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Custom Jumper Cables with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional jumper cables with logo. Shop now!

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As low as $11.98

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Custom Jumper Cables as Promotional Item
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Why choose customized jumper cables for advertising your brand?

Stand out by choosing giveaway custom jumper cables! Everyone loves the kind of promotional product that is useful. Those customized freebies that are brought home then forgotten and ignored are just the worst! But this right here is not only useful—it is necessary for getting yourself out of sticky situations. People won't get stuck with car problems if they had one of your jumper cables with logo on hand. And the best bit is that they would know who to be grateful for, each and every time, because your business name will always appear with the solution to their car problem.

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On average, humans spend about 3 hours of their day inside a car, going from home to work and vice versa, along with additional errands. But that doesn't even include side trips to social events, transporting family members to school or sports activities or whatever practice they need to attend. That's a lot of time inside a vehicle! We need our autos so much these days that schedules and plans can get pretty messed up if something wrong happens to them. So it's a great idea to always have your promotional jumper cables stored in the car. These battery booster cables assist in starting up a dead car battery. When this happens, other people can help by connecting the battery of one car to another with these personalized jumper cables. Successful jump-starting allows you to carry on your way without too much incident. That alone is good reason for choosing customized jumper cables as your next corporate merchandise.

There are many booster cable kits available here on Branders.com. You can choose what kind of kits or bags it comes in. If you are particular about the material, you can get them in nylon bags, PVC case, polyester kits, or vinyl bags. All these are customizable! There is a lot of imprint space on these so you can be as creative as you want with what you want placed on them. You can include a tag line and other details along with the logo. What matters most here is that you can truly personalize these printed jumper cables and create a unique ownership with the product.

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Take advantage of the marketing and advertising benefits of giveaway jumper cables. Give them out at a tradeshow, give these out at internal functions. No matter the event, these jumper cables in bulk have the promotional mileage that demand but a minimal investment but can garner you huge returns! Order now!



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