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Custom Chalkboards with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional chalkboards with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Chalkboards in Bulk
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Why choose customized chalkboards for advertising your brand?

Chalkboards have been around since 1801 in the United States when American instructors used them in military schools to facilitate education. However, it was only in 1820 when the term blackboard was officially coined. Chalkboards did not actually come into common usage until around 1935 where Americans began using it. Today, chalkboards can be seen being used in classrooms as well as in other places such as in cafes, bars, restaurants, or pubs. Nowadays, they are now being used by sign writers as for people who design advertising blackboards for cafes, restaurants, and pubs. Their use has also popularized chalkboard art with the invention of liquid chalks.

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Chalkboards have been utilized by food and drink manufacturers to announce their latest promotions. This makes promotional blackboards ideal as a giveaway to companies in this industry. With the competition in the market becoming tougher than before, you could find yourself struggling in the face of competition. With the help of custom chalkboards, you can make potential customers aware of what your company has in store for them. Promotional chalkboards are great as a gift because they will be used on a daily basis. As a promotional product, they are more affordable than advertising on the newspaper or television.

One major advantage of customized chalkboards is that they offer a wide imprint area which makes them perfect for customizing with your corporate logo or brand name. As a promo item, they are effective because they will carry your brand. If you own a restaurant, potential customers will be seeing your logo side by side with the menu you are offering. As a promo item, these giveaway chalkboards are more affordable than advertising on newspapers and televisions. You can give these custom chalkboards as a gift to potential customers if you want to beef up your brand.

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Printed chalkboards can help beef up your upcoming tradeshow. You will never go wrong with chalkboards with logo promoting your business. In the light of the tough competition in the industry, they can give you an affordable alternative for promoting your business. They require only a minimal investment on your part. However, the small capital can deliver instant results and considerable savings which can be diverted to the more important aspects of your business. So what are you waiting for? Call our toll free number now at 877-272-6337 to place your orders on chalkboards in bulk. So take your brand to the next level with personalized chalkboards.

Pick the custom chalkboards of your choice and show off your brand!

Promotional chalkboards are excellent marketing medium. They possess impressive branding features which you can freely utilize to portray your logo designs to the fullest and in essence turn the chalkboards into powerful billboards which are mobile because they are able to reach even the diverse sectors of your market. Choose the artwork which you are going to put and let the expert hands work over your specifications to produce the best marketing giveaways for your planned events and as freebies for several businesses, too!

Speaking of choosing, our gallery parades a prominent variety of custom chalkboards which are all good to their own right. It comes down to what chalkboard is the one that touches your ideas the most. Each cool chalkboard that we offer presents a unique flavor that you can experiment on to determine which item best suits your branding identity. To help you in this stage, you may take a look at the following section and see what our decorative chalkboards are all about.

Framed Chalkboards
The framed chalkboards that are shown here are nothing short of spectacular. As a branding tool they are really outstanding! For your branding designs, each framed chalkboard has lots of space which you can work on to fully saturate your artwork and render them visible and clear. The framed chalkboards are available in various sizes, perfect to meet your branding needs. Some variants also have free chalk and eraser with them, giving your customers the complete package. What makes these unique chalkboards stand out is that they have a framed structural design, as the name implies. Whatever written on the boards will be clearly emphasized and that includes your brand name and logo. The framed chalkboards truly are the effective makeshift billboards that comes with an ounce of appeal.

Vinyl Chalkboards
Another impressive line of custom chalkboards are the vinyl chalkboards. Instead of the classic hardwood that most chalkboards are made of, they are made of vinyl, as their name suggests. The surface itself is an excellent canvas for writing, making the items ideal gift and giveaway options for students, professionals, and artists alike. The vinyl chalkboards are further sub-divided into variants, all of which are perfect places for your name and logo. There are the regular rectangular chalkboards that are a staple in schools and offices and also available are the round chalkboards, too! The vinyl chalkboards do not limit their usage in the academic and corporate field, but they can be used by sports teams as well as a coaching board. Most importantly, they are exceptional mediums for branding.

As you can see, we only offer the best chalkboards in the trade, for you to have the best products you will be deploying in your marketing stunts. Whatever variant you desire, they are all very good. In schools, offices, sporting events, and even in outdoor festivities these portable chalkboards can truly shine. Looking for nifty billboards? Then turn yourself into these promotional chalkboards.

What are the uses of personalized chalkboards?

That is a question you’d definitely want to ask. Because it is a good gauge why you should consider chalkboards as your main marketing material. More so, you should question if the usefulness of the chalkboards that we offer can truly benefit your marketing campaign. By the looks of it, they really are. You only need to look at the following as to where these clever marketing freebies can thrive in and make themselves useful.

Advertising Medium
This is why you are purchasing our chalkboards for sale in the first place. For the purpose of being an advertising medium, the chalkboards featured here are truly the best. Because they are primarily used as a writing canvas, naturally they have a prominent imprint space. Use that to your advantage and you will realize just how good the chalkboards are when it comes to promoting your business. Have them displayed in places where people usually clump up to hasten the promotional process and in no time your brand name will be known tremendously. Not only that, the chalkboards have the potential to reach even the most diverse of places, something that regular billboards may never be able to do. In this way your promotional efforts will be greatly extended. The chalkboards are undoubtedly the ultimate promotional devices.

Gift and Giveaway Options
It is only fitting that you should give your customers a parting gift after which they have rendered your products and services as your way of showing your support and appreciation for them. While the chalkboards are a rarity when it comes to this matter, they are still a good choice for tokens of appreciation. In schools and offices they are also remarkable gift goodies to students and employees, too. In certain commercial establishments the chalkboards are superb souvenir options. Business sectors such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, and the likes are good strategic places where you can deploy the chalkboards. The catch is that these businesses can also benefit from the items themselves, serving as a board of announcements of some sort.

Messaging Tools
Speaking of announcements, the chalkboards’ purpose is somewhat correlated to this. Since they are the primary mediums for chalk writing, they are effective modes of spreading message. With just a simple tasking of write-and-erase, the chalkboards have become a choice in schools and offices when it comes to making announcements. After such announcement has been made, it can easily be erased and be replaced with a new one. Another great addition is the fact that they are portable which means the message can easily be spread out, even literally with hands.

Strategizing Platform
This is another department where the chalkboards can impose their will. For example during competitions. Teams of both sides are in a huddle. The chalkboards of yours can be used to map out a play en route to victory. That is how chalkboards have become important. Not only in sporting events but in a day-to-day basis as well. In schools, students can use the chalkboards to brainstorm and the same goes for offices.

Educational Device
Chalkboards are a common sight in learning centers because teachers prefer them when they are giving a lecture. Again, their quick write-and-erase property is what makes them very effective learning device. Chalkboards are effective platforms when it comes to writing down information and their wide space makes the content much visible to the eyes of the spectators. They are excellent in homes, too.

Branding advantages of chalkboards

When compared to other promotional items, chalkboards are the dark horses. Mainly because they aren’t quite known yet to most businesses. But judging by their appearance alone you could make a quick assumption that that chalkboards are ideal promotional tools. Take a look as to why customized chalkboards are exemplary advertising mediums.

1. Chalkboards have a prominent imprint space which definitely you need in order to proceed with your branding campaign effectively. As such, you need to portray your logo designs to the fullest of your capabilities and the chalkboards that are featured here are seemingly up to the task and maybe even exceed your expectations.

2. Aside from their first-rate imprint space, the chalkboards that we offer are portable. Spreading the word about your business has become so much easier. Even in the tightest of places, the chalkboards can slither in them effectively by way of the people who will carry them.

3. The chalkboards can cater to almost everybody. If you are looking to boost the marketability of your business, then chalkboards are your best bet. From students to professionals and even to the common people, the chalkboards are proven to be very useful.

4. The way most businesses are operating nowadays makes them the perfect target for your chalkboards. Especially those who are engaging in the food industry, they can just utilize these marketing giveaways to showcase their menu to the public and just erase them afterwards if there is a new item to be featured. The bigger upside of this is that, your logo gets a share of free airtime.

5. Speaking of airtime, the chalkboards are cost-effective forms of marketing. If you buy them in bundles you will even get more discounts. While they are low in price, they are so great at marketing your business. Television, radio, or print advertisements may produce you results, but there is no denying that they are expensive.

6. The array of chalkboards that we offer have a versatile customizable space which you can work on freely to come up with the best marketing freebies, ever.

Etch your plans to promotional chalkboards and produce desirable results!

Chalkboards, while somewhat new to the scene, are nevertheless magnificent marketing mediums when given the chance. They have everything that you need. Wide imprint space, smooth printing canvas, and affordability. In addition, the chalkboards are fairly compact as well so if you are looking to spread the word regarding your business, chalkboards are your best allies. They are deceptively effective that will bring you more than what you have paid for.

It all starts by calling our toll-free number. Talk to our dedicated account managers to let you know of the options you can consider, such as your customization preference, pricing options, and the turnaround time of your orders. Pick up your phone now!

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