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Custom Board Games with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional board games with logo. Shop now!

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As low as $3.85

Get as much as 25% SAVINGS!

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Get as much as 43% SAVINGS!

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Why choose customized board games for advertising your brand?

Custom Board Games Personalized with LogoBoard games are the all the rage, no matter the season! Whether it's foosball, FiKi football, or Par 3 golf, board games are appealing to everyone-- no matter what age! So why choose another predictable promo item when you can choose something fun? Get your business name out there with these custom board games. Not only are you encouraging people to enjoy themselves, you're offering them the opportunity to spend time with those they care about: friends, family, and loved ones. Giveaway board games are wonderful gifts that bring people together. Your clients will love it! You know how excited you get when you enter a restaurant or a pub then you see a foosball table you can play on, right? That's the kind of excitement you will be sharing when you give out these customized board games. That's the kind of exposure you want your brand to be associated with. The advertising push is phenomenal. Foosball game tables have a lot of imprint space, so you can choose to place not just a logo, but even a tag line, or other details can get visibility on these printed board games.

The fun of board games is not monopolized by foosball or soccer game tables. You can choose to get a customizable 'FiKi' football set as well! Flick and Kick football (also known as paper football) is based on the American football game, but at a smaller tabletop scale . A "football" of paper material, shaped into a triangle, is 'flicked' back and forth by two opponents. The game's simplicity has made it very popular among young boys, but is even played by older people (say, bored employees). The impromptu version of this game is more often played because it is easy to fold a piece of paper into a triangle. But if you ever gave out FiKi football as board games with logo, you can bet that people would be ecstatic that they wouldn't have to bear with a make-shift paper football. No matter which game you choose for your promotional board games, you can be sure they will be used and appreciated. Everyone loves 'em!

Try giving these personalized board games out at, say, a tradeshow, and for sure your company will have the spot light. It sends a message to everyone that your brand not only delivers good service, but also knows how to have fun. If you wish to get started on this opportunity to take your brand to the next level, call us about getting board games in bulk at this toll free number: 877-272-6337. Place your orders now!


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