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Custom Grow Kits with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional grow kits with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Grow Kits as Promotional Item
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Why choose customized grow kits for advertising your brand?

Custom grow kits are the most therapeutic giveaway merchandise you could ever think to release. A lot of people have been piqued about gardening and are interested in trying it out for themselves—but the equipment and things needed to do so, such as land to plant on (very limited, remember?), are not so easy to procure. Your company can address this recreational dilemma by giving out grow kits with logo. These garden kits are exactly what the doctor ordered to start your own indoor garden! Yes—you read that right. No need for lush backyards or fields of grass to be able to try out some relaxing gardening. With custom grow kits as promo item, you can get that dream garden now!

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Personalized grow kits already include all you will need to get crackin'. So your first concern when you get one of these customizable babies is where to place them. Next to windows or corners of the house that need brightening up for lack of décor are great starters. When you feel like redecorating the house and moving the furniture around, the awesome bit is—you can move your printed grow kits too! Your garden isn't stuck in one place forever, unlike outdoor gardens. Lighting isn't even a problem, in case you preferred that this promotional product be placed other than next to a window because most customized grow kits have their own artificial light, tailor fitted to indoor gardens.

The gardening kits found here have a wide selection of playful pot designs you can choose from. Want a goofy grow pot? We got 'em. Expression planters? Yes, they're on hand. Watering can pot? It's here, too. The fun and witty promotional grow kits are such a crowd favorite, you really can't go wrong with these. You can also pick the type of herb or plant you want to grow. The most popular one is the bamboo blossom kit. The simple yet classy square pots are also a go-to because they come in several colors which you can match with your brand. We've got blue, red, yellow, brown, green, and orange!

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When it comes right down to it, all we want is for you to maximize every dollar you spend on promotions and marketing. Stay ahead of your competition through these giveaway grow kits that can boost your advertising and your marketing campaigns. Let our dedicated sales representatives help your business. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 to order grow kits in bulk!

Custom Grow Kits

Gardening is emerging as one of the most popular hobbies today. There are various health benefits that can be derived from this hobby. For some people, it can be a great form of stress relief. Likewise, it can offer you a steady income stream. You do not need a huge income to become successful with this hobby. Should you decide to pursue this hobby, all you need is a small space such as your backyard and start off with custom grow kits.

With grow kits, you can get started with planting seeds of your choice. The important thing is to ensure that the seed can be grown inside your home. There is a wide selection of custom grow kits to choose from but make sure that you are choosing the right kit to start your garden. Logo grow kits can be placed either indoor or outdoors so you need to think it over several times on the seed you want to start growing.

When starting out with personalized grow kits, you need to do a little research on what plant or seed you like to grow. Customized grow kits come with instructions to ensure that you are on the right track and in order to become successful. Aside from the starter seed or plant, these kits also come with a container for growing. They also provide the necessary temperature and humidity level to ensure a healthy plant.

Grow kits with logo offer a wide range of benefits for both novice and expert gardeners. For starters, if you decide to grow herbs or spices, you can just go to your garden to get what you need for the recipe you are cooking. When harvest time comes and your plant has grown a lot of produce, you have the option to use it for personal consumption or sell it and give yourself some revenue.

Bulk grow kits can offer a wide range of benefits to you. First of all, it can improve your satisfaction and zest in life. Studies have revealed that people who are into gardening got high scores on the aspect of zest for life, optimism, and fortitude compared to non-gardeners. Grow kits in bulk also provides you with an avenue for helping in environmental conservation. They can help generate a clean air in the surroundings of your home not only for your family but also for the community.

Gardening can be cumbersome for most people. However, with printed grow kits, gardening can become a simple process that can give you huge benefits. It solves your problem of not having enough space for starting a garden. Imprinted grow kits are designed to work in small areas so the issue about space is instantly resolved. Promotional grow kits can be grown both indoor and outdoors. So the change of season will not be an issue as well. By following the instructions to the letter, you can look forward to achieving the best results from your garden.

What are the common uses of custom grow kits?

For someone who is just learning the ropes of gardening, grow kits can come in handy. They offer a great way for kicking off your hobby. Custom grow kits come with step-by-step instructions on how to get started with gardening. By simply following the instructions, you can look forward to achieving the best results.

Another quite popular use of logo grow kits is as a promotional product. These items have a wide imprint area so you can add your corporate logo or brand name. This means that whenever the recipient use personalized grow kits, they will see your advertisement and easily recall it. You can customize customized grow kits according to your specification. This way, the gardening of the customer becomes an advertising opportunity for you.

As an advertising medium, you can use grow kits with logo to reach potential customers and retain existing ones. They are excellent as a freebie for your corporate events or tradeshows. Aside from that, bulk grow kits can also be used as a medium for promoting environmental awareness. This is a great way for creating an impression on your potential customers.<

Where Did Custom Garden Kits Come From?

The ability to use tools and the development of agriculture have for millenium set human beings apart. But while the various ways that man evolved, most of the gardening tools did not. Although the materials have become more advanced such as plastic and lightweight high density metals have remained more or less similar, their basic design remained more or less similar.

From the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the backyard, gardening tools have been responsible for shaping these landscapes. The earliest records of the use of gardening tools can be traced back to 10,000 years ago to the Neolithic period and the domestication of plants. The microlith was a small sharp stone blade set into a handle of bone, wood, or antler. It resembled a small spade. It was used for digging, clearing forest or brush, clipping, or cutting plants as well as for making other tools. It was during this period that most of our familiar gardening tools emerged.

The Bronze Age ushered the invention of smelting, the method of processing raw materials such as tin, copper, and eventually iron by separating them from their ores and purifying them into workable materials. This resulted to sharper and harder tools for agriculture. Ploughs, axes, spades, scythes, hoes, and forks were made from solid bronze pieces. During this time, the Sumerians also developed irrigation systems, canals, and reservoirs for their gardens.

In the 3rd century BC, an early wooden version of the seed drill used for keeping one to plant every seed by hand made its debut. Not after 3,500 years did it spread west to Europe and the Middle East. In the 2nd century BC, the Chinese invented the wheelbarrow. While the original model was larger than the current model, it continued to be useful in gardening.

American John Ames invented the first cast iron shovel. The broad shape of the blade as well as the long length of its handle remained in the current models. Early colonists also devised a deterrent for the gardener's worst enemy : pests. They used a cloche, a large bell for keeping pests off their plants and helping them trap heat required for growing plants. Gardening grew to become a fashionable hobby and with it came tools such as cultivating forks, pruning and hedge shears, edging irons, and budding and grafting knives.

The dawn of the mid 1800s saw the coming of electric and steam-powered machinery paving the way for the availability of automated gardening tools and techniques.

Why buy custom grow kits?

There are many reasons for buying grow kits in bulk and here are some of them:

1. Printed grow kits can help you get started with gardening. For those who want to pursue gardening either as a hobby or as a potential source of income, imprinted grow kits have all the tools you need to get yourself off the ground.
2. Promotional grow kits are excellent as an advertising medium. While it can help one get started with gardening, it can also help businesses promote their brad to their potential customers. They have a wide imprint area that you can customize with your company logo or brand name.
3. Cheap grow kits are affordable. Compared to the traditional mediums of advertising, indoor grow kits can give businesses a more affordable alternative. With the reduced price, you can buy them in bulk and reach as many customers possible.
4. Grow kits can deliver instant exposure of your brand. Grow kits for sale will be used by customers to get started with gardening so you can look forward to receiving instant promotion of your brand. Every time customers tend their garden, they will see your logo and have high regard for your brand.
5. At Branders, we have a wide variety of home growing kits that you can use for starting your garden. Just get in touch with our account managers to find the right kit for you.

Gardening is a great way to contribute to environmental awareness. By planting plants, you are doing your part in the Green Revolution. But for some people, gardening can be an arduous task. With home grow kits, however, such fears can be removed. They make planting an easy one. As an advertising medium, they can effectively boost the awareness of your brand. Unlike newspaper advertisements or television commercials, plant grow kits only require a minimal investment on your part. In the long run, you can look forward to receiving huge returns from your campaign. This way, you can give yourself some peace of mind. So go ahead! Pick up that phone and call our toll free number at 877-272-6337! Our account managers are standing by to take your call and deliver excellent customer service.

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