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Custom Arm Bands with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional arm bands with logo. Shop now!

Lowest Price Match Guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. On-Time Shipment Guarantee.

We recommend the following personalized arm bands with your logo

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Custom Arm Bands Personalized with Logo
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Why choose customized arm bands for advertising your brand?

Custom arm bands have been quite popular over the years. They make a great giveaway to bikers and joggers. They are designed to absorb sweat. Athletes are prone to slip ups which can destroy the focus of an athlete in playing their game. This is where promo armbands with logo can come in handy. Slippery hands can cause a player to loose ball possession. They are great as a gift as gadgets will stay attached to your arms as you go about doing crunches or running the thread mill. This can free you from the discomfort of cords getting in your way which can hamper your movement.

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Promotional armbands have gained ground as an advertising medium. As a promotional product, they are more affordable than the traditional forms of advertising. They will not cost as much as advertising on newspapers and television. They are effective as a promo item because armbands will be used on a regular basis. Many people workout so imagine the number of potential customers you can target. Every person who goes to the gym or conscious with their fitness can be targeted by giving out personalized armbands.

One major advantage that you can take advantage of when it comes to custom arm bands since is that they have a wide imprint area. You can customize the allotted space for your logo or brand name. Schools can add their insignia on the armband which can generate some school pride on the part of the wearer. Businesses can imprint their corporate logo or brand name on the merchandise giving them instant promotions opportunities. Politicians can add their campaign slogan to gain the vote of their constituents. The most important thing is to ensure that the imprint on the material is large enough to be seen by the public.

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One cannot doubt the effectiveness of personalized arm bands as an advertising medium. We offer a plethora of promotional arm bands to choose from. Whether its for sports, campaign, or any other event, there will surely be an arm band with logo that is right for you. They only require minimal investment but in the long run you can look forward to getting huge returns. So make that big move and capitalize on printed arm bands. Hand these giveaway arm bands away on your next trade show and see the difference. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 to place your orders for arm bands in bulk. Stay in touch with the competition and take your business to the next level with customized arm bands.

Wear your branding colors with custom arm bands!

There are a lot of items in the trade that are good as marketing tools. Businesses nowadays have resorted to promotional items to communicate to their audience and advertise their products and services. Pens, mugs, and shirts are just some of the many. But because you want to be a tad different, then you should look out for items that are equally unique and appealing. How about a bunch of custom arm bands? They are small, easy to customize, easy to distribute, and possess cool looks. If you are looking to spice up your marketing events, personalized arm bands can definitely help you in a lot of ways.

What are arm bands by the way? They are accessory items wrapped around arms and sometimes worn on a wrist, depending on the size. They have the sole function of absorbing sweat which provides comfort to the wearer whenever he or she does sports or exercise. This also reduces the risks of slips which could potentially lead to an injury. That is how printed arm bands of yours are important, and with that being said, they should make great marketing ideas pumped into your strategies.

Have a look on this brief overview of the promotional arm bands you will see in the gallery. They vary in color, style, and function. Select the types that are perfect matches to your branding theme. But regardless of what variant of arm band you will be choosing, they are all that good.

Plain Types
The arm bands have a plethora of items by which you can evidently see that have differences. Such is the plain ones. They are the most common type of arm bands, featuring a simplistic look which appeals to your audience. They also have a strategic imprint area for your branding needs. Just capitalize on them to put over your logo designs to produce the promo freebies you are about to parade in your events. Varying in color, length, width, and function, these arm bands are truly versatile to cater to your customersí needs.

Light Up Arm Bands
These kinds of printable arm bands have the same function as the plain ones, but with additional perks. As the name suggests, they have a lighting function which, at the userís discretion, can turn it on and off and utilize the stationary or the flashing effect. This helps the user a lot especially when doing some workout in darker places. The flickering light is also useful as a signaling tool to others and that also comes hand in hand with your branding imagery. The variety of colors also helps you in choosing the most effective light up arm band to be partnered with your logo designs.

Tie Up Arm Bands
These types are the simplest ones, featuring only a tie up closure but nevertheless still as effective as the others. Customers will like it that they are easy to wear and remove and they take almost no space. Because of their conventional design, it is easier for you to customize your ideas and in actuality gives you more freedom. They are also available in vibrant colors to allow you to choose the ones that will be in sync.

Device Holders
These types of custom armbands are the ones that everybody wants. Because not only do they function as an arm band, but they also have a device holder attached to them, holding various gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, timers, and even as simple as identification cards. Because of the versatility of these arm bands, they are deemed to be the most favorite among the featured arm bands here, so it is a good strategic choice for your business if you are to go on a full-scale marketing campaign.

Functions of promotional arm bands

Customized arm bands are quite impressive market commodities. People do workouts on an occasional to regular basis and with that being said, it only means that these accessory items are very useful. They function in so many ways and on your part this is a good gauge of the items why they deserve a spot in your marketing affairs. See where these nifty goodies will shine best.

Marketing Tools
This is the very reason why you should acquire the arm bands in bulk in the first place. Since you are looking for items that would be very useful in promoting your products and services, go with these cool freebies. Speaking of which, the cool arm bands are available in variants distinguished by their appearance, style, color, and function. Truly, there will be an arm band that suits to the branding images that you choose. In addition, the promotional arm bands are naturally small in size, so handing them out makes a whole lot easier. If you are hosting live events, trade shows, and conferences, the arm bands with logo are excellent choices to further your cause.

Souvenir Ideas
If you need to show your appreciation and support to your customers, then the best way is to hand them out souvenir items. This goes to show that you truly value the efforts of your customers. What would be the item? Imprinted arm bands. Yes, these accessory items and exercise essentials are good forms of souvenir items. Small and easy to hand out, customers will love getting these. Getting them to remember your brand name is all about giving them the best items, and arm bands definitely fit into that billing.

Advocacy Materials
Supply peopleís minds with a good cause and in this way your business is even more remembered. But you need to have channels to spread the word. That channel role should be fulfilled well enough by logo arm bands. Simply utilize them to endorse a good cause. Physical fitness is the most common, but you can think of other advocacies to cover your entire audience. When these items are being used around, your name and message gets to be spread. Almost effortless campaigning on your part.

Exercise / Sporting Goods
Arm bands are known in this aspect, and they should be at their best when used in this specific circumstance. When people decide to play sports or just to sweat it out on the streets, the arm bands can be very useful. As have mentioned before, they are wrapped around arms to absorb sweat which makes the user more comfortable and also prevents any slip ups that may cause injuries. Especially the ones with device holders with them, they can be equipped with an exercise gadget such as a pedometer to keep track of the userís progress when doing some exercise.

Branding perks of arm bands

Arm bands are such a potent marketing tool. They have a number of good qualities by which an item should possess in order to be considered a top branding device. Strategic imprint space, smooth printing canvas, comprehensive variety, and functional. Those are what personalized arm bands are all about. Here are some of the perks of custom made arm bands when you decide to use them as your main advertising medium.

1. Looking for a way to endorse your name in vast and quick manner? Then arm bands are your obvious choices. They are meant to be used outdoors when people decide to go out for a run or to play sports. In this manner, your brand will gain significant boost as far as the exposure is concerned because people can easily see your logo. This is a rare opening you donít want to miss when you aim to market your business.

2. Arm bands are small in size, giving you the advantage of mass distributing them. This is also a welcome sign for the people, as they can easily receive and carry the items.

3. These exercise accessory items are available in diverse variety which is always a plus for you. This gives you a number of choices on what particular product will give your ideas the perfect blend. Covering expansive audience reach is also a possibility.

4. The items are also rich in space that is a good ground for customizing your logo and other graphic images. The spaces are strategic in a way that renders your imagery the best visibility.

5. Because they are normally used during sports and any other workouts, your brand will gain some sort of recognition, as you are able to connect your brand to something important that is regular exercise towards healthier life.

6. When purchased in bundles, you can get the items at a much cheaper rate. In that sense, it is also advisable to acquire them in bulk so as you get to keep a stash of supply which can be used for future marketing endeavors.

Grab promotional arm bands now!

Arm bands are essential to peopleís lives. Whether they are after its practical benefits or stylistic perks, the items are that important. The arm bands that are featured here can tap both ways and even more.

The importance of arm bands is very evident. When people decide to have a workout, they can greatly benefit from these freebies. Surely, your customers will love it. Start giving them away as promotional merchandise to advertise your business and in turn your customers will have something that they can truly rely on.

Perfect as a marketing gift, the arm bands are also excellent in outdoor events and other high-end functions. Give them out to your employees and guests to show your complete support and appreciation to them and that puts the name of your business into the good light even more.

Pick up your phone now and dial our toll-free number. Our highly-trained account managers are on standby to accommodate you and answer your questions regarding the customization process, pricing options, and other promos.

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