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Custom ID Card Holders as Promotional Item

Buy personalized ID card holders for promo. Great giveaway for marketing events.

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Why choose printed ID card holders for advertising your brand?

When it comes to leaving a good impression for your business, it’s the little details that matter. The employees are the face of a business, and so it’s important that your employees always put their best foot forward. Ultimately, your business will be rated based on the services and products that you offer, but in a lot of industries, first impressions last. Therefore, it is important for clients and future clients to immediately associate your employees, and their sterling performance, to your business. The way they wear your company name and logo matters. This is where custom ID card holders come in: they present your employees, the face of your company, to your clients in the best way possible.

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Custom ID holders speak to the onlooker of your affiliation even before you say anything. The ideal promotional ID card holders for employees are durable—they can withstand the wear caused by heat and moisture. They should also go with the usual uniform and work clothes of the wearers, blending in seamlessly. The color scheme, especially when it comes to lanyards, should go well with the colors of the company’s logo. If you plan to use ID holders with logo for your employee’s company ID, you should keep in mind that the kind of ID holders you choose should be easily accessible, especially if you work in a building that requires you to swipe your ID upon entry.

Custom ID holders, as well as lanyards, are of topmost importance in all businesses, more so when attending events and conferences. In a tradeshow setting, for example, where employees and representatives need to make the best impression possible in the shortest possible time, something as small as an amateurish-looking adhesive name tag—something that a large corporation would never hand out to its associates—could turn off a possible client. Luckily, there exists high-quality, yet low-priced custom ID holders and lanyards that can reflect the high standards of your company!

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We at Branders.com are aware of the promotional opportunity that these imprinted ID card holders open up for your business. They can be given as a gift to your employees, something that they’ll proudly wear in and out of your establishment. They can be used as great promotional products, especially most businesses require an ID, but don’t provide a ID card holders or a lanyard—people might find these items handy. Add them to your official office merchandise! The personalized ID card holders with logo that we have here at Branders.com are made of high quality materials; they come in all colors, material and styles. These ID card holders are the perfect promo items; they carry your business name so as to make an indelible impression on the onlooker. Our bulk ID card holders with logo are the perfect promotional items! Call our toll free line now for your orders, or for assistance. Our friendly and dedicated account managers are ready to assist you.


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