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Custom Clappers - Promotional Clappers - Branders Promotional Items
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Custom Clappers as Promotional Item

Buy personalized clappers with your logo. Great giveaway for marketing events.

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Why choose printed clappers for advertising your brand?

Whatís a sport event without clappers? A boring one! These seemingly simple but brilliant game boosters can amp up the energy in a stadium, no matter how large! They heighten school spirit for inter-school games and overall team spirit for professional athletes. Thatís why custom clappers are a favorite promo gift to sports organizations and school clubs. They arenít just tradeshow merchandise for companies; school administrations can also stock up clappers with logo, say, in a campus retail store to fund the school team. Nifty, huh?

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Sports and business has become a tandem in the last couple decades. Big companies and brands have sponsored not just national teams but even "amateur" players in college. This is due to the fact that where there are sports, there are peopleóhundreds of them! This is the best place to achieve brand awareness and brand loyalty. When the hundred of fans of one team can see how dedicated you are to their fave team, they appreciate it, and will prefer your brand over your competition. Hand them promotional clappers as a giveaway and they will understand the unsaid message of how you care for them. Thatís the power of a good promo item. And these personalized clappers with logo are exactly that. Theyíll treasure it. They wonít dispose of it after one game. Theyíll keep it until the next, thus giving your company even more visibility.

Promo clappers arenít limited to the world of sports though. They are for boosting "team spirit" but this team doesnít have to be a sports team. They can be for any group or organization in general. Theyíre easy to distribute, to keep in loot bags (yes, itís an awesome party material), and have appropriate space for imprinting your company name on. On your next office party or reunion, this promotional product is sure to be a hit! It certainly is more fun than receiving a pen. Spice up how you advertise with products. Donít get stuck with whatís ordinary.

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These custom printed clappers come in countless shapes, not just the hand-shape. Star shaped, pink ribbon shaped, heart shaped, and shamrock shaped clappers in bulk are very unique. There are baseball, basketball, football, and soccer ball designs available for sports events, too. Itís the ultimate marketing item! So call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 now to place your orders! Our sales representatives are on stand by to address your questions or concerns.


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