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Custom Car Towels as Promotional Item

Buy personalized car towels as promo items. Great giveaway for marketing events.

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As low as $13.37 each

Why choose printed car towels for advertising your brand?

Don't you just love your car? Apparently, everyone has a certain attachment to their autos, whether it is old or new. It has become something like a second home for most people. The evidence is clear with shows like Top Gear, Pimp My Ride, Fast N' Loud, and others that have dominated some prime time television schedules. We want to see cars getting spruced up, see them repainted and customized, see how fast and how well they ride. The space that we can claim to be truly ours in the confines of our own vehicle affords us such great comfort that we want all that's best for our cars. Accordingly, if you're looking for a giveaway promo item that will satisfy the population's enthusiasm for automobiles, custom car towels are the answer. A gift like car towels with logo will make such an impact on its recipients. They'll be thinking of how caring it is that your brand has given away a promotional product so useful and of service.

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A few years back, the usual items for drying cars were chamois, squeegee, and cotton towels—which are okay in terms of drying a car's surface, but are pretty damaging. These kinds of towels damage the paint of your autos! You may find microscratches on the surface when under direct sun light. This is because of the dirt or grit that gets caught up in those usual towels. But fear not! Technology has swooped in to save the day through a new material called microfiber. Based on its name, it is made up of thousands of little fibers per square inch. This micro-sized dimension allows each miniscule fiber to be grit-free, so paint scratching won't be a problem. These micro-sized fibers cover more surface area on the cloth, and so can carry more weight in water (about 7 times more than polyester or cotton towels).

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This awesome innovation is available in the promotional car towels found here. Look through our gallery to find the color that would match your business name logo. Customized car towels with logo are big scene stealers in a tradeshow, car show, or any corporate event. Sure, they're a little pricier than chamois or cotton cloth towels, but the immense durability of microfiber is unbelievable! It becomes the more economical choice in the long run because though you may have to spend on this merchandise, you brand will be imprinted on personalized car towels for ages! Call our toll free number now to order a batch of imprinted car towels.


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