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Custom Earbuds with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional earbuds with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Earmuffs as Promotional Giveaway
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Why choose customized earbuds for advertising your brand

Custom earbuds are exactly what your organization needs to achieve the exposure you want (possibly even more). This handy customizable promotional product is brought everywhere, yes, literally everywhere, because people have entered a world where music of all kinds, pod casts, audio books, and the like, are but a click away. Whenever a person is in transit from one place to another, whenever they are waiting, or whenever they are working on something, listening to some tunes has become a staple in daily life. Being part of a person's every day routine makes these earbuds with logo super effective.

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It's hitting two birds with one stone-- brand awareness and brand loyalty. As a result of the mobility of customized earbuds, when a person wears your promo item at the bus stop, in the station, at home, or at work (yes, everywhere), they will be displaying your brand on the merchandise. This is how wide brand awareness is achieved. More people will learn about your company. Consequently, as more people incorporate your giveaway earbuds into their routines, the more they will be glad that you gave out such a promotional material for them to use. It is the high-utility items that bring people closer to a brand. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and will surely think of you first if there is anything they need from your industry. You can capitalize on that to strengthen brand loyalty.

We have a selection of personalized earbuds here so feel free to take your pick. Retractable earbuds are very popular these days. They come in gray, blue, black, yellow, and green. If you'd like printed earbuds with cases, there are many designs for this. And, of course, sports style headphones are on hand for those who want to advocate healthy lifestyles. Whether as corporate gifts, tradeshow freebies, or company paraphernalia, these promotional earbuds will not let you down.

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Take advantage of the benefits from custom earbuds. It is the best thing you can do for your brand building efforts. They require a minimal investment on your end but will have you reap many returns. Such savings can be diverted to other aspects of your business. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 now and place your orders for earbuds in bulk. Our sales representatives are on stand by to assist you in any way they can. Take your brand to the next level and see the difference it can make for your company.

Custom Earbuds

Have you imagined life without music? There will be no dancing and singing. There will be nothing but silence. For some people, listening to music is a way of beating boredom. Try sitting in a public library or museum and see how you can beat the boredom that you will feel. Music is the best way you can defeat what you are feeling.

For people who want to listen to music, buying custom earbuds is the way to go. This is also recommended because some people may not like the music you are listening to. Remember that when it comes to music, not all are alike. You may love the sound of rock music or heavy metal but others may not feel the same way. With logo earbuds, you will have the music all to yourself without annoying or distracting another person.

So what is an earbud? Essentially, an earbud is a smaller headphone. It is made from a hard plastic material and is placed inside the ear just outside the ear canal. Portable music players usually come with earbuds when purchased. Unlike headphones, earbuds are more convenient because they are much smaller. They can easily fit inside a bag or even your pocket. In an earbud, the wires move up from the electronic device and into a voice coil that is connected to a cone. There is a magnet connected to the back of the earbud. When sound passes through, the voice coil becomes electromagnetic and moves up and down with the sound which is then pushed by the cone into the ears.

The reason people prefer bulk earbuds over headphones is because the former is much lighter and less bulky than the latter. Since they are placed inside your ears, they will not ruin your hairstyle or your glasses. Just like headphones, earbuds are "noise isolating" devices which means that they block surrounding noise. This is similar to adding your fingers in your ears or putting earmuffs.

Compared to headphones, it is more practical to use imprinted earbuds. You can wear them when working out, or jogging. With headphones, there is a risk of sound getting lost between your ears and the device itself. On the other hand, wireless earbuds have the ability to minimize the distance resulting to better range of sound.

While they can offer convenience when listening to music, it is also recommended to use them in moderation. Doctors suggest the 60% - 60-minute rule which means listening to music or playing a movie or video game to not more than 50% of the maximum volume and limiting the amount of time using the earbuds to 60 minutes. Since they are noise isolating, earbuds can increase the risk of accidents.

What are the common uses of custom earbuds?

With the dawn of sports headphones, we now see custom earbuds being used by people when going to health clubs, running, jogging, or working out. With bluetooth sports headphones now getting popular, it makes them all the more useful to fitness buffs since there are no wires attached to them.

Earbuds are also excellent for making hands-free phone calls. In some states, the use of hands-free devices while driving are required so using your earbud to make a phone call makes you compliant and at the same time improve safety. There is a microphone attached to these earbuds so they are ideal for such functions.

One of the growing uses of custom earbuds is as a promotional item. Since they are compatible with gadgets like MP3 players, cellphones, laptops, and tablets, customers will be using them regularly thus increasing the exposure of your brand. Best earbuds comes with an optional case or bags which can be customized with a slogan or logo. Again, this can give your brand more exposure while you give customers an opportunity to store their device safely ensuring them that their gadget will last for a long time.

Where Did Custom Earbuds Come From?

Headphones have become a huge necessity in our daily lives. Long before Steve Jobs developed white earbuds and Dr. Dre joined the bandwagon, people were already listening to music. It all started in 1881 when the first headphones were invented. However, they were used by telephone operators and not intended for music listening. It was made up of a single earpiece that rested on the user's shoulders and weighed more than 10 pounds.

In 1895, the Electrophone system allowed people to start listening to the music of their local opera house from the comforts of their home. Subscribers of this costly service listened to their headphones that looked like stethoscopes as people played huge sounds on a stage miles away.

In 1910, Nathaniel Baldwin manufactured the first modern headphones. He designed them in his kitchen and sold them to the US Navy. This resembled the headphones that we see today. However, Baldwin did not apply for a patent for them. In 1937, Beyerdynamic came up with the DT-48's considered as the first dynamic headphone to hit the market. Although it took a few decades before electrostatic headphones reached the market, dynamic headphones were a huge leap forward. At present, they are the most popular headphones in the market.

In 1949, AKG developed the first pair of headphones, the K120s. If they were sold today, these devices would be a huge hit. The K120s and the succeeding models were so popular that AKG quit the film equipment business and focused on just audio. Nine years later, the Koss SP-3, the first stereo headphones, came into the market. Soon, he would dominate the industry . What's amazing is that he did this without having a college degree.

In 1959, Stax introduced the first electrostatic pair of headphones. In 1960, the SR-1 went into production. Today, they are quite extremely rare. In 1968, Koss was at it again developing the first US made electrostatic headphone. Weighing around 2 pounds, the ESP-6 were still far from the massive pieces invented 100 years before.

In 1979, Sony purchased the first Walkman and also developed the Sony MDL-3L2. They were so light it was possible to go roller skating in your driveway while listening to your favorite tunes. The 1980s saw the entry of the earbuds and the in-ear headphone into the scene but only became popular several years later.

In 1997, Sony developed neckband headphones for people who wanted to keep their hairs in check and those who hated the fact that earbuds could not isolate sound well. In 2000, noise canceling headphones were invented by Bose when they introduced their QuietComfort line.

In 2001, the iPod revolutionized the music universe. Nowadays, we often see people with a white cord running from their pockets to the ears. Since its inception, more than 300 million units have been sold with a companion earbud. In 2008, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine created Beats by Dre headphones. It quickly grabbed a huge share of the market.

Why buy custom earbuds?

1. With custom earbuds, listening to music has never been more convenient. Now, you can do your early morning jogging or drive to your office while grooving to your favorite tune.

2. They are less bulkier than headphones. Earbuds can fit easily into your bags or pocket and is not as bulky as a headphone.

3. They are excellent as an advertising medium. For businesses looking for alternatives to pens or shirts, custom headphones can fit the billing. They provide enough space for company logos or slogans. The storage case allows additional space for branding.

4. Looking for custom earbuds? Look no further. Here at Branders we offer a plethora of earbuds that will surely match your budget and advertising needs.

Music serves different purposes to different individuals. For some, it provides them with an avenue for releasing their boredom. For others, it helps them better perform their task. Some people can be more productive and active when listening to music. For whatever purpose, custom earbuds would make a worthwhile investment. As an advertising medium, they are both cost efficient and effective. Unlike the traditional mediums of advertising, you need not allocate a huge sum for your branding efforts. Some companies even purchase them in bulk so they can reach out to as many customers as possible. They are effective because earbuds will be used on a daily basis. People love grooving to their favorite beat while jogging or driving so the visibility of your brand is virtually assured. In the long run, you can look forward to getting huge returns. So don't just stand there! Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 NOW. Our account managers are standing by to take your call and deliver top notch customer service.

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