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Custom Dice with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional dice with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Dices in Bulk for Promotional Giveaways
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Why choose customized dice for advertising your brand?

Looking for a promotional product that hasn't already become a tradeshow redundancy? Well, have you ever imagined dice as a giveaway? If not, you should! Dice are not always marked with dots, numbers, or letters. Sometimes, they are marked dice--but it would be even better, if it were your brand logo, wouldn't it?

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Dice are small objects, normally cubes, thrown to generate a random result. The results may vary from a number, letter, color, or symbol. They may have different symbols that can help in teaching math, such as using symbols of addition, subtraction, etc. Letters, or words and phrases, can be used to make decisions based on luck, with ready answers like "yes", "no", or "try again". Their simplicity allows them to be used in non-commercial game situations like those previously mentioned. But whatever the use may be, if there's anything that people always associate with dice, it's fun and enjoyment! Custom dice will get your market to associate this excitement with your brand. If part of game equipment, the customized dice are useful as well as entertaining. Just imagine the amusement of players as they make a roll with this merchandise and your brand name comes up. Game instructions can be adjusted so that it would be the best roll in the game for the logo to pop up, so your customers will always want your logo to come out on their turn! These giveaway dice is an excellent way to link your business name with good luck.

Casinos are also a haven of dice. Personalized dice would fit right in. The advertising advantage of using printed dice as a promo item is that a casino die is regularly changed. Your brand name would always look clear and new, never scratched off or weathered down by time. The exposure you get from patrons and casual gamblers alike is maximized because you are being promoted throughout their gaming experience. But promotional dice as ad material is not short lived. Once a set of die are replaced, the used ones can be sold, given out as a gift, or kept as collector's items.

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Whether the fates are in your favor during a roll, what will always be definite with custom dice is the assurance you give your customers that you stand by them no matter the outcome. So share that fun and enjoyment with your market and take full advantage of dice with logo. Call 877-272-6337 for orders on dice in bulk and our sales representatives will be ready to help you do just that!


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