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Custom Cup Holders with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional cup holders with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Cup Holders in Bulk with Customized Logo
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Why choose customized cup holders for advertising your brand?

Life nowadays is on the go. We do everything fast-paced: from the moment we wake, we try to maximize our time by multi-tasking. Most people don't even have the luxury of sitting down for a hot cup of coffee in the morning anymore--they just grab it and drink it as they go. This is usually optimal because more that ever we are looking out to save and manage our time. This grab-and-go phenomenon is the perfect business opportunity for you to beef up your brand! You can do that through custom cup holders. Just use them as merchandise. You can have the cup holders with logo on them, so whenever someone goes around with your promotional product, they carry your customized marketing item with them. Not only do you get such a mobile and portable advertisement, you also get to help out the many people who are in need of this promo item in their lives.

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We at Branders.com understand the need for drinkware accessories that will make drinking your much needed beverages on-the-go so much more convenient. When we get our steaming cup of joe from our favorite coffee shop, it's most likely served with some sort of coffee sleeve, most often made of cardboard or corrugated paper. It helps in protecting your hands from coming in direct contact with the hot cup, but most often the material of the cup and the sleeve make for a slippery grip--resulting in accidental spills or worse, mild burns. For that we have sure-grip cup holders: cup sleeves with a handle, so you can carry your cup as you would a mug! These customized cup holders are so awesome as a giveaway or gift due to their handiness.

For those who like to drink their coffee (or any other beverage), while working, we have clip-on drink holders. These printed cup holders, attached to the edge of a desk, will ensure that your beverage will never spill on to the important documents you're working on. These are also fully customizable. All of the promotional cup holders here are freely personalizable.

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For the good times, available here are handy inflatable drink holders, perfect for poolside parties and events. Choose the personalized cup holders that you think would most suit your promotional campaign, so you can order them in bulk for a tradeshow or convention. For oders on cup holders in bulk, call our toll free hotline for assistance from our dedicated account managers now!



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