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Custom Face Packs with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional face packs with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Face Packs as Promotional Item
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Why choose customized face packs for advertising your brand?

Along with the rise of The Healthy Living Trend, the need for some relief for super bods have become noticeable as well. You've noticed the gradual popularity of yoga, Pilates, cross fit, and other exercise programs, too, right? Well, while more and more people are striving to achieve their ideal bodies, these same people are experiencing the pain that used to be known mostly in the world of athletes. The swelling of muscles and joints come now and then, but this is the price of a healthy body. Where does your company fit in all of this? With every trend, comes business opportunities! You can show everyone that they need not bear the discomfort of workout aftermath like warriors. You can give them custom face packs! Consider giveaway face packs for the next tradeshow. Or have customized merchandise made to kick of a health-themed advertising campaign.

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These customized face packs (also called hot/cold packs) reduce inflammation (of the muscle or joint) by constricting the blood vessels around the injured area. The coldness numbs the area (lessens pain) and allows the muscles to relax for the tension around the joint to be released. Having said that, this customizable promotional product is not only for exercise buffs or for athletes (although, these personalized face packs will be of great use to them). These custom face packs are virtually useful for everyone. People can keep one of these printed face packs at home or in the office. As soon as anyone (like, children) falls down, bumps their head, gets a sprain, or gets a bloody nose, applying this cold pack will be very handy. Doctors recommend to use this promo item like such: store the face pack in an ice box or freezer when not in use; when needed, position face pack on the swelling area for 15 minutes, be sure to put a towel around it as direct contact on the skin may cause frostbite; after an hour, place pack back on area for another 15 minutes.

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Promotional face packs will be the next big hit in advertising material. It's not as expensive as billboards, but you can be sure to have a lot of exposure as it will be used a lot. Don't hesitate to order these face packs with logo for your promo campaigns. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 now to place your orders on face packs in bulk. Our dedicated sales representatives are on stand by to assist you with any concerns.


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