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Custom Dusters with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional dusters with logo. Shop now!

Lowest Price Match Guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. On-Time Shipment Guarantee.
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Get as much as 21% SAVINGS!

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Custom Dusters with Printed Logo
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Why choose customized dusters for advertising your brand?

Having difficulty with your chores because cleaning the house is too much trouble? Well, worry no more because we know exactly how you feel. On that note, a lot of people have the same feels. Which makes this is the perfect opportunity for your organization to come in and dust these troubles away. Custom dusters make a perfect customizable promo item. It has ample space to have your business name imprinted on its handle or, in the case of hand dusters, on its one side. If someone had your giveaway dusters they would not have to stress over chores--they might even begin to look forward to it because they have a custom product they know will make all the dusting a piece of cake. And with that thought in mind, a piece of cake sounds yummy to have after a quick sprucing up of the house with your customized merchandise.

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If you were to hand out a giveaway at a tradeshow, what do you notice about people's reactions to your freebie gift? If it's very useful, something that can be a constant fixture in their lives, the receiver's eyes light up with appreciation, right? This is the kind of reception we want to invoke from your market. From potential consumers, they can become loyal patrons all because of your thoughtful marketing campaign material: personalized dusters.

Looking through our gallery here, you will find different kinds of customized dusters. If your purpose may be to clean electronic items, wood floors, vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles, or any soft/hard surface these dusters with logo are so efficient that all you need to do is sweep them through your furniture, your walls, electronics, appliances, or any property. The more traditional types available are feather dusters that have a handle. If you are searching for a more modern look, there is an auto duster made of wax treated polyester. There are also frizzy hand dusters that give you the most imprint area to place all your details on. A new addition to our dusters on hand is the bendable duster that has microfiber in place of the feathers. This comes in lime and blue.

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Remember: whichever of the promotional dusters you choose, those who will receive them are bound to be glad and thankful. Additionally, these printed dusters are cost-effective, allowing your company savings that you can use for more projects. Call 877-272-6337 now to place your orders for dusters in bulk. Our sales representatives are standing by to assist you in any way.


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