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Custom Keyboards with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional keyboards with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Keyboards with Customized Logo
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Why choose customized keyboards for advertising your brand?

Keyboards trace its origin to 1714 with the invention of the first typewriter. However, they looked more like sewing machines which can be attributed to the company that manufactured it, Remington, which is usually associated with sewing machines. In 1868, Christopher Latham Scholes developed the modern day typewriter. Keyboards were integrated into the first computers with the creation of Teletype. To make it functional with the computer, a card was inserted, keys pressed, and a series of holes punched into the card. An electromagnetically controlled teletype was then introduced to the Binac computer. In the 1970s, the video display terminal and electronic keyboards started to be used to input letters and see results on the screen.

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Even with the development of alternative input devices such as the mouse, touschscreen, keyboards still remained as the preferred input device due to its versatility and convenience. With keyboards, it is still much faster to type compared to the built-in keyboards of most devices. This is especially true with people who use their tablets as a laptop or desktop computer. Most of these keyboards are compatible with the most commonly used tablets such as the iPad. Another major advantage of these keyboards is that they are charging up your device when it is plugged in.

Custom keyboards are powerful as a promotional product. They have a wide imprint area which you can customize with your corporate logo or brand name. The promotional keyboards serves as a walking advertisement that will ensure that your logo is remembered whenever the customer uses it. Customized keyboards are most likely to be used on a regular basis so you can count on receiving continuous publicity of your brand. As a promo item, keyboards with logo are cost efficient so you do not have to shell out a considerable amount of money for promotions. They are more affordable than newspaper or television advertisements.

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Boost your upcoming tradeshow or corporate event with giveaway keyboards and see what difference it can make on your campaign. Personalized keyboards make a great giveaway for on-the-go people. When given as a gift to gadget stores, you can look forward to increasing the popularity of your brand. Despite the minimal investment, you can look forward to getting considerable savings which you can divert to the other important aspects of your business. So call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 to order keyboards in bulk, and take your brand to the next level with printed keyboards. This way, you can give yourself some peace of mind.

Custom Keyboards

Computer keyboard serves as an electronic ballpen. Whatever we type will appear on the screen. They serve as the main input device for computers taking the place of punch cards and paper tape. While there have been other input devices that have been developed such as touchscreens and pen devices, custom keyboards remain as the most popular input device.

The keyboard is made up of alphabetic, alphanumeric, numeric, and punctuation keys. The alphabetic consists of letters and arranged in a way that they allow easy access to different symbols. The most common layout of alphabetic keys are QWERTY-based. Alphanumeric keys form special characters when they are pressed at the same time. Examples of these are CTRL + ALT + DELETE and ALT + F4. Numeric keys are used for making calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Types of Keyboards

Standard keyboard. Desktop computer keyboards fall under this category. These types includethe 101-key US keyboards and the 104-key Windows keyboard. They consist of alphabetic characters, punctuation marks, numbers, and function keys. They are like the keys of the electric typewriter but has additional keys.

Laptop-size. Logo keyboards on a laptop or notebook usually involves a shorter travel distance for keystrokes and lesser number of keys. They may not have numeric keys and the function keys may be positioned on a different location.

Handheld Keyboard. These types of computer keyboards usually functions as a game controller and can be used as such rather than laid down on a flat surface. Usually, they have all the alphanumeric keys in a standard keyboard but is only accessible by pressing two sets of keys.

Thumb sized Keyboards. These are external keyboards that have been designed for devices that have no built-in keyboard such as a PDA or smartphone. Multimedia Keyboard. These keyboards are designed for people who are into multimedia designing. They are like the standard keyboard but contains additional keys for performing multimedia functions such as multimedia application launch, volume control, and mute button.

Wireless Keyboards. As the name implies, a wireless keyboard does not require a wired connection. Also known as cordless keyboards, they require batteries to power the electricity usually coming from a PS/2 or USB cable. Wireless keyboards operate at 2.4 GHz frequency and features a dongle that connects and interacts with the computer.

Ergonomic Keyboard. These types of keyboards are slightly broader and different in shape compared with a standard one. They are designed for convenience and is less stressful for the wrist.

Internet Keyboards. They are designed for the intense Internet user. They include special keys such as home key, back and forward key, email launch, and browser launch. For these keyboards to function, it must have the right operating system.

Membrane Keyboards. These are rarely used keyboards with integrated non-moving pressure-sensitive keys. Membrane keyboards are so close that the is no scope for spilling liquids into the keyboard. They are quite common in mobile phones and old landline phones.

What are the uses of computer keyboards?

The most common use of computer keyboards are in offices for doing the most common tasks such as typing, calculating, and creating presentations. Nowadays, there have been new customized keyboards developed for use in other applications.

In the field of multimedia, customizable keyboards have been designed to make the designing task more convenient. With the addition of special keys, one can control volume to make the software loud or silent.

New custom made keyboards are now integrated into smartphones and tablets to offer ease of use. Rather than an external keyboard, most phone developers have now developed keyboard software which have become built-in in current smartphones. Logo Keyboards are now being used in gaming so that gamers can easily configure the game settings to their desired specifications.

Today, one of the most popular uses of printed keyboards is in the field of advertising. Many businesses are slowly but surely adding their brand names or logos on a custom made keyboard so that they will be easily seen whenever a customer uses the personalized keyboard to perform their most common task. With their wide imprint area, bulk keyboards have become powerful tools for promoting and increasing the popularity of a brand.

Where Did Custom Keyboards Come From?

The invention of imprinted keyboards started with the invention of the typewriter. In 1868, Christopher Latham Sholes applied for a patent for the typewriter that is commonly used today. The company responsible for the mass marketing of the first typewriters in 1877 was Remington Company.

The first working model of a typewriter was developed by Italian Giuseppe Pellegrino Turri, a noble and skilled mechanic, during the 19th century. He also invented the carbon paper that provided the ink for his machine. Almost nothing is known about the machine, but some of the letters written on it have survived (16 of whcih are preserved in a museum in Reggio Emilia).

A few technological developments spearheaded the transition from the typewriter to the computer keyboard. In the 1930s, the teletype machine was invented. It combined the technology of the typewriter and the telegraph. Punched card systems were integrated into typewriters resulting to the invention of the keypunch. These machines laid the foundation for early adding machines and IBM was selling more than one million dollars in 1931.

Early computer keyboards were first adapted from the punch card and the teletype technologies. In 1946, the ENIAC computer used a punched card reader as its input and output device. In 1948, the BINAC computer utilized an electromagnetically controlled typewriter for inputting data and printing results. The invention of the electric typewriter led to improvements in the marriage between typewriters and computers.

IN 1964, MIT, Bell Laboratories, and General Electric joined forces to invent a computer system called Multics, a time-sharing multi-user machine. This paved the way for the development of a new user interface, the video display terminal. This new technology combined the technology of the cathode ray tube of televisions and electric typewriters. It is now possible for computers to see the text being typed on the display screen allowing convenient creation, editing, and deletion.

The earliest computer keyboards are based on the teletype machines or keypunches. There were many electromechanical steps in the transmission of data between the keyboard and the computer which slowed down the process. With video display terminals and electric keyboards, the keyboard could now relay electronic impulses directly to the computer thus saving time.

The late 70s and early 80s saw the use of electronic keyboards and VDTs on all computers. But the creation of the layout of the computer keyboard is credited to Christopher Latham Sholes for his invention of the first typewriter. He was al;so responsible for the creation of the QWERTY layout. But the computer keyboard does have additional function keys.

Why buy custom keyboard?

1.Because the world is getting advanced. Nowadays, we see high technology gadgets, innovative machines, and sophisticated system. Technology is a fact that we must learn to embrace.

2. Computer keyboards are a common thing. We see them in the schools, offices, homes, and in almost every aspect of society.

3. They are affordable as an advertising medium. Compared to the traditional mediums, you do not have to allocate a huge budget for your advertising efforts. The best keyboards are affordable that you can buy them in bulk and give them to as many potential customers possible.

4. Branders.com embraces technology and is geared towards helping customers become competitive. We have a plethora of computer keyboards that will surely match any budget or need. We offer the lowest price in the industry but rest assured the quality is not compromised. Let our account managers help you find the right computer keyboard for your needs.

In a world that thrives in computers, learning how to use the computer keyboard will come in handy. With the world becoming more and more advanced, you are better off learning how to type with the computer keyboard. These items are used everywhere-- in the office, school, home, or even in the shopping centers. Using items that promote development and growth is a good way of impressing potential customers. You will never go wrong with keyboards with logo promoting your brand. Unlike a newspaper advertisement or television commercial, these items only require a minimal investment on your part. The small capital you will invest translates to huge savings for your brand. This way, you can use the savings for funding other projects that you will undertake. With the competition in the industry tougher than ever, you need to take your advertising game to the next level. In the long run, you can look forward to getting huge returns for your business. So what are you waiting for? It's time to make your move and take action. Pick up that phone and call our toll free number at 877-272-6337. Our account managers are on hand to take your call and deliver excellent customer service. After all, promoting your business need not be stressful on your part.

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