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Custom Foam Cups with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional foam cups with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Foam Cups Personalized with Logo
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Why choose customized foam cups for advertising your brand?

Foam cups are designed for serving hot or cold beverages. They help contain the temperature within the mug and also prevents your hands from burning. In order to keep the drinks at their optimal temperature, these varieties of cups come fully insulated. They are preferred by most people because they are easy to clean and requires no washing. Custom foam cups are excellent giveaway items because they offer convenience when serving beverages. They also make an excellent gift to employees and loyal customers. Printed foam cups also make an ideal tool if you want to stand out in the competition.

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Foam cups trace their history from the Koppers Company, which filed a patent in 1970 for a plastic foam cup with walls that do not exceed two times the diameter of the foamed beads used to manufacture it. The material possessed excellent insulation properties and was the preferred material for dispensing hot drinks. Foam cups are manufactured using a process known as polymerization. These containers are not manufactured using chlorofluorocarbons or other ozone-depleting chemicals. Foam is used in various industries like restaurants, hospitals, and cafeterias because they minimize exposure to bacteria. They are about 90% air and only 10% polystyrene.

Personalized foam cups offer companies an excellent promotional product for building up their brand. They have a wide imprint area that you can customize with your corporate logo or brand name. Foam cups will be used outdoors as well as indoors thus increasing the chance that your brand will be visible to potential customers. So whenever a customer drink hot or cold beverage from the giveaway foam cups, your brand becomes visible and will be easily recalled by the customer. The merchandise will serve as a walking billboard that will show off your brand to potential customers.

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You will never go wrong with using customized foam cups as your advertising material. Promotional foam cups only require a minimal investment on your part. In the long run, however, you can look forward to receiving huge returns and considerable savings. The money you will save can be diverted to other important aspects of your business. With the competition in the industry tougher than ever, you need to step up your game a notch higher. Use foam cups with logo on your next tradeshow and grab the attention of potential customers. So don't be left behind. For orders on foam cups in bulk, call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 and take your brand to the next level.



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