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Bulk Straws with Custom Logo

Promote your business with personalized straws as promotional giveaways.

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Straws in Bulk for Custom Design Giveaways
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Why choose straws with logo for advertising your brand?

Admittedly, one need not argue as to the usefulness of straws. Which is why restaurants, bars, fast food chains--everything that serves any kind of beverage--uses them. By the mere virtue of ubiquity, using customized straws with logo are perfect to be used as a promo item. However, the reason why some don't initially think of custom straws as merchandise when they draft up a marketing campaign strategy, is because they feel that the one-time use of straws would be wasteful. Luckily, you don't have to be limited by this! You can still capitalize on the 'everywhereness' of straws through the reusable straws in bulk we have here on hand!

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As a matter of fact, these custom straws can go beyond being a mere promotional product. Your personalized straws are a necessity for a lot of people who find drinking directly from the cup or glass as inconvenient. The pang of pain that people feel from their teeth when they drink something cold is actually quite common. A lot of people go through this. They can avoid the pain, though, by using straws to drink from. Also, women who like to wear lipstick prefer drinking from a straw too, because it doesn't smudge their lipstick off. Lots of people use this drinking material for their own reasons, but what matters here for your business: is tapping this big market. But be creative enough to choose the bulk straws that would catch people's attention. You must not be afraid to be unconventional. Those are the kinds that people will definitely keep if they ever got the printed straws a giveaway or gift.

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Our customized straws are filled to the brim with unique items that will make your target customers want to keep them. We have silly loop straws, mood straws, and glow straws. Some of our glow straws are even motion activated! Distribute them during an event, give them away at tradeshow events, or hand them out during parties and affairs, and watch as the recipient find fun, nice things to do with it even before or after they have used it for drinking. They won't be able to get enough of the cuteness of your promotional straws.

You could push the envelope further by partnering these logo straws with equally unique promotional cups, and watch your advertising feedback soar as more people remember your brand name and logo. The best part is that all these straws and cups are fully customizable! You can have them designed to how you want them. Call out toll free hotline and our friendly account managers will be happy to provide you with assistance on how to choose the perfect items for your marketing campaign!


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