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Custom Ball Markers with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional ball markers with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Ball Markers Personalized with Logo
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Why choose customized ball markers for advertising your brand?

Make a strong mark in the competitive scene by giving out custom ball markers to your prospective and loyal customers. They are great marketing giveaways to begin with. They look elegant, stylish, and unique which are all excellent factors to attract the audience. Besides, you want to associate your brand itself with such attributes, which will separate you from the rest of your competitors and for people to regard you with high recognition. Acquire these printed ball markers for your marketing affairs to maximize the potential of your branding efforts.

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By their nature of purpose, ball markers are usually a common sight in golfing events. Typically featuring a round shape with a flat structure, ball markers are those thin metal or plastic golf equipment that are being utilized by golf players as a guide to the last known location of a golf ball should it needs to be lifted. Because they are basically items with outdoor applications, you can get your own customized ball markers, put over your name and logo designs, and they can serve as miniature yet dynamic print advertisements that will give your brand enormous amounts of visibility. Besides, these custom ball markers are extremely cheap compared to other marketing measures available in the market right now. You can even get these ball markers in bulk to avail of additional discounts to load up your present and future marketing endeavors.

If you want your business to be noticed and stand out above the competition, it is important that you offer marketing freebies that are new and uncommon. Regular items like pens, mugs, and anything belonging in that ilk are already proven items but the catch is they are also being utilized by several companies as their main promotional product. By shying away from the usual, your brand will create a lot of buzz for people to set their attentions to, and these giveaway ball markers are the perfect items for doing just that. Through these ball markers with logo, you are setting a different kind of standard that will get anybody's attention without exerting too much effort and that is always an important aspect when you are promoting your products and services.

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Personalized ball markers are excellent promotional devices. They are available in a variety of assortments that are suitable to complement your branding style. They comprise of a surface that is customizable for your preference. With their affordable costs, you can invest in on these without the worry of risking a lot and you will not, as they can deliver the results you have always wanted. Order promotional ball markers now! Call us at 877-272-6337.

Custom Ball Markers

Golf is an intricate game that requires constant practice to achieve perfection. There is a wide range of equipment to help a golfer perfect his game and one of them is the custom ball marker. This golf equipment is used to mark the position of a ball when lifted on the putting green. Custom ball markers are about the size of a coin and is placed behind the golf ball before it is lifted. Ball markers are designed to ensure that the position of the ball will not interfere with the game of other golfers.

According to the rules of golf, ball markers should be positioned "right behind" and not anywhere else. Marking in front of the ball may alter the game in some way and is discouraged. Custom ball markers are considered a movable obstruction and hence can be moved by a player without any penalties. If another player requests for the ball marker to be moved as it seems to be in their line of putt, it can be moved. The rule states that when a player putts the ball with the ball marker in place, they should hit the deflected ball in the location it ends up in the putting surface.

Types of Custom Ball Markers

Although logo ball markers may not be as crucial as a golf club, they can still have an important purpose in the game of golf. Here are the different kinds of personalized ball markers in the market today:

Prolonged Ball Marker. This type of ball marker is a flat, thin circle with a peg on the backside to keep it in place on the green. They are usually made of metal or plastic and can be purchased individually or in bulk. Prolonged ball markers are also the favorite giveaway during golf tournaments with sponsor logos.

Flat Ball Markers. Although there are different variations of this type of ball marker, it commonly resembles a thin disk. They are made from metal and does not have any prong at the back. It is heavy enough to withstand windy conditions in the golf course.

Magnetic Ball Markers. As the name suggests, these ball markers uses magnets. It has two components-- one is the actual marker itself and the other is a clip that serves as the magnetic carrier. It is usually made of plastic or metal and has a magnet attached to its backside. The clip is often made of metal. They can be attached to hats, belts, bags, golf gloves, and even necklaces. Some divot tools may also include this type of marker and some hats have embedded magnets for easy attachment of the ball marker.

Customized ball markers are available in different shapes and sizes. Anything can be made into a ball marker but the safest choice is a dull penny. According to the US Golf Association, small, round, and relatively flat objects are appropriate as a ball marker.

What are the common uses of custom ball markers?

Aside from being an efficient golf equipment, ball markers with logo have been used as an advertising medium as of late. These items will be used on a daily basis so your logo or brand name will surely be seen. They will often be given away at golfing events or as a corporate giveaway.

As an advertising medium, they will carry your brand and logo to a wide range of customers. Your employees and customers who love playing golf will surely appreciate receiving bulk ball markers. Whenever they make their way to the green and practice their swing, they will see your brand name and logo and have your company in their mind.

Using ball markers in bulk for promotions work can be worthwhile. As they come in different colors and sizes, you can choose the right ball marker that will address your promotional needs. They do not cost as much as what you will spend on traditional advertising mediums such as newspaper advertisements and television commercials. Choosing printed ball markers as your advertising medium definitely makes sense. You can look forward to getting huge returns despite the minimal investment that you made.

Where Did Custom Ball Markers Come From?

The origins of the game of golf can be traced to Scotland during the 15th century. However, it was only in the early 1950s when the use of imprinted ball markers were allowed by the United States Golf Association. Before that, when a player's golf ball was in the line of the opponent's ball, he head to putt around it. This was called a "stymie."

When promotional ball markers were finally used in the game of golf, Rule 20-1 of the Rules of Golf stated that ball markers could be anything. Initially, golfers use leaves, stones, or coins to mark the location of the ball whenever a market is unavailable.

There is no certain size mandated for promotional golf markers but most would prefer small, flat, and circular ones. Many golf ball markers have the diameter and thickness of a dime or a quarter. It should be large enough to be visible but also small enough not to interfere with the game of other players.

In order to ensure that ball markers would not interfere with the game of the other golfers, a marking etiquette was devised. From choosing the marker to the positioning, it is important for golfers to keep in mind this golf etiquette. The rule is to use a small object such as a "small coin" or similar objects. preferably flat and minimally distracting for other golfers.

The most ethical way to mark balls, according to the rules, is to place markers directly behind where the ball is, not more than 1 inch from where the ball is located.

When the golf ball marker is considered a "movable obstruction," another player can request that it be moved if they believe that it can interfere with his putt. It the ball marker can interfere but a player chooses not to remove it, any deflections of the putted golf ball must be played where they will land.

Today, personalized golf ball markers comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors depending on the preference of the golfer. The color, for instance, is vital in golf which is a game of concentration. Many golfers prefer green or brown colored custom golf ball markers since they can blend well with the golf course ground. Others, prefer bright colored ones because they have difficulty seeing their markers.

Why buy custom ball markers?

For those who love the game of golf, custom ball markers can help keep their balls away from distractions in the green. But if you are a business owner aiming to boost the exposure of your brand, here are some reasons buying a ball marker makes sense:

1. They have a wide imprint area. Personalized ball markers provide plenty of advertising space for your business. You can personalize them with your corporate logo or brand name. The type of customization will all depend on you.
2. They are more affordable. With the cost of traditional mediums of advertising more expensive than ever, ball markers with logo can give you a more affordable alternative. They are so light on the budget that you can afford to buy them in bulk. This way, you can extend your customer reach to as many customers as possible.
3. Bulk ball markers can increase exposure of your brand. These items will be used on a daily basis so you can look forward to an increased awareness of your brand. Whenever golfers play their game, they will see your logo and easily remember it.
4. Ball markers in bulk come in different varieties. These items come in a plethora of styles so you can choose the right one that is most appropriate to your needs and budget.
5. In the market for printed ball markers? Branders is a haven for finding a wide array of imprinted ball markers. Our account managers can help you find the right one for your advertising needs.

Promotional ball markers is an essential equipment in the game of golf. With other players playing the game at the same time, chances are their balls can get in the way of their opponent's ball. In order to prevent balls from getting in the way of each other, customized ball markers should be used. For your business, these items are helpful in conveying your advertising message to potential customers. In contrast with traditional advertising mediums, customized golf ball markers will not break your bank. Yet despite the minimal investment, you can look forward to receiving huge returns at the end of your campaign. You will never go wrong with customized golf ball markers promoting your brand. So make your move NOW. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 and get in touch with our account managers. This way, you can have some peace of mind when promoting your brand.

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