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Custom Auto Shades - Promotional Auto Shades - Branders Promotional Items
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Custom Auto Shades as Promotional Item

Buy personalized auto shades as giveaways. Great giveaway for tradeshows.

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As low as $6.37 each

(8 Reviews)
As low as $6.89 each
As low as $6.42 each
As low as $6.96 each
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As low as $6.25 each
As low as $6.72 each
As low as $6.52 each

(9 Reviews)
As low as $3.11 each

(5 Reviews)
As low as $5.99 each

(4 Reviews)
As low as $6.23 each

(3 Reviews)
Custom Auto Shades as Promotional Item
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Why choose printed auto shades for advertising your brand?

Instead of paying for billboard and newspaper advertisement, custom auto shades are much cheaper, aren't they? But how do promotional auto shades compare to big city billboards and nationwide spread publications? Well, for one thing, this promo item will virtually be as wide spread as newspapers. Think about it: car shades are used for protecting car interiors from intense heat, and thus, will be installed on the windshield of parked cars. Parked cars are found left and right! If you had your promo auto shade giveaway on the windshield of every car in the city, you just as much advertised your brand better than getting a page on a broadsheet. Let's look at the numbers: people only spend an average of 2 hours in their cars, driving. The rest of time, they're stationed along streets, on a driveway, near sidewalks, around buildings, and parking lots. Your customized auto shades will display your business name for pedestrians, locals, and other drivers to see. It's as good a deal as getting a billboard-only so much cheaper!

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The marketing advantages aside, imprinted auto shades are considered awesome gift items for their utility. They keep the inside of the car cool so it isn't like going into a sauna when you enter it (especially during summer). When car shades reflect the UV rays of the sun outward, it considerably lowers the heat buildup in your car, so things like the steering wheel don't get intensely hot. Any electronics (chargers, phones, the speaker system) in your car are targets for possible damage if it gets too hot in there. It's almost like you're doing a kind of public service by giving away this promotional product at a tradeshow. Not everybody can afford to just have their cars tinted, after all. Receiving printed auto shades from your company puts you in the spotlight!

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There are tons of designs to choose from here, most of them properly fit the various shapes of car windshields and windows around today. You can also get it in the material you want: polyester, nylon, or Mylar. There are collapsible and foldable forms for convenient storage, and they come in single or dual panel. Side shades and rear shades are also available, for maximum exposure of your logo. From the wide selections offered, you can be sure that your bulk auto shades will be unique, just the way you want it.


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