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Custom Dry Wipes with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional dry wipes with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Dry Wipes as Promotional Giveaway
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Why choose customized dry wipes for advertising your brand?

Dry wipes are essential for keeping the sensitive skin of infants protected. They are made from non-woven fabric similar to those used in dryer sheets and are saturated with a solution of gentle cleansing ingredients. They are usually sold in plastic tubs to keep the cloth moist and allow for easy dispensing. But aside from protecting the sensitive skin of infants, dry wipes are also great as a cleaning agent. While they may not make your DVD scratch-free, they can nevertheless make filthy or scraped DVDs or CDs play. You can give them as a gift during baby showers or as a giveaway during corporate events.

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The first dry wipes appeared in the market with the development of the technology to create disposable non-woven towelettes in the late 1970s. Due to the costly nature of the specialized equipments required to manufacture these products, major companies like Huggies and Pampers became the dominant players in the market. As the technology developed and became more affordable, smaller brands began to appear. The 1990s saw the entrance of supermarket chains creating their own private label brand of custom dry wipes. Eventually, these brands attracted customers with their lower price and generated profits for the supermarkets.

Companies can capitalize on customized dry wipes for their advertising campaign. They have a wide imprint area that also makes them effective as a promotional product. Use the allotted space for adding your corporate logo or brand name and easily capture the attention of your target market. You can add text or graphics to printed dry wipes. Just make sure that it will truly represent your brand. As a promo item, they can help build your reputation in the industry. The giveaway dry wipes will serve as a walking advertisement that can extend your customer reach.

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Choosing personalized dry wipes as your advertising material is a worthwhile investment. Promotional dry wipes are more affordable than advertising on the newspaper or television. However, despite the minimal investment, you can look forward to getting considerable savings which can be diverted to the other important aspects of your business. You can order dry wipes in bulk and in the process free yourself from having to worry about what to give on your next tradeshow. Step up your advertising game and take it to the next level with dry wipes with logo. So what are you waiting for? Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 to order custom dry wipes and make a difference in the industry.



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