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Custom Lab Coats with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional lab coats with logo. Shop now!

Lowest Price Match Guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. On-Time Shipment Guarantee.
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As low as $20.96

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As low as $20.96

Get as much as 38% SAVINGS!

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As low as $20.96

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Custom Lab Coats with Personalized Logo
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Why choose customized lab coats for advertising your brand?

Lab coats distinguish medical professionals from other people working in other areas. It symbolizes their years of experience and knowledge of their discipline. They are designed to provide protection for the medical practitioner. The coat is made from polycotton material which is washable at high temperature thus killing any bacteria or germs that may be lingering at the surface. The long sleeves are designed to provide protection for the arms against accidental spills. Some sleeves have buttons at the cuffs which help prevent the sleeves from catching fire on beakers or open flames.

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Lab coats had only been around during the late 1800s. Prior to wearing white, doctors wore black due to the nature of their work. Coats were only worn in laboratories. As doctors gained a better understanding of how diseases spread, the white lab coat became integral to a doctor’s uniform. The color white was chosen because it symbolized hope, giving patients a reason to trust and have faith in doctors. Over the years, however, the wearing of such is decreasing because it makes patients anxious. Pediatricians don’t wear lab uniforms because it can scare children. They opted for scrubs or professional attire to keep patients at ease.

Doctors are looked up to by patients and so adding your corporate logo on custom lab coats is a good way of grabbing the attention of customers. They come with a wide imprint area which makes them excellent as a promotional product. Customized lab coats will be used in medical facilities and schools on a regular basis so your logo will be continuously seen and remembered. The printed lab coats will help promote your brand to a wide variety of customers. Just ensure that your logo will be large enough to be seen by potential customers.

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Using personalized lab coats as an advertising material makes sense for your business. As a promo item, lab coats with logo will not cost as much as newspaper or television advertisements. They make an excellent giveaway during corporate events or tradeshows. Consider giveaway lab coats as a gift to doctors and medical students. In a tough and competitive industry, you need to create an impression in order to grab the attention of customers. Promotional lab coats require only a minimal investment on your part. In return, you can look forward to getting considerable savings. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 to order lab coats in bulk and give yourself some peace of mind when promoting your brand.

Custom Lab Coats from Branders imprinted with your custom logo

Get started with your own great promotional campaign for your brand now, and let us give you that extra advertising bump with our wide selection of promo items available. While browsing through our catalog of logo lab coats, you will eventually get to see for yourself what you would consider the excellent option for you. Our inventory includes various kinds of bulk lab coats—men's, women's, unisex, twill, and many more besides—each also coming in various styles, designs, dimensions, and colors. All of them are easily customizable to boot. Here is a short overview for this category:

For ladies
The designs made especially for the ladies out there naturally takes into consideration some of the physical differences between men and women. There are a sufficient number of options among our selection for all of the women out there looking for their next coats.

Male coats
Of course, there are designs that still cater specifically for male wearers. The designs are relatively simpler but still retain the same level of high quality and functionality.

Unisex ones
These ones aim to accommodate both men and women. In whatever field or use it may be, these will definitely get to satisfy one's requirements of ultimately practicality and fit.

Twill weave for the fabrics used on these particular coats mean that they have an increased level of sturdiness. They thus also provide slightly better protection for its wearers. And the quality and practicality will also be definitely of a high level as well.

What are the typical uses of lab coats?

Clothing is a very important aspect of human life today. Articles of clothing like doctor lab coats even more so, as they are now an iconic item for the medical profession today. Thus they are quite functional and practical, and will easily be considered must-have items nowadays especially by health professionals. Of course, the appealing aesthetics would also help for certain people that wants to be looking good while wearing such.

Coming in various designs possible, they also easily provide their essential functions. Therefore, one might see the potential for its utilization as a part of a promotional campaign; its usefulness is quite high, the appeal is most certainly there, and thus the potential for high visibility for the imprinted logo is definitely present. Your brand will most certainly benefit from the possible increase in terms of brand awareness and familiarity with the logo imprinted in the front of these, especially if your company is already directly involved in the medical industry.

Our lab coats for sale could naturally be established as part of company uniforms, if you are, as previously mentioned, part of the health profession. They are highly appropriate for use for physicians all over. Since such clothing are already ubiquitous in such environments, doing so just simply allows you to be able to use their prevalence for including your own logo or brand on them. They will thus be able to become mobile billboards wherever your employees may go while wearing their uniform. The variety in colors and designs available to choose from in our catalog only means that there will be that right style appropriate for your uniform in mind.

And of course their extensive use in your own work force extend also towards other people outside of your own company. Thus as company souvenirs or as freebies in your promotional giveaways, their appeal would still be there, coupled with their mobile advertising possibilities. There certainly would not be any one out there that would deny getting such high quality and very practical merchandise. Their quality coupled with the incredibly low prices offered by Branders presents you a great possible boost for your brand in terms of familiarity and publicity. Those who get them will most certainly appreciate your gesture, and in the end you will be rewarded with a stronger loyalty from your current customers and the inclusion of new ones within your target market. With the range of possibilities for cheap lab coats in terms of design, styling, and color, all possible target markets can be covered. And of course all of them share the innate functionality and practicality that all of them have, reliable to use each and every time, are well-made items and quite durable regardless of how many times they are worn, and for any amount of time.

Get to know more about lab coats!

- A lab coat is a knee-length overcoat/smock worn by professionals in the medical field or by those involved in laboratory work.

- Such white coats are sometimes considered a distinctive attire of physicians, who have worn such clothing for more than a century already.

- A white coat ceremony is a relatively new ritual that marks one's entrance into medical school and, more recently, into a number of related health- related schools and professions.

- A study conducted in the United Kingdom found that the majority of patients prefer their doctors to wear white coats, but the majority of doctors prefer other clothing, such as scrubs.

- When used in the laboratory, lab coats protect against accidental spills, e.g., acids. In this case they usually have long sleeves and are made of an absorbent material, such as cotton, so that the user can be protected from the chemical.

- White coats which resemble lab coats are worn by students and teachers of most public primary schools as a daily uniform in countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and Bolivia.

- Twill is a type of textile weave with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs. Twill fabrics technically have a front and a back side, unlike plain weave, whose two sides are the same.

- Soil and stains are less noticeable on the uneven surface of twills than on smooth surfaces, such as plain weaves. Thus, twills are often used for sturdy work clothing or durable upholstery.

- Cotton usage for fabric is known to date to prehistoric times.

- The English name "cotton" derives from the Arabic (al) qutn, which began to be used circa 1400 AD.

- The Industrial Revolution lead to a big boost to cotton manufacture, with the textile industry emerging as Britain's leading exporter.

- The invention of the cotton gin by the American Eli Whitney in 1793 improved production capacity for cotton.

- Red Kap is an American company headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee that manufactures and distributes work-related clothing and outerwear. In 1923, Claude H. Williams, William Wirt Harlin, Sr. and Alexander F. Harlin founded Central Overall Manufacturing, specializing in bib overalls for men and boys. In 1939, the name was changed to Red Kap.

Why buy custom lab coats for your next advertising campaign?

Clothing in general is an important element of society today. The iconic nature of such products nowadays combined with their innate practicality makes them a key item to have. Therefore the usage of embroidered lab coats can easily be considered an essential requirement in such environments today. With the certainty of their use in those situations, that also ensures a high level of visibility for your company brand, logo, insignia, or message imprinted on them.

Their inherent practicality, and their high levels of quality and durability, combined with the exceptionally high promotional potential of those custom lab coats ensure they will most definitely much use. Those who get to have them will most definitely be satisfied with them. Thus they could benefit your brand at the same time as their usage already directly benefits themselves.

When you ask yourself, "where to buy lab coats", Branders.com is the first choice to come to mind. Over here our products are easy to customize and comes in a myriad of designs and in various sizes. Each design have their own distinct features that allows you the freedom to choose from our great selection available. Their extensive use nowadays would do wonders in terms of publicity and visibility of your logo, insignia, or message placed on each item.

Irrespective of the number of orders you make to us, you will always have the guarantee of excellence in terms of quality, designs, and price. Here at Branders.com we offer high quality items at the lowest prices possible. You can also request for some free samples to be able to actually see them before you buy. Additional artwork enhancement is also available for your further customization needs here at Branders.

Keep your head in the game for your next promotional event with these merchandise! Their high functionality and practicality means it would lead to a huge advantage for your company's publicity efforts. Your advertising needs would be satisfied guaranteed by these promotional items, and at the lowest possible prices as well here at Branders! So, what are you waiting for? Call our toll free hotline now at 877-272-6337 to place your orders.

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