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Custom Basters with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional basters with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Basters as Promotional Item
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Why choose customized basters for advertising your brand?

Basting is a cooking technique on meat, like turkey, chicken, beef, pork, and duck, wherein they are cooked in their own juices or any alternative liquid as a sauce/marinade to fully bring out its flavor and to help keep it moist. A baster or basting brush is utilized during the period when the meat is roasting or grilling in an oven or pan. It's difficult to achieve that juicy and moist balance if you want your meat to be thick and lean. Basting is one of the more common ways to do that. You can gift an amateur or professional cook with this merchandise, and they'd be able to use basters for making delicious dishes. It's practically being an advocate of good food and good health. If you giveaway custom basters, you're saying, "Our business cares for you."

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People need not suffer the torment of dry and unappetizing cuisine with this printed basters. Gone are the days when the much anticipated roast turkey for Thanksgiving disappoints as soon as a slice of meat gets chewed in the mouth. Promotional basters will be a staple in every kitchen as soon as it is received. It's the go-to promo item for any tradeshow or corporate event. If you haven't got a specific kind or look in mind yet for your basters with logo, no problem! We've got several designs here that could match your brand for customized basters. Its basic look is like most brushes: made up of a handle and bristles at one end. The handles tend to be long so as not to burn the cook's hand by being too near the oven, grill, or pan. Its bristles hold up and don't get bent even when washed in dishwashers. These printed basters are also offered in various colors for more fun and spunk! If the material is a concern as well, look through our gallery for plastic and silicone brushes. Silicone-bristled brushes, in particular, can stand up to temperatures from 500 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes these custom basters useful for applying marinades, oil, and sauces on a hot grill or broiler pan.

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Your personalized basters won't only come in handy for main course meals. Basting brushes are also known as pastry brushes because it can be used to spread glaze or egg wash on the surface of pastries. Such a multipurpose tool will be wanted and appreciated by your customers, so go ahead and order basters in bulk now!



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