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Custom Award Ribbons Personalized with Logo
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Why choose customized award ribbons for advertising your brand?

Award ribbons can go a long way in boosting the morale of an employee or any individual who will receive the award. We all need to be appreciated and rewarded for our efforts once in a while and what better way to do this than to hand out custom award ribbons. They help keep the recipient reminded of their great work and in the process boost their self-confidence and motivate them to continue with their great work. Promotional award ribbons are perhaps the best giveaway that can be handed out to anyone. They can provide individuals with a strong source of motivation seeing the fruits of their hard work. Nothing can top the impact of printed award ribbons as a gift. When displayed in the drawer, they give a sense of fulfillment to the recipient.

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Personalized award ribbons can serve as a driving force for people to continue honing their craft and strive for perfection. Aside from being instruments in motivating individuals, award ribbons with logo can also be effective as a promotional product. Your logo or brand name will be prominently seen by the recipient of the award thus giving your business instant exposure. Whenever the individual or their colleagues take a look at the award, they will always see your logo along with it. As a promo item, they are more affordable than promoting on the newspaper or television.

Customized award ribbons offer a wide imprint area. You can capitalize on this space by customizing it with your brand name or logo. Just make sure that your imprint is large enough to be seen by potential customers even from afar. When imprinted on the merchandise, your logo will serve as your walking advertisement. It will go as far as where the award goes. Awards are durable materials so your brand gets lasting and continuous exposure. They cost less than what you will spend on newspaper or television advertisements.

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Custom award ribbons come in a variety of styles so finding the right one will not be a daunting task. They require only a minimal investment on your part. Despite the small capital, you can look forward to receiving huge savings which you can divert to other aspects of your business. Create an impression on potential customers with giveaway award ribbons. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 to place your orders for award ribbons in bulk now. Our sales representatives are standing by to assist you with your concerns. So go ahead capitalize on awards for your next tradeshow and take your business to the next level.

Custom Award Ribbons

We all love getting and seeing a reminder of a great accomplishment. Whether its in the office, in the school, or anywhere else, reminders such as custom award ribbons can be a great boost to our self-esteem. Getting acknowledged for your efforts is a great way to uplift your spirit and confidence. We often see people hanging award ribbons in a certain room in their house. Some even frame them so that they can last a long time.

Nothing can beat the feeling of seeing the fruits of your accomplishments displayed and visible to a lot of people. For an employee, custom award ribbons can inspire them to strive harder in their line of work. They can be a great motivating tool whenever the employee feels down. Logo award ribbons can be in the form of medals, sashes, or banners and can be personalized according to the desired specifications of the recipient.

Giving out personalized award ribbons is not only beneficial to the employee but also to your company as well. According to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Labor, one of the reasons they leave work is due to the lack of employee appreciation. Recent studies have also shown the importance of customized award ribbons in employee retention and productivity. A survey by Globeforce revealed that 39% of employees reported that they are not appreciated at work.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that 69% of employees say that they would work harder if they feel that they are being recognized and that 78% said that appreciation gives them more motivation. Handing out award ribbons with logo is one effective method of employee appreciation. Other studies revealed that an employee who gets appreciated by their superiors tend to increase their productivity and are more likely to stay in their organization.

There are many other ways that a manager or supervisor can appreciate the efforts of their employees. They can give them a pat on the back or say "Good Job" to them. But then again, these are only temporary and are not long lasting. On the other hand, bulk award ribbons can be displayed on the desk of the employee. So whenever they see the ribbon, they will be more motivated to work hard and become more productive in the process. For your company, happy and productive employees means more sales and revenues.

Aside from being a great motivator, award ribbons in bulk can also be effective as a promotional product. These ribbons will always be looked at by the recipient and so your logo or brand name will also be visible to them. Printed award ribbons will be moved by the recipient and so your logo moves with them. As a result, you can look forward to continuous exposure of your brand name. Their major advantage is that they are affordable and only requires a minimal investment on your part. Unlike the traditional mediums of advertising, you do not have to spend a considerable amount of money.

What Are The Common Uses of Custom Award Ribbons?

Imprinted award ribbons is one of the most powerful tools for motivating employees to strive harder in their work. One cannot deny the impact of being recognized and appreciated on the productivity of an employee. Promotional award ribbons are used for stirring up the confidence and self-esteem of an employee. By doing so, managers or supervisors can look forward to the loyalty and improved performance on the part of the employee. Award ribbons come in different varieties so you can look forward to finding the right one for your need.

Award ribbons are used as promotional products nowadays. With the cost of traditional advertising mediums more expensive than ever,. an award ribbon can give you a more affordable advertising option. They will be used in schools, offices, and even in sporting events so your logo or brand name will be consistently seen by the public. With a variety of choices available, you can look forward to finding the right ribbon that will promote your brand to a wide range of potential customers. So use custom award ribbons to boost the exposure of your brand to potential customers.

Where Did Custom Awards Come From?

Awards and trophies have been used since the ancient times to recognize outstanding victories. The word trophy got its name from the French word trophee which means "a spoil or prize of war," and from the Latin word trophaeum meaning "monument to victory."

In ancient Greece, trophies were made on the battlefields of victorious battles from captured arms and standards and were hung on a tree or a large stake made to look like a warrior. These trophies often had inscriptions with stories of the battle and were dedicated to various gods. Trophies from naval victories sometimes involved entire ships (or their remains) laid out on the beach. Destroying a trophy was sacrilegious and was an unforgivable crime.

In ancient Rome, however, trophies stayed much closer to home. The Romans built magnificent trophies in Rome, including columns and arches on top of great foundations. Unfortunately, most of the stone trophies that once had huge stone memorials in Rome have long been since stolen.

The Middle Ages saw the awarding of chalices to winners of sporting events at least as early as the latter period of the 1600s. These chalices were associated with sporting events and were usually made of silver. Winners of horse races, boating and automobile races were the usual recipients of chalices. Examples of modern day cup-shaped trophies handed out to winners of sporting events include Davis Cup, Stanley Cup, and several World Cups.

Today, trophies have become less expensive and much more pervasive. They can take the place of two-handled cups, bowls, or mugs, and others. They are available in different styles and it is up to the customer to choose the style and design that best suits them. Nowadays, they are used not just for acknowledging a job well done but also for promoting a brand or business.

Printed award ribbons can either be flat, flat-folded, or fancier manipulations of the ribbon material such as rosettes. They are pleated or gathered and arranged in a circle similar to a rose. They can have loops, petals, or star points in their designs. They are usually imprinted with information about the award, such as the name, sponsoring organization, the placement, and the date. They come in various sizes and can be glued together or sewn.

Why buy custom awards ribbons?

There are many reasons for considering personalized award ribbons as your advertising material and here they are:

1. It ensures that your employees will stay in your company. Statistics have revealed that employee recognition is an effective way of ensuring that your employees will give their utmost loyalty to your company.
2. It means increased productivity and revenue for your company. By giving promotional award ribbons, it would translate to happy employees. When your staff is happy, they become more productive and hence you can look forward to getting a boost in your company sales and revenue.
3. Imprinted award ribbons gives you a wide imprint area for your logo. Award ribbons can serve as a blank canvas for adding your brand name or company logo for advertising purposes. You can capitalize on this allotted space to promote your brand to a wide range of customers.
4. Ribbons will not break your bank. For some companies, one of the major stumbling blocks they have when advertising is the cost of the advertising medium. Luckily, promotional award ribbons are so affordable, they will not break your bank. You can even buy them in bulk and reach out to as many potential customers as possible.
5. Branders.com understands the value of recognizing employees. Acknowledging and appreciating their efforts plays a crucial role in ensuring the lifespan of your business. We offer award ribbons in bulk that will help ensure that your employees will stay with you for as long as possible. Order award ribbons now and boost the sales of your company.

Seeing the fruits of their hard work can be extra special for employees. Yes, a pat in the back for a job well done can also help but a tangible reward is even better. This is where award ribbons with logo can help you. When you exert effort in recognizing the work of your employees, they will be more inspired to work hard and achieve their personal goals as well as that of your company. Logo award ribbons can also be an effective promotional tool for your business. You will never go wrong with award ribbons as your advertising material. Achieve great results by acknowledging and rewarding the good work of your employees. So go ahead. Pick up the nearest phone and call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 NOW. Our account managers are on hand to take your call in order to help you find the most appropriate printable ribbon awards for your company.

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