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Custom Auto Shades as Promotional Item
Related Categories:

Why choose customized auto shades for advertising your brand?

Instead of paying for billboard and newspaper advertisement, custom auto shades are much cheaper, aren't they? But how do promotional auto shades compare to big city billboards and nationwide spread publications? Well, for one thing, this promo item will virtually be as wide spread as newspapers. Think about it: car shades are used for protecting car interiors from intense heat, and thus, will be installed on the windshield of parked cars. Parked cars are found left and right! If you had your promo auto shade giveaway on the windshield of every car in the city, you just as much advertised your brand better than getting a page on a broadsheet. Let's look at the numbers: people only spend an average of 2 hours in their cars, driving. The rest of time, they're stationed along streets, on a driveway, near sidewalks, around buildings, and parking lots. Your customized auto shades will display your business name for pedestrians, locals, and other drivers to see. It's as good a deal as getting a billboard-only so much cheaper!

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The marketing advantages aside, printed auto shades are considered awesome gift items for their utility. They keep the inside of the car cool so it isn't like going into a sauna when you enter it (especially during summer). When car shades reflect the UV rays of the sun outward, it considerably lowers the heat buildup in your car, so things like the steering wheel don't get intensely hot. Any electronics (chargers, phones, the speaker system) in your car are targets for possible damage if it gets too hot in there. It's almost like you're doing a kind of public service by giving away auto shades with logo as promotional product at a tradeshow. Not everybody can afford to just have their cars tinted, after all. Receiving personalized auto shades from your company puts you in the spotlight!

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There are tons of designs to choose from here, most of them properly fit the various shapes of car windshields and windows around today. You can also get these custom auto shades in the material you want: polyester, nylon, or Mylar. There are collapsible and foldable forms for convenient storage, and they come in single or dual panel. Side shades and rear shades are also available, for maximum exposure of your logo. From the wide selections offered, you can be sure that your giveaway auto shades will be unique, just the way you want it.

Branders' Custom Auto Shades Prominently featuring your custom Logo or insignia

Start your own great promotional campaign for your brand now, and let us give you that big boost to your advertising efforts with our wide selection of available items. While browsing through our numerous options for this category of logo auto shades, it would be inevitable that you will find that penultimate option for any of your promotional needs. Our catalog includes various kinds of bulk auto shades- mesh, foldable, retractable, and many more besides-each also coming in various styles, designs, materials, and colors. All of them are of course highly customizable as well. Here is an overview for this category:

Mesh type
This type of shade is typically utilized for the side windows of a car. Of course, they are also easy to fold when not it use. They usually stick to the windows through a suction cup.

Foldable style
These foldable shades are larger and much more extensive in terms of providing shade. Thus they are more suited for use on the back windows and the windshield. There are straps to keep it in place when not in use.

Retractable shades
As the name suggest, retractable shades mean they can be retracted when no longer needed. You just have to pull it up (or to the side) when you want to use them to provide shade for the interior.

What are the typical uses for auto shades?

Auto shades are highly useful and practical items, especially nowadays in our very mobile society. They are a convenient way of providing shade for a car's interior while parked outdoors, and are certainly capable in fulfilling their roles. As such, a very high level of functionality and durability is a must for reflective window shades. In addition, the appealing aesthetics would also help for certain people that wants to be able to make their own fashion statement through their personal style.

They could become regular issue items for your employees, and they will greatly appreciate that when they have their own cars to drive. They can of course be standard-issue items for corporate/business vehicles too. For each stop and usage of the shades, they will easily provide sufficient exposure for the design while reducing the exposure of the car's interior to the sun. In addition they can become mobile platforms of advertising wherever the vehicle goes, further reinforcing its promotional use.

Their several uses can easily make them almost natural choices as either corporate souvenirs or as freebies in any of your giveaway events. Their practicality and versatility will truly make them must-have items, and the aesthetics typically involved in the designing of your custom car window shades despite their relatively simple forms would be an additional attraction for just about anyone as well.

The various styles, sizes, and designs available to choose from can only mean that there would be that specific, "just the right one" for potentially everyone out there. Anyone can find their perfect match for their own use. And you can definitely find the right car window shades for your next advertising campaign.

Get to know more about auto shades!

- The auto shades for the rear and front windows are designed to be unfolded and sit against the window. They can be made of plastic or cardboard. The shades that go on the side windows of a vehicle are usually attached using suction cups or using static cling.

- A car is a wheeled, self-powered motor vehicle used for transportation. Most definitions of the term specify that cars are designed to run primarily on roads, to have seating for one to eight people, to typically have four wheels, and to be constructed principally for the transport of people rather than goods.

- Vehicle/automotive glass are windscreens, side and rear windows, and glass panel roofs on a vehicle. Side windows can be either fixed or be raised and lowered by depressing a button (power window) or switch or using a hand-turned crank.

- BoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) is a polyester film made from stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and is used for its high tensile strength, chemical and dimensional stability, transparency, reflectivity, gas and aroma barrier properties, and electrical insulation. It is commonly called simply as Mylar.

- Nylon is a fully synthetic material.

- Nylon was first used in making the bristles of toothbrushes, and then in women's stockings, hence the term "nylons" for such items.

- Nylon was was the first synthetic thermoplastic polymer to achieve great commercial success.

- Cardboard is a generic term for a heavy-duty paper of various strengths, ranging from a simple arrangement of a single thick sheet of paper to complex configurations featuring multiple corrugated and uncorrugated layers.

- Glass is an amorphous solid (non-crystalline) material that exhibits a glass transition, which is the reversible transition in amorphous materials (or in amorphous regions within semicrystalline materials) from a hard and relatively brittle state into a molten or plastic state.

- Glasses are typically brittle and can be optically transparent.

- Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image. It is also known as silkscreen, serigraphy, and serigraph printing. One color is printed at a time, so several screens can be used to produce a multicoloured image or design.

Why buy custom auto shades for your next advertising campaign?

Their inherent practicality and functionality makes your custom car shades quite effective promotional products. It will find use every time vehicles with them go out. And those auto sun shades can do so while being in varying designs, in different colors possible. Their innate capabilities means it would never lose appeal from your customers, whether current or future ones. Thus its practical use, variety in possible designs, and ease of storage when not being used, coupled with the potential space afforded along its front, highlights the need to get them as an important part of your upcoming promotional event.

Still, merchandise such as these are considered particularly attached to certain industries. If you are from the automotive industry, this would be an excellent way of capitalizing on their innate functions that are greatly relevant to your brand itself. They would be able to foster an easy connection between your brand and the market in which you are operating in. The services offered by your brand would be easily recognized by your own customers, as well as your new customers too.

All of the shades available here at Branders are easily customizable as well. The personalization process is quite convenient on your part, and the myriad of designs you can choose from ensures that you are spoiled for choice. This in turn can only do wonders for any of your future publicity events or promotional campaigns.

Excellence in terms of quality, designs, and price is totally guaranteed, always. Here at Branders.com we offer high quality items at the lowest prices possible. You can also request for some free samples to be able to actually see them before you buy. Additional artwork enhancement is also available for your further customization needs here at Branders.

Beat the heat and protect the car's interior for that extra advertising boost for your promotional efforts by getting your own custom made car sun shades! Their inherent functionality as well as their various potential uses combined with a myriad of available designs can only mean a significant advantange for any publicity program your company have. Your needs to advertise your brand or logo would be easily satisfied with these, and always at the lowest prices possible too here at Branders! Hesitate no more and start calling our toll free hotline now at 877-272-6337 to place your orders.

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