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Custom Beach Balls in Bulk
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Why choose customized beach balls for advertising your brand?

Custom beach balls are the all the rage for summer getaways! These soft plastic, giant, inflatables are appealing to everyone--no matter what age! So why choose another by-the-book promo item when you can choose something that's fun? Get your business name out there with these customized beach balls. Not only are you encouraging people to enjoy themselves, you are offering them the opportunity to spend time with those they care about: friends, family, and loved ones. Promotional beach balls are wonderful gifts for the season of the great outdoors. It's good to keep in mind that merriment outdoors are going to be shared by a lot of folk who are all looking for the same thing you are--summer fun! The more of this promotional product that you give out, the more exposure your brand will have to several families hitting the beach, public pools, and resorts, not to mention pool parties!

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You have lots of flexibility to find the beach balls with logo that are best for your company. You can even have your name and some details imprinted on this merchandise. Colors across the spectrum are available to match your brand. There are also a number of designs offered. They don't always have to come in a round shape. If you want to really stand out, there are football-shaped ones, baseball designs, and even globe printed designs for the geography junkies out there. What's more, the soft plastic material of these Personalized beach balls is a versatile canvas to place whatever message you wish to promote to your customers. They can be about an advocacy, a cause, an event, or simply your brand. The variety of sizes for these printed beach balls can be utilized as well for greater customization. No matter how simple or grand your giveaway beach balls are, you can be sure they will be used and appreciated. Everyone loves 'em!

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Try giving these custom beach balls out at, say, a tradeshow, and for sure your company will have the spot light. It sends a message to everyone that your brand not only delivers good service, but also knows how to have fun. If you wish to get started on this opportunity to take your brand to the next level, call us about getting beach balls in bulk at this toll free number: 877-272-6337. Prepare to boost your marketing campaign this coming summer season and place your orders now!

Custom Beach Balls

Summer is here. It's time to put away those books and enjoy the long vacation. And what better way to spend the time than to head out to the beach. Aside from snorkels, goggles, suntans, do not forget to pack custom beach balls. These items add a touch of fun and excitement to any beach trip.

So what sets aside a beach ball from other kinds of balls? These types of balls range from hand-sized to more than 3 feet across or bigger. They usually have a set of soft plastic panels, with two circular end panels-- one with an oral inflation valve designed to be inflated by mouth or pump. The most popular design are vertical solid colored stripes alternating with white stripes.

Custom beach balls are light and does not have any sharp edges which makes them safe for use by children. They make going to the beach fun and exciting for kids. If you are organizing a beach party, there are many games that can be played using custom beach balls. You can play dodge ball, soccer, kick ball, or volleyball with these items.

If you are a company trying to promote your business to potential customers, you can harness the effectiveness of custom beach balls as an advertising medium. Whenever the ball is used for beach ball games, your brand is getting enough exposure from not only the kids but also adults. These games can provide families with an opportunity to bond with each other and hence will see your company in high regard.

Logo beach balls are lightweight so they can be easily carried around from one beach to another. So wherever the customers go, as long as the beach ball has your logo, rest assured your brand gets promoted. They come in different colors so you can choose the most appropriate one for your branding efforts. You can experience versatility on how you will customize beach balls. Add your slogan, contact details, your company logo-- it's all up to you.

Beach balls cater to a wide range of customers. This means that you can target as much customers as possible. They are great as a giveaway item during birthdays or other events. In the beach, adults will also have fun playing beach volleyball or any other games with these beach balls.

Printed beach balls can provide your brand with a huge advertising space. Make sure that you maximize the allotted area to completely benefit from them. You can consider buying them in bulk and in the process give yourself a shot at targeting as much customers as you can. Inflatable Beach balls will always be appealing and highly appreciated by the recipient. Whenever customers use them, they will have your brand at the top of their minds.

If you want to make an impression on your potential customers, imprinted beach balls can make an excellent alternative. They are items that will be used regularly so bank on getting continuous exposure of your brand.

What are the common uses of custom beach balls?

There is a wide range of activities that you can indulge in with beach balls with logo. Whatever it is, you will surely assure yourself of ultimate fun and excitement. For businesses, these cheap beach balls can make promoting their brand an enjoyable venture.

Beach balls can be used in different settings nowadays. In the classroom, they can be used as a teaching aid. The teacher can ask their students to write numbers or letters on the beach ball and have them identify each one as they write them.

Customized beach balls can also be used in icebreaker games. Have the kids form a circle and pass the ball around with a music. When the music stops, the kid with the ball will tell their name to the group.

Beach balls can also be used as an alternative ball for games such as water polo and volleyball. They are so lightweight that beach balls have also been used for training seals to balance the ball using their nose. More popularly, they have been used as a giveaway item during parties or by businesses.

Where Did Custom Beach Balls Come From?

Custom beach balls were perhaps one of the first water toys that most people have played with. It brings fun and enjoyment at the beach. But have you ever wondered how it came about?

Beach balls are large inflatable balls that were invented in California sometime in 1938 by Jonathan DeLonge. It was believed that the first beach balls were about the size of the hand. These colorful balls gained prominence when Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon featured it several beach movies during the 1960s. It was featured in an article by Time Magazine in 2011 about the best toys in history with the beach ball coming in at number 11.

Since its invention, the classic beach ball has gone a long way. From being the size of a hand, it has evolved into different sizes and designs. Nowadays, you can find light-up beach balls, multi-colored ones, balls with crazy prints, and even giant-sized beach balls.

They have become a staple for any party regardless of who the guests are. They are most attractive to children because they are colorful and can be customized with cartoon characters., Adults are also attracted to these balls because its brings some nostalgia on them. With these wholesale beach balls, they are reminded of their childhood that once they played with these colorful balls.

Beach balls are loved by everyone that many games have been derived from them. They have been kicked around in a game of beach soccer, spiked with in volleyball, and has touched bodies in dodge ball. Outdoor events are always spiced up with a game of water polo using beach balls. Through the years, they have been synonymous with fun and enjoyment in the beach or outdoors.

Why buy custom beach balls?

Beach balls with logo have always been associated with fun and enjoyment in the great outdoors. But what other qualities does this classic toy possess that has endeared them to both private individuals and businesses? Here are some of the reasons why custom beach balls are worthy investments:

1. They can be personalized. Whether it's for a birthday party, corporate event, or for promotional purposes, beach balls offer versatility to the business. You can add your company logo, slogan, brand name, and others on the ball. As a giveaway, it provides plenty of space for adding the name of the celebrant and the date of the event.

2. They are affordable. These days, traditional mediums of advertising has become too expensive for most businesses to afford. This is not the case with bulk beach balls. For a little less than what you will spend on newspaper advertisements or television commercials, you can get your brand promoted to a wide range of customers.

3. They can ensure continuous promotions of your brand. People will be taking beach balls to the beach. They will be playing with them on their backyard or in an open area. With your logo on the beach ball, the visibility of your brand is virtually assured. This translates to continuous exposure for your brand.

4. They come in different styles and designs. Beach balls are available in different styles and designs to choose from. So whatever is the goal you want to achieve, there will surely be a beach ball that is right for your advertising needs.

5. They can be easily carried around. Beach balls are not bulky compared to other items. They can be deflated and inflated so they are easy to carry. As a result, they can extend your customer reach to as many customers as possible.

6. Branders.com is a haven for finding a wide range of custom beach balls. We have the lowest price in town but then again the quality remains the same. Let our account managers help you find the right beach ball for your needs.

Going to the beach gives us an opportunity to forget about the humdrum of a busy life and momentarily have fun. With custom beach balls, your craving for fun will be easily addressed. Many businesses have now realized their effectiveness as an advertising medium. With the competition in the industry tougher than ever, you need to step up and take your game to the next level. As a promotional tool, beach balls will not break your bank compared to the traditional advertising mediums. But even with the minimal investment, you can bank on getting huge returns for your business. You will never go wrong with promotional beach balls as your advertising medium. So what are you waiting for? Grab that phone and call our toll free number at 877-272-6337. Our account managers are on hand to take your call and deliver top notch customer service.

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