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Bulk Water Guns with Custom Logo

Promote your business with personalized water guns as promotional giveaways.

We recommend the following personalized water guns with your logo

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Bulk Water Guns with Custom Logo
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Why choose water guns with logo for advertising your brand?

Custom water guns are all the rage these days as a giveaway and promotional product. They still make great toys and have continued to be used for outdoor activities, team building exercises, and party games. The endless summer afternoons still include water guns in the pursuit of fun. They haven't even lost their luster at all since its introduction into the consumer market back in the early 1980's. So if you want your brand to reach out to your market, if you want your brand name to be known by as many people as possible, there isn't a customized promo item out there better than personalized water guns with logo.

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What sets printed water guns apart is how impossible it is for anyone to claim that they never had some fun in the sun with these squirters. Most people even say that they used to start crying when their water pistols were taken from them! Indeed, kids just love them so much. The nostalgia that accompanies this merchandise brings in so many positive memories that when you hand promo water guns with logo to a person, say, in a tradeshow or convention, all those feel-good vibes will be recalled. Wouldn't you want your clients and customers to associate only good things with your brand? This is the way to do it!

Notice how this material is not only customizable, but it's also cost-effective! What does that mean? It means that for a minimal price, you are able to reap a lot of marketing and advertising benefits from it. You are able to reap the marketing advantages of customized water guns even for years to come! Since these water guns will be exposed to children, at an early age, they already know which brand to patronize. This toy is so memorable, that even ten or twenty years from now, when they reminisce, they'll be saying something like, "Remember those hot afternoons when we used to play with our water guns from Brand X for hours on end?" That's the kind of brand recall that will benefit your business.

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In the gallery of promotional water guns here, you will see the numerous colors and pistol styles we have on hand. You can go for simple squirters to more playful designs. They even come in a ton of colors! Whichever one you go for, your logo will properly be imprinted on the product, easily seen, and easily remembered. Call out toll free number now to place your orders. Our dedicated sales representatives are ready to assist you with any queries you may have.



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