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Custom Dominoes with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional dominoes with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Dominoes with Personalized Logo
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Why choose customized dominoes for advertising your brand?

The most effective promotional items are the ones that are used most often. If you want to up the ante on your next promotional campaign, why not choose one that is fun and interesting to boot? If you want to step up to this challenge, then custom dominoes might just be the right promotional product for you! They are useful and are ideal for businesses that especially need high brand visibility.

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Dominoes are fun, and we can't deny it. People could play the traditional layout game with these tiles, or just build an interesting pattern and knock them down. They are acquired to be used—and every time the recipient plays with them they’ll always have your company in mind. If they decide to invite their friends or family over for a game of dominoes, that spells extra visibility for your business. We have different varieties of these printed dominoes: we have dominoes in print vinyl case, dominoes with logo in wooden box sets, domino multi-game travel set; we even have dominoes-to-go in a cute little box! These promotional dominoes make for excellent giveaway items in places such as clinic waiting areas, and preschools. Here at Branders.com, we offer different kinds of giveaway dominoes, all depending on what you think suit your target audience. A box of this practical giveaway item will sure be an appreciated item, as it fosters learning while having fun.

Let these high-quality custom dominoes set carry your brand name while they entertain the recipients and keep their mind occupied. Personalize these exciting dominoes with your brand name and logo. After all, they will be closing the box or container over and over again, and your logo is there, clearly imprinted! If they ever decide to bring their enjoyable promo item outdoors, better for your business! You can also add these customized dominoes to your office merchandise: give them as a gift or incentive to high-performing employees! If you want to make an impression on the people you meet at tradeshow settings, you could also use personalized dominoes as tradeshow items!

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We at Branders.com know that with this promotional item comes a great opportunity. This is why you can count on the reliability and durability of the material of the dominoes we have in our collection. Imprint these items with your logo so as to get your name out there—choose the one that you think will most suit the target audience. To make the most of these promotional items, couple the promotional campaign with a thorough market research so as to be sure of which products really can make a difference for your company. Call our toll free line now for your orders, or for questions about dominoes in bulk. Our friendly and dedicated account managers are ready to assist you.

What are the types of personalized dominoes are available for you to customize?

As you can see, we offer quite a few types of customized domino sets. All of our dominoes are made with premium plastic that is quite durable and ensures that they’d last for a long time with proper care. They also have instructions included inside detailing how to play. So before we go any further, let’s go over the types of domino sets so that you’ll be able to get the one that matches your promotional campaign the best:

Domino set in Traveler pouch
We have domino sets that are contained in a translucent zippered case. The bag is extremely light, convenient to carry around and also small enough to fit in most bags. Because of this, you can easily expect that your customers will carry these domino sets when they travel as to provide them with some entertainment.

Domino Set in Take-out Box
One of our more novel types of domino sets are these ones! The dominoes come packaged inside a Chinese take-out style container. Because they’re quite unusual and have a certain charm, they’ll definitely get noticed and provide your brand with some visibility.

Dominoes in Wooden Cases
We also have dominoes that are packaged inside wooden containers. We have different types of wooden cases available ranging from a simple but rugged one that features a Chinese Dragon on the backside of its dominoes to ones with a larger and more elegant wooden case that wouldn’t be out of place in a casino or high profile party. You have the option of imprinting your logo and company design on the boxes.

Domino Set in Vinyl Case
Another elegant and exquisite type of domino cases are these ones. The dominoes come presented inside a black custom print vinyl case. Some of these domino sets offer you an even more extensive set of customization options for the look of the domino! You can choose to have the dominoes colored and printed classic ivory or have a red or green base color with white dots. You can even have your company’s logo or a chosen design imprinted on the back of the dominoes.

Multi-game Domino Set
If you want an even more versatile set, then these multi-game dominoes are bound to tickle your fancy! These domino sets come packaged in a strong and durable box. We have dominoes set that come with a premium deck of playing cards. We also have a game set that includes dominoes, checkers, cribbage, backgammon, cards and chess.

How can you use promotional domino sets to successfully market your business?

Customized Dominoes are one of our best-sellers here, but that's because they are used widely for a ton of things! Dominoes are used in a variety of fun games and are one of those items that have been quite iconic through the decades. When a product has high-utility, then you can bet that it will be effective in getting pretty much any brand or business out there. High-utility also provides expansive visibility, and thus great brand recall, due to their constant use, by pretty much anyone and everyone. Here are a couple of ways your business can use promotional dominoes:

1. Souvenirs
When in doubt, imprinted dominoes are always a good option for a souvenir. If you are a hotel, a tourist agency, a daycare, an airlines, an amusement park—or any industry that people regularly visit—you can use engraved dominoes to further your business, because you can be sure that people will buy them from your store as a keepsake for the lovely memories that you have been able to impart with them. Because they are cheap, you can get them by the bulk and get them done fast.

2. Giveaways and Freebies
Event coming up? Custom printed dominoes are both a classic and an innovative giveaway. You see, they are great for any kind of event! It may be an event for work, or for you and your family, or a holiday event, but no matter what the occasion is, you can use your creative powers to amuse your guests and event participants with the artwork or imprint that you place on the domino themselves or their case. Nothing gives you the most value for your money than these logo dominoes. We have special discounts if you buy more, so it isn't a worry for your spending if you expect many guests.

3. Fund Raisers
Dominoes in bulk are a novel idea for organizations to attain certain ends. If you need to raise funds for your team, your community, or a cause, these are ideal to sell, because they do not spoil (unlike cookies), and sales from organization members and alumni are common as they can keep them as practical mementos. People can even easily remember your cause when they will constantly see the dominoes with logo being played

4. Office Entertainment Item
Want an item that would placate any of your waiting customers and ensure that they’re entertained regardless of how long they wait? Then you should definitely consider stocking up your office with these bulk dominoes! Place these cheap dominoes at the lobbies of your business and let your customers play with them to pass the time as they wait. You can also hand these out to your employees to give them a fun activity to do during their break time. And if you ever decide to sponsor an office vacation, you could hand out these excellent domino sets to entertain your people and also serve as a memento for the event.

Domino related facts and trivia

Want to find out more about the history of dominoes and some fun facts about them? Here are several interesting trivia we’ve gathered about them for your reading pleasure:

- Dominoes is a game that involves matching the game pieces, rectangular ’tiles’, on a flat surface and each domino tile has a number of spots, or none at all, at each end of the tile that must be matched with another of the same number of spots.

- The traditional European dominoes are usually made of darkwood, ivory or bone with black or white pips, which may be painted or inlaid. Beside the most common version of the game with 28 tiles, there are also 55, 91, 136 and even 190-tiles domino sets!

- ‘Dominoes’ is also spelt ‘dominos’, while the spots on the dominoes are also known as ‘pips’, and the game pieces, called ’tiles’, are also known as ‘bones’, ‘stones’, ‘cards’, ‘spinners’ and ‘tickets’.

- They most common sets of dominoes are known as ‘double six’ or ‘double nine’, which have 28 and 55 tiles respectively, with values of zero to six and zero to nine.

- The largest commonly available domino set is the Double Twelve consisting of 91 tiles.

- Besides the Double Twelve (a set where the largest tile in value has 12 pips on each side) there are Double 15 and Double 18 sets. Larger sets such as Double 21 exist but can be rarely seen in commercial sale because recognizing tiles with so many pips becomes hard.

- A popular past-time is to arrange domino tiles on one edge in long lines, then to push the first one and watch the tiles knocking one another consecutively. This is where the term “Domino Effect” comes from.

- Dominoes are believed to have originated in China in the 12th century, though Egyptian or Arabian origins are also theorized. Dominoes appeared in Italy in the early eighteenth century, and spread to the rest of Europe throughout the remainder of the 1700's, becoming one of the most popular games in both family parlors and pubs alike.

- Chinese dominoes were originally made to represent all the possible throws of two six-sided dice, with some added duplicates to make a set of 32.

- European domino sets, which generally differ slightly to Chinese dominoes, have 28 tiles, but sets with up to 253 have been made, but are rare and are more than enough to suit eight players.

- Bone, ivory or hardwood were the original domino materials, and some other materials such as stone, metal, ceramics and glass have been used, but modern dominoes are generally made from plastic or resins.

- To this day, it is uncertain whether the game of dominoes derived its name from the word ‘domino’, that once referred to the black hood-like accessory that priests wore, or directly from the word ‘dominus’, meaning lord or master.

- The scene in V for Vendetta where V knocks over the dominoes forming the giant letter V took four professional domino assemblers 200 hours to set up and included 22,000 dominoes!

A new successful promotional campaign awaits you here at Branders!

So what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on this opportunity and place your orders for these promotional dominoes today! Just call us at our toll free number 877-272-6337 and get in touch with our friendly sales representatives. We'll also help you personalize your items exactly how you want them. Just prepare the logo, symbol, text, insignia, or artwork you want to use, and choose the imprint color you want for your graphics and font. You can opt to include your location and contact details so loyal customers and potential clients can reach you at the drop of a hat. Keep in mind that your imprint will depend on the material of the item and the available imprint methods, but rest assured that we're committed to giving you the best quality customization every time. Best of all, we offer you these personalized dominos at the best discounts possible! You won't find a better deal anywhere else than here at Branders.

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