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Custom Kites with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional kites with logo. Shop now!

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As low as $6.54

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Custom Kites with Personalized Logo
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Why choose customized kites for advertising your brand?

The sun is up and the wind is blowing. A perfect day for flying kites. The earliest known account of kite flying was around 200 BC when the Chinese General Han Hsin of the Han Dynasty flew kites over the walls of a city he was attacking to determine the tunnels his troops would have to reach to overcome their enemies’ defenses. With this knowledge, he was able to surprise his enemy and emerged victorious. Throughout history, kites have been used for a variety of purposes. Today, flying kites have emerged both as a hobby or sport.

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While flying kites has been known to be fun, there are also health benefits associated with it. For one, custom kites can help boost your social skills. You can do it alone in your backyard or garden but if you fly kites on a park or beach, you open up opportunities to gain new friends and thus improve your socialization skills. By making a kite, you also improve your artistic and creative skills. Furthermore, flying kites is a good form of exercise. When done outdoors, you can fly the kite while walking or running. Lastly, flying kites is a great way to release your stress as well as lower your anxiety and depression.

Custom kites are powerful as a promotional product because they can literally take your brand to the skies. When up in the air, many people will see your corporate logo or brand name. For this reason, it is important to make sure that the text or image you are using is large enough to be seen by potential customers even from afar. Customized kites are cost efficient as a promo item. These printed kites do not cost as much as newspaper or television advertisements. Promotional kites make a great giveaway item to just about any occasion.

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Capitalize on the power of personalized kites for promoting your business. With the competition in the industry tougher than ever, giveaway kites can help you keep in step with the competition. They can serve as a walking advertisement that will carry your brand to potential customers. With your logo on the merchandise, you can bank on receiving continuous exposure of your business. So go ahead and order kites in bulk! Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 and give your brand the competitive edge. At the end of it all, you could be reaping the benefits associated with using kites with logo for advertising.

Hover above the sky with the promotional kites of your choice

Custom kites are powerful promotional tools. They have the ability of flight, something that most marketing tools of today don’t have. You know what that means? Whatever customized into those promotional kites, people from below have the chance to get a glimpse of it. It is therefore concluded that kites in bulk can promote your brand in full display. All you need to do is to have your branding images readied and customize them on the flying kites that we offer and you will have the most potent branding tools ever.

As you decide to buy kites, you are one step closer in advertising your business effectively. They are easily customizable and it is their youthful and novel nature that makes them a beloved product by your customers. What’s more is that they are deceptively useful. While they are known to be just mere forms of recreation, flying kites as a form of past time is proven to be an effective method of socialization and thus better social skills are developed. Plus, kites are also known to develop one’s artistic and creative skills if acquired in parts and requires full assembly. Flying kites outdoors are good form of exercise, too.

Take a look at some of the cool kites here in our gallery. Each kite craft features a distinct design and color. Examine thoroughly so you can find out which of the awesome kites are best partners with your branding images. Here is a brief overview of what the custom kites are all about. But regardless, they are all ideal promotional tools and it is highly recommended that you start deploying them in your marketing stunts or so.

Bird Kites
Bird kites are quite famous in the line of wholesale kites that we offer. As the name suggests, they are specialized kites shaped out of a bird. With their majestic wings stretched out, they are a beautiful sight to behold when they are in flight. The wide wingspan of these kites make them the absolute perfect printing canvas for your branding images. At your discretion, you can utilize the spaces to render your artwork very visible. Up in the air, people can see your logo designs literally flying and that is a significant amount of air time to your brand, except that the bird kites are cheaper compared to television, radio, and print advertisements. Soar up the marketability of your business with bird kites.

Diamond Kites
Another impressive line of kites for sale are the diamond kites. Culture suggests that they are the most common types of kites that you will ever see and that still holds up until today. Because of that commonality, they are the ideal branding tools. First is that they have a prominent imprint space that you can utilize. Occupy the spaces with your branding ideas to transform these kites into potent promotional devices that hovers above with complete freedom. That window of time that they fly above is what you need in order to advertise your business. Hand them out as gift and giveaway options in theme parks, outdoor events, and even in beach outings or so. When boredom strikes, people can easily find them and use them to make the most of their time.

Triangle Kites
Simple yet awe-inspiring, are these triangle kites. For most people, they are the simplest types of kites in the market, with the triangle shape as their distinctive design. But over time, triangle kites have evolved and there are several variations today that have surfaced in the trade. Such variations include the wacky and the groovy designs but regardless, they equally do what they do best and that is to fly above and promote your business as high as they could. Like its counterparts, the triangle kites have an impressive printing canvas plus a wide space to provide you a lot of room for customizing your logo designs. Turn them into flying billboards of some sort and start racking up promotional points for your business.

Where the custom kites can be used?

Kites are known to be recreational items at first. In fact, they are the oldest forms of recreation and according to history books they have been utilized by a war general as a scouting tool. Nowadays, kites are a staple in parks, resorts, outdoor events, and just plain outdoors. People, kids and even elders alike, are fond of flying kites to free themselves from boredom and it gives them a good exercise, too. But the best kites that we offer are so much more than just a past time tool. If utilized correctly, they are exceptional branding tools as well. For more about the potential uses of custom kites, have a thorough read on the following sections.

Marketing Freebies
It is very evident that the kites are wide in nature and that means more imprint space. You only need to have a compelling artwork to put over to produce printed kites ready to be deployed as marketing freebies. As with other items, our kites shine well in this department. If you are hosting an event outdoors, kites with logo are ideal freebies to hand over. Looking for a nifty way to advertise your business? Then kites are your answer.

Campaign Tools
Aside from being a strong marketing tool, the kites that we offer are exemplary campaign tools as well. More than boosting the marketability of your business, the kites can even promote a cause. Animal rights, breast cancer awareness, environmental preservation, you name it. The kites can definitely deliver.

Kites are great souvenir options, too! In places like resorts, theme parks, and even in toy stores, kites are excellent ways of showing your appreciation to your customers. They act as freebies with no extra charge to pay and the customers have something more than what they have paid for. In terms of branding, this boosts your marketability ten-fold.

Recreational Items
It is when the kites are being used as recreational items that they truly shine the best. The impressive variants alone in our gallery is more than enough to amuse your customers and when idle time arrives, they can just fly the kites and enjoy! A sight of a kite in flight usually means happiness.

Educational Toys
Although they may not look like it, kites can really stimulate thinking, which makes them good educational devices. For kids who are in the stages of learning, the colors of the kites can challenge their level of thinking.

Makeshift Exercise Equipment
Again, the deceptive appearance of kites prompts people to assume they are just mere flying toys. But one thing is needed to make the kites fly and that is momentum. Momentum that can be gained by running against the wind. If so, then kites actually encourages people to exercise, albeit most of the time they don’t know about it.

Branding advantages of custom kites

Compared to the more established promotional items, kites are still on the inside looking for a way out. But it is this early that you should take advantage of them because being the first means that you are much more noticeable. As for their branding capabilities, kites are really good. You just have to maximize them to their fullest potential to realize their branding power.

1. It is known that kites have smooth, wide surface. Take advantage of that to place your logo designs. Specifically, fully utilize the designated imprint space to emphasize your branding images to the max. Enhance the imagery of your ideas to entice your audience and lead them straight to your brand.

2. The customized kites are something that can tap a huge market populace. They are not selective when it comes to your demographics. Regardless of age, gender, and lifestyle, the kites can cater to anybody. If you are to cover extensive sea of your audience (which you should), then use promotional kites. Chances are high that people will grab them.

3. Kites customized with your logo are something that the recipients will be taking anywhere. After all, they are outdoor items. This increases the chances of your brand getting exposed and improving its popularity.

4. The biggest strength of personalized kites is that they are very unique. Making a first impression that lasts is always a welcome factor, which is something that kites can definitely do. Besides, the kites that we offer are looking so artsy and colorful, they are a beautiful sight to behold. In flight, they will be noticed easily, and every branding idea you have imprinted on them.

5. Promo kites are reasonably priced and if you want budget-saving promotional items, then the custom kites are your best choices. Buy them in sets to be granted additional discounts.

Kite Knowledge

Here are some of the bits and pieces of information about kites that you may want to learn and how they become an item for the masses.

• The smallest known kite in the world measures 5mm high. That kite still remains to function.

• The largest number of kites flown on a single line is 11,284.

• The longest kite in the world measures at 1,034 meters or 3,394 feet.

• The largest kite in the world is 55 x 22 meters or 630 square meters.

• The world record for the longest kite flight is 180 hours.

• The first kites flown over 3,000 years ago were made from leaves.

• Kite flying is slowly gaining popularity in the sporting world.

• There are kites that weigh as much as 2 tons.

• In USA, there are over 50 million kites sold every year.

• Thanks to a kite, Benjamin Franklin was able to prove that lightning is a form of electricity.

These kite fun facts were taken from Kites Galore.

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