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Buy custom ice rocks for your next event. Personalized them with your logo for an awesome promotional treat here at Branders.com. Order today.
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Custom Ice Rocks as Promotional Item

Buy personalized ice rocks for promo. Great giveaway for marketing events.

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Why choose printed ice rocks for advertising your brand?

Ever heard of ice rocks? If yes, then don't you agree that these have got to be just about the best innovation of this century, ever? They are the "coolest" promotional product you can give out these days. Yes, you read that right—they are available as a promo item! They are customizable and you can get them in bulk as a tradeshow giveaway. Surely, you will want these custom ice rocks as they are the perfect way to keep your drinks cool, but without the hassle of diluting your drink. Frozen ice cubes can now become obsolete due to these ice rocks. Handing out promo ice rocks with logo as a corporate freebie is ingenious and practical. Your clients, employees, and customers are going to love them!

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You can expect your customized ice rocks to be constantly used. Because those who've already discovered the advantages of this state-of-the-art material have stopped using ice cubes for this reason: they do not melt. Ice rocks are made of non toxic ingredients that are especially made to keep your drinks cool for up to 5 hours! Of course, how long your drink will stay cold depends on its initial temperature, and the amount of the liquid, as well as the number of the ice stones you are using, but the main upside is that they don't melt no matter how long they stay in the drink. The recommended chilling time before using your ice rocks with logo is 1-2 hours. It is recommended that you put them inside the deep freezer.

Also, because your personalized ice rocks will be used all the time, just imagine the visibility your brand logo will always get! The benefits of getting this merchandise are endless! They could be indispensable additions to bars and restaurants. Reusable and easy to clean, they would eliminate the constant expense that is ice. They are portable and light, and come in an elegant pouch that is safe to put inside the refrigerator as well. They are even great conversation starters. Who needs a pick up line when you've got custom printed ice rocks to 'break the ice'?

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We've got promotional ice rocks in different varieties. There are soapstone ice rocks, stainless steel ice cubes, and ceramic ice rocks. There are even ones in wooden boxes, ones that come in velvet pouches, and gift boxes. All of them are awesome, but call in now and order the one you feel will match your business the most!


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