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Custom Bbq Grills with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional bbq grills with logo. Shop now!

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Custom BBQ Grills with Customized Logo
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Why choose customized bbq grills for advertising your brand?

BBQ parties have always been a part of the usual backyard get-togethers. Grill and brown some meat, and have fun with your friends and family, catch up. Some even conduct BBQ parties at pool sides, especially during the summer. This is why a lot of businesses, especially outdoor shops. But not only outdoor shops can take advantage of this promotional item; they can also be the star of your next company event! Who says your company event should only be held at a hall, catered? Who says your next company event can’t be a BBQ grill party? And who says your next company event can’t use a promotional BBQ grill that carries your company name and logo?

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Times like these, promotional events can be one of the most effective ways to market your company, especially if you’re just starting. Invite potential clients to an event, advertise the event to all of the social media available, and make everything about the event revolve around your company. From the merchandise to the event giveaways, make sure that the event tells people what your company is all about, what it does, and how well it does what it does. A unique idea: why not hold a huge BBQ party for your guests and potential clients? It will automatically create an air of familiarity between them and you, since BBQ parties are something of a get together between friends and family—why not treat your potential clients and investors as such? Custom BBQ grills are important in making sure that your business name and logo never strays out of the peripheral of your guests! But aside from that, giveaway BBQ grills will also be awesome tradeshow items, or incentives for clients and loyal patrons, as well as high-performing employees. A BBQ grill with logo will sure make them feel that their efforts and loyalty are deeply acknowledged, and appreciated. Merchandise such as this makes them proud that they are a part of your business. They will also make for excellent executive gifts! The printed BBQ grills that we have here at Branders.com are made of high-quality materials that you can sure trust. Choose from the wide variety of promotional BBQ grills that we offer!

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With these highly-utilized personalized BBQ grills comes an opportunity: since these BBQ grills with logo are always used, they would make for excellent promotional products. Imprint these customized BBQ grills with your logo—choose the one that you think will most suit the season, or the target audience. These Custom BBQ grills are long-lasting and practical. To make the most of these promo items, couple the promotional campaign with a thorough market research so as to be sure of which BBQ grill with logo can really make a difference for your company. Call our toll free line now for your orders on bbq grills in bulk. Our friendly and dedicated account managers are ready to assist you.

Custom BBQ Grills

Parties and outdoor events provides a great opportunity for sharing barbecue with family and friends. To make the event more memorable and flavorful, you can utilize custom BBQ grills. While the name is BBQ grill, you can also use it for cooking other kinds of food such as vegetables, meat, or seafood. There are different kinds of grills in the market today and here they are:

Gas Grills

These types of grills were designed as an alternative for charcoal grills. They include side burners, multiple burners, and rotisseries. It has a switch similar to a regular stovetop. You have the option to connect it to a gas line or propane tank. Nowadays, you can buy a portable grill for camping or hiking trips.

Gas grills are easy to start and you can have control of the temperature. They can be easily positioned in the backyard. Some gas grills come with temperature settings so you can ensure that your meal is not overcooked. Some gas grills can be utilized to sear or slow-roast your meal.

Charcoal Grills

Before there were gas and electric models, charcoal grills have long been in use. Meat cooked on a portable charcoal grill resulted to a better tasting and juicier taste. However, unlike a charcoal grill, it takes longer to get it heated. This type of grill uses coal but one drawback of a charcoal grill is that it is difficult to maintain constant temperatures.

These types of grills are quite difficult to start. Once it gets damp, making charcoal grills start can become even more difficult. Aside from that, it emits a significant amount of smoke and pollution.

Electric Grills

From the name itself, these types of grills are powered by electricity. They are the best option if you do not have any outdoor space for a gas or charcoal grill. They are best in apartments and condominiums. Their major advantage is that they can cook food faster than charcoal and gas grills.

These are highly efficient and simple to use. Electric grills are easy to ignite and heat up to the desired temperatures for cooking the meat and related items. You have complete control over the ideal temperature. Their main disadvantage is that they can consume a lot of electricity.

Pellet Grills

These types of grills use hardwood pellets which can either be made from hickory, apple, cherry, oak, or mesquite wood. These pellets are small in size, quarter of an inch in diameter.

Aside from being available in different types, bbq grills are also made from different materials. Here are the common materials used for barbecue grills:

Chrome-Plated Steel

Chrome-plated steel grills are less expensive than other models on the market and are ideal for temporary or infrequent use. If you frequently grill, this is the best material for you.

Cast Iron

Cast iron gills require a great deal of maintenance and cleaning. They must be frequently covered in oil to avoid rusting.

Porcelain Coated Steel

These types of grills are usually thinner with more widely spaced bars so it does not have the same amount of heat retention.

Porcelain Coated Cast Iron

Porcelain coated cast iron grills have thick and widely spaced bars as well as rust-free porcelain coating. Likewise, they are easy to maintain and has a great ability for holding heat.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel grills are the most popular types of grills on the market today when it comes to cost. Most of these models come with a lifetime warranty. They only require simple maintenance.

What are the common uses of custom bbq grills?

Aside from cooking excellent barbecue or grilled foods, there are several other uses for barbecue grills and here are some of them:

Custom bbq grills have now long been used as an advertising material. They are powerful as such because they are items that are being used on a regular basis. Who does not eat barbecue or roasted chicken? Using grills for promotions effort has benefitted people and businesses who are looking to increase the popularity of their brand.

Grills are excellent giveaway items as well. You can give them as a “thank you” token to a loyal customer or as a gift to an employee. Imprinted BBQ grills are common places in beach or pool parties. Regardless of the event, there will surely be a grill that is right for your need.

Where Did Custom BBQ Grills Come From?

When the first Spanish explorers arrived in the new world they discovered that the indigenous people preserved their meats in the sun, an age old and almost completely universal method. The main problem with this method is that the meat becomes spoiled and becomes infested with bugs. To drive the bugs away the natives would construct small smoky fires and place the meat on racks over the fire. This would keep the insects at bay and help in the preservation of the meat.

With the migration of Europeans and Africans to the Southern United States. European pigs and cattles were transplanted to the new world and became the top source for the colonies, pork being the meat of choice in the South due to the ability of pigs to thrive with minimal care. The racks used to dry the meat were replaced with pits and smoke houses.

Now pit cooking is by no means new at this point in history of specific to any particular region of the world. If barbecue is defined as a process of cooking meat in pits, then the invention of the process is attributed to the Polynesians, who are masters of slow, pit cooked pork for thousands of years.

The method of slow cooking meat in early colonial times were often reserved for poor cuts of meat left for slaves and low income people. Higher quality meats had no need for a process of cooking that would lessen the toughness of the meat. In the south, barbecue has been an inexpensive source of food, despite being labor intensive.

Without refrigeration, meat had to be either cooked and eaten right away after slaughter or preserved using spices or smoking process. Traditionally, spicing demands using large amounts of salt for drying meats and lower the ability of contaminants to spoil the meat. During this time, smoking had a similar effect. The indigenous practitioners of barbecue, cold smoked meant that the meat was dried due to exposure to the sun and preserved by adding smoke.

However, barbecue was not invented in America and no one knows its inventor. The term “barbecue” may have been derived from the Taino Indian word “barbacoa” which means meat-smoking apparatus. It could have also come from the French word “Barbe a queue” meaning “whiskers-to-tail.

Why buy custom bbq grills?

1.They make parties fun and truly memorable. Whether it’s held in the backyard or at the beach, parties would never be fun without the all-time favorite barbecue.

2.Grills are handy and portable. Some bbq grills are designed to be carried to the beach or during camping or hiking trips. There are models of grills that come with a carrying case.

3.Logo BBQ grills are excellent as an advertising medium. Every barbecue you grill can become a marketing opportunity for you. Take advantage of their wide imprint area and add your corporate logo or brand name on the grill. Whenever customers roast their chicken or meat, your logo will be visible.

4.They come in different varieties. Grills can either be charcoal, gas, or electric. Your budget and lifestyle will determine the kind of grill you will buy.

5.They are affordable as an advertising medium. Compared to newspaper advertisements or television commercials, bulk bbq grills will not take much of your budget. For a little less than what you will spend on traditional advertising mediums, you can have your brand promoted to a wide range of customers.

6.In the market for a bbq grill? Look no further. Here at Branders, we have a collection of custom bbq grills that will surely suit your budget and advertising needs. Our grills are of the highest quality and has the lowest price in the industry. Talk to our account managers now.

Outdoor or beach parties will never be complete without barbecue or other roasted meats. Considering custom bbq grills is the best decision you can make. With the competition in the industry tougher than ever, you need to raise your advertising game and take it to the next level. Now more than ever, you will need these grills to beef up your marketing efforts. Unlike the traditional mediums of advertising, they only require minimal investment. In the long run, you can look forward to getting huge returns within a small period of time. Make your brand stand out and grab the attention of potential customers. So what are you waiting for? Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 and get in touch with our account managers. Experience top notch customer service and give yourself some peace of mind when promoting your brand.

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