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Custom Bucket Hats with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional bucket hats with logo. Shop now!

Lowest Price Match Guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. On-Time Shipment Guarantee.
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Custom Bucket Hats with Customized Logo
Related Categories:

Why choose customized bucket hats for advertising your brand?

Bucket hats are a common accessory, especially for people who enjoy the outdoors; its downwards slopping brim protects the eyes from the glare of the sun. They are versatile and durable items, after all, they are made to withstand activities such as fishing, mountain walking, tennis and golf. Bucket hats are worn by different people for different purposes, and as such, they would make for excellent promotional items! Custom bucket hats are the perfect promo items for businesses that are looking for unique ways to liven up their promotions!

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Bucket hats are reminiscent of adventure and the great outdoors. If you want your business to exude that vibe: of opportunity and possibilities, then consider using promotional bucket hats in your next campaign! Use these unique giveaway bucket hats to cap off another equally fun promotional event, and you’re set to leave an indelible positive impression on your attendees! Printed bucket hats will work well as a promo item in fundraising events, and fun runs—well, they’ll work well with any outdoor marketing event! Aside from that, they’re perfect tradeshow giveaway items, too: hand them out to potential clients. Give them away as a gift to high-performing employees, to show that you appreciate their dedication. Add personalized bucket hats to your official business merchandise!

Customized bucket hats open up a good marketing opportunity for your business. We at Branders.com know this so we have a lot of different bucket hat styles in our collection. We have fishermen hats, outdoor hats, knitted hats, and more! In terms of material, we have them in twill, cotton, nylon, and more. We know that a promotional product represents all that your company offers, and the quality in which they are delivered, and so we make sure that the promotional products that we have are nothing less than the best.

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The bucket hats that we have in our collection are long-lasting and practical. To make the most of a promo item, couple the promotional campaign with a thorough market research so as to be sure of which products really can make a difference for your company. Choose the one (or ones) that you think would most suit your promotional campaign. Call our toll free line now for your orders, or for assistance. Our friendly and dedicated account managers are ready to assist you. We at Branders.com are dedicated to giving you nothing but the best in terms of products and services. Call our toll-free hotline right now to talk to our dedicated account managers—we’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect bucket hats with logo for your business, or update you with our latest offers and promos. Order bucket hats in bulk now!

Branders' Custom Bucket Hats with your own imprinted logo

Start now with your own great promotional campaign for your brand, and let us give you that additional big boost with our wide selection available. As you are browsing through our numerous options for this category of cool bucket hats, you would eventually reach what you can consider the ultimate choice among them. Our catalogue includes various kinds of custom bucket hats— waterproof, pigment dyed, unisex, adjustable, etc.—each also coming in various styles, designs, materials, and colors. In addition, they are all easy to customize. Here is an overview for this category:

Cotton made
Ones made of cotton are the quintessential bucket hats for decades. Get cotton bucket hats for that comfortable fit in a fully functional item.

Pigment dyed
These hats come in a myriad of colors thanks to their pigments being dyed upon them. If you are looking for a high variety of colors for your bucket hats, they are typically pigment dyed.

The traditional bucket hats are made of cotton, which has strong water absorbing properties. Avoid getting your hats wet with waterproof bucket hats.

Microfiber hats are a traditional style using a modern material. Microfiber provides water repelling properties to keep your bucket hat dry.

Polyester is another alternative material that can lend waterproofing capabilities to your bucket hats. Technological progress allows this combination of the long-time bucket hat with this modern marvel of a textile.

Adjustable bucket hats has the ability to cover a whole range of sizes. With a wider possible userbase, demand would surely be a certainty for such bucket hats.

Men and women's
A hat is a very practical item, but that does not mean it could not be made fashionable. Whether it is for men or women, there are specific designs tailor-made for either gender.

Unisex bucket hats feature designs that can be appropriate for either gender. It eschews specificity with one gender and gives more emphasis on its universal functionality and practicality.

Adams branded
Adams is a famous brand for headgear. Adams branded ones are of excellent make, and you can expect only the best from one of the best in the industry today.

What are the typical uses for them?

Clothing is universally considered an important aspect of human life; thus the likes of the bucket hat now becomes quite an essential piece of clothing. Of course, it is not just needed, people would want some nice bucket hats as well! Coming in an assortment of colors, they not only provide its essential functions, but can also become part of a fashion statement for certain people out there. Therefore, one might see the potential for its utilization as a part of a promotional campaign; its usefulness is quite high, and each and every one would certainly want to have some bucket hats too.

You can choose to create your own bucket hat to be a natural option to include in uniforms. if your company is engaged in an industry typically associated with such hats, giving them as standard-issue would be an easy thing to do. Regardless, bucket hats still come in varying possible designs and can appeal across different people in your target demographic, so being used in uniforms even for other industries would still be quite easy. With the addition of the company's logo, insignia, or any other design, they also provide that custom touch that will set that particular uniform apart from the rest of its class, easily providing a unique identifier for that particular brand.

And with the advancement in the production of such merchandise, having your graphic bucket hats as souvenirs is also a viable choice. Iconic characters and celebrities can only help further increase the appeal of the bucket hat as a casual item to wear. Your custom design is ensured maximum visibility as they are worn on the head, and it would be in a cheap, everyday item that everyone would surely want to have as well.

And beyong getting them cheap, there is getting them for free! Due to the cheapness of making them, they are an ideal giveaway product. Of course, here at Branders.com the guarantee of high-quality is always there, but at the lowest prices possible, making them viable freebies still. Your savings increase when the size of the orders increase, and eventually you will be able to reap the benefits of those bucket hat giveaways with regards to brand awareness and publicity as well as strengthening the loyalty of your current customers.

With the inherent functionality and practical value of bucket hats, they will never lose their appeal towards both those already familiar with your brand and those who will encounter it for the first time. The various styles, sizes, and designs available to choose from can only mean that there would be that perfect combination for anyone. And you can definitely find the right custom bucket hats for your next advertising campaign.

Get to know more about bucket hats!

- A bucket hat is typically made of cotton, with a wide and downwards sloping brim.

- Both men and women wear bucket hats.

- The brim offers shade from the sun for the eyes and face.

- Two metal eyelets are commonly placed on each side of a bucket hat to provide ventilation for the head, especially during hot days.

- It is Irish in origin, being a traditional headgear for fishermen and farmers as protection from the rain.

- The English upper classes quickly adopted the bucket hat for country pursuits and other outdoor activities.

- During the 1960s and 70s, "Irish walking hats" made of tweed cloth became a popular alternative to the stingy-brim fedora and pork pie hat.

- Today, it is considered a part of the traditional Irish folk costume, together with the flat cap, grandfather shirt and Aran sweater.

- Several fictional characters are typically portrayed wearing a bucket hat; examples are Gilligan of TV show Gilligan's Island and Dale Horvath in The Walking Dead.

- Numerous rappers and musicians have popularized and evolved the bucket hat into a modern day fashion accessory.

- In the USA, a similar hat is officially included by the US Navy as part of enlited service dress uniforms, and are commonly referred to as a Dixie Cup hat.

- Cotton usage for fabric is known to date to prehistoric times.

- The English name "cotton" derives from the Arabic (al) qutn, which began to be used circa 1400 AD.

- The Industrial Revolution lead to a big boost to cotton manufacture, with the textile industry emerging as Britain's leading exporter.

- The invention of the cotton gin by the American Eli Whitney in 1793 improved production capacity for cotton.

- The use of alternative materials today like microfiber and polyester led to the production of waterproof bucket hats, which were traditionally made of cotton, a material that easily absorbs water.

- The favorable travel temperature range for cotton is below 77 °F, with 70 °F considered the optimum travel temperature.

Why buy custom bucket hats for your upcoming advertising campaign?

Clothing is an important aspect of human life, and it will always be key in our lifestyle today. Connect with your target market with this highly functional promotional item. Have the best bucket hats serve as part of your advertising and get your brand that increase in publicity and familiarity. With your brand's logo or company name placed on the hats, the boost to your promotional efforts would be easily felt.

Whether as part of uniforms or in a more casual setting, there would be a lot of situations where your custom embroidered bucket hats will see much use. Thus the possibility of further reinforcing the loyalty among your current customers is there, in addition to being able to attract new customers towards your brand as well. The bucket hat has become a very iconic piece of clothing worn on the head as well, thanks in no small part to memorable fictional characters in TV shows and movies as well as with music artists.

Considering the natural place on which bucket hats are worn, the custom logo placed on them will be easily noticed immediately. With most people first seeing what is worn on the head, visibility is guaranteed for your brand. With their very low prices, cheaper than ever from us as well, you can never go wrong with any of them for your next advertising event or promotional giveaway. Regardless of the number of orders you make to us, you will always have the assurance of only the best in terms of quality, designs, and price. The variety in colors, designs, and styles here at Branders.com leads to a wide array of choices possible for you and your next item giveaway. And of course, the high quality of the giveaway item will mean that they will always be able to wear them as well.

Get over that proverbial hump in your advertising efforts by getting your imprinted bucket hats from Branders! Their versatility in combination with their functionality means it would lead to a huge advantage for your company's publicity schemes. Your advertising needs would be satisfied with these, and at the lowest possible prices as well! So wait no longer and call our toll free hotline now at 877-272-6337 to place your orders.

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