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Bulk Sugar Packets - Sugar Packets in Bulk - Logo Sugar Packets
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Bulk Sugar Packets with Personalized Logo

Buy printed sugar packets with custom logo for promotional giveaways.

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Why choose business sugar packets for advertising your brand?

 In case you are new to considering bulk sugar packets with logo as a customizable promo item, well you'd be surprised at how useful they are! Every household needs a pack (or bottle) of these sweet granules. Other than the fact that everyone already uses them for the usual purpose of sweetening their drinks and food, others will greatly appreciate sugar packets in bulk as a company giveaway because of its many benefits outside the kitchen.

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Logo sugar packets is a carbohydrate made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. This simple yet chemically advantageous organic substance has been known to do amazing things. You can use printed sugar packets to create a do-it-yourself body scrub. Mixing sugar with oil is great for exfoliating your skin. You can take a shower after rubbing this on, and feel how much softer your skin can be. Another not-so-popular use for this merchandise is to soothe a singed tongue. If your clients burn their tongue from that first gulp of coffee, they can get a spoonful of your custom sugar packets to ease the pain. Also, a study in Pediatrics have shown that when a baby is given a sugar-water solution of one part sugar, four parts water (either through a pacifier or dropper), they are able to handle being given an immunization shot better than babies who were only given water. It doesn’t stop there. They help with your indoor plants, too! Before arranging your flowers in a vase, add three teaspoons of personalized sugar packets and two tablespoons of vinegar into a quart of warm water that will go into the vase. The sugar feeds your flowers' stem and the vinegar keeps bacteria away. The uses of this promotional product are endless! It's pretty much an all-around material for the upkeep of the home and for your body.

The thing to do now is capitalize on such a multi-purpose substance. You can boost your business by giving advertising sugar packets as customized promotional tools. For the business sugar packets, you can distribute them at an event where food and/or drinks will be served. While for big marketing events like a tradeshow or convention, go for the flavored sugar in bottles or jars. Those are better if you are looking to have a lot of imprint space which can be placed around the sugar's container.

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Your company and brand's reach will span greater than you think with this product as a marketing aid. Don't underestimate the mileage you can get from custom sugar. Call our toll free number now to place orders! Any questions will be addressed by our dedicated sales representatives.


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