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Custom Chalks with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional chalks with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Chalks as Promotional Item
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Why choose customized chalks for advertising your brand?

Custom chalks are perfect as creative and unique giveaway merchandise! When given a box of chalk, it's like being given a box of treats. A gift. They evoke the poignant childhood memories of mixing colors together in art class with classmates, leaving blackboard drawings during recess, or making street art on the sidewalk with your parents or siblings. This kind of reminiscing will fill anyone up with happiness—positive feelings that you want your brand to be responsible for. When the recipient sees your business name on the chalks with logo, they will know to whom they're grateful for.

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Amazing how much fun you can have with a stick made up of calcium sulfate in gypsum material, no? The jumbo chalks are the favorites. It's like their extra thickness adds extra enjoyment to chalk art making, particularly for street art. Children and grown up artists alike can go wild on their creations because they know that jumbo chalks won't crumble in their hands. The good news for you here is that this promotional product gets to strut off your brand name around for all passers-by to see when the kids go out to leave their markings on the sidewalk.

Your personalized chalks gets to make a popular scene in the classrooms, too. Blackboards are still a staple in most American classrooms due to its many advantages. There are just too many benefits to this promo item that whiteboard markers can't compete with. The most pragmatic of which is that customized chalks is significantly cheaper than markers. Chalk doesn't need as much special care than whiteboard markers do. The latter needs to always be capped, else they dry up. Chalk has a benign smell, but markers have this pungent odor. For the students, chalk is usually easier to see against the blackboard because it provides better contrast. Chalk is also easier to erase, and it doesn't stain cloth or fabrics, unlike whiteboard markers. Your printed chalks will be warmly welcomed in institutions and centers.

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Try these giveaway chalks out on your next tradeshow. It's not a common marketing item, but it'll be a hit anyway! You can't go wrong with these promotional chalks. You'll have your competition shaking in their boots when you soar ahead of them in the industry. Think of the edge you'll have for such a minimal investment. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 to place your order on chalks in bulk.


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