatch in history-- the Micrograph.

As it had the ability to measure time intervals in 1/100th of a second, the Micrograph set the trend for stopwatches. Shortly, Tag Heuer also invented the Semikrograph which offered an entirely new concept. It had the capability to count down two separate sets of time using a split face. It was a revolutionary timepiece in that it measured 180,000 vibrations per hour and time fragments of 1/50th of a second intervals. In 1958, the company also invented the first 12-hour stopwatch, the Monte Carlo, which measured the passing hours and displayed them through a rotating disc.

Why buy bulk stopwatches?

There are many reasons for buying imprinted stopwatches and here are some of them:

1. Promotional stopwatches can aid an athlete during their training. Stopwatches have the ability to save previous times and thus an athlete can determine whether they improved their speed based on their previous time.
2. Custom stopwatch are effective as an advertising medium. These timepieces will be used in sporting events and by adding your brand name or corporate logo on them, you can look forward to increasing the exposure of your brand. You can customize personalized stopwatch to suit your specifications.
3. Bulk stopwatches can suit your budget. Compared to the traditional mediums of advertising, stopwatches offers a cheaper advertising option. In fact, they are so affordable that you can consider buying them in bulk. This way, you will be able to target as many clients as possible.
4. They provide a wide variety of options. With stopwatches in bulk, you can choose the right timepiece that will best address your advertising needs as well as your budget.
5. They can increase brand recall. Since promotional stopwatches will be used frequently by athletes, it is likely that your brand name and logo will be easily seen and thus remembered.
6. Here at Branders, we provide a wide array of imprinted stopwatches that is right for your promotional efforts. Our account managers can help you achieve this goal of finding the right stopwatch for your business.

One cannot deny the value of stopwatches with logo to an athlete in training. A trackster will surely want to improve their running speed so that they can win in their event. A swimmer, likewise, would want to top their previous time in the hope of getting a better result in their upcoming competition. Here is where customized stopwatches will come in handy.For your business, capitalizing on these timepieces can also give them the mileage they need in boosting the popularity of their brand. You will never go wrong with personalized stopwatches. Although they require a minimal investment on your part, you can look forward to getting huge returns at the end of your campaign. So don;t just stand there. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 NOW. Our account managers are on hand to take your call and deliver excellent customer service.

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