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Custom License Plate Frames with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional license plate frames with logo. Shop now!

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Custom License Plate Frames with Personalized Logo
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Why choose customized license plate frames for advertising your brand?

License plates is a requirement in most countries in order to differentiate registered from illegal vehicles. As such, you need to keep it protected and in place when driving. You can easily achieve this with custom license plate frames. Aside from keeping the plate in place, they can also give your car a decorative accent. Considering printed license plate frames as an advertising medium can be an effective strategy. Americans love driving their cars and a 2007 study by the Department of Transportation noted that there are 254 million cars. So imagine the number of potential customers that you can target.

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Over the years, customized licensed plate frames are not only just designed for protecting license plates but also has become a tool for advertising brands. With the cost of billboards and banners becoming more expensive, license plate frames with logo give you a more affordable option for promoting your product. Promotional licensed plate frames are placed on the front and rear of cars so the chance of your logo being seen is relatively much higher. The first thing that will be seen by the driver at the back of your car is the plate. With your logo on the Personalized license plate frames, it is unlikely that they will not see your logo.

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With the volume of cars plying major American routes, capitalizing on logo licensed plate frames is a worthwhile move. They only require a minimal investment but could deliver huge savings for your company. They offer plenty of ways you can lure potential customers to your side. Customized license plate frames can be given away during tradeshows and corporate events. You can buy them in bulk and free yourself from having to worry about what to give your potential customers on your next campaign. Promoting your business need not be a stressful venture on your part. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 to order license plate frames in bulk.

License Plate Frames

Americans love their automobiles. According to figures of a 2009 census, there are approximately 307 million people in the United States. For this reason custom license plate frames can be a great giveaway item to car owners. The Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) allows customized or personalized license plates which are usually accompanied by a yearly fee. But the DMV does not allow cutting the edges so that the plates become smaller.

It is worth noting that license plates are required by US law to be attached to the front and back of the vehicle. For this reason, every car owner can be a potential customer for a license plate frame. There are corresponding sanctions for not having a license plate. As such, every car owner would consider purchasing frames for their cars in order to keep their plates from falling. Without their license plates, they could find themselves paying excessive penalties which surely they would not want.

License plates are required in the United States as such you need to keep it protected at all cost. With the abundance of vanity license plates, it is much easier to customize them according to your specifications. For this reason, criminal elements can easily identify which car is best to hide by looking at plates that points to women drivers or senior citizens, the biggest targets of criminals. In lieu of vanity plates, you can go for logo license plate frames instead. The letters are much smaller so it would not be easy to read them from a distance.

Custom license plate frames are great accessories to add to your car. Sometimes these are given for free by car dealers as a form of advertising. We all love to accessorize our cars and bulk license plate frames is one accessory worth considering. They are great whether you want to advertise your business or simply want to speak your mind. People spend a lot of time in traffic or following other vehicles on the road. The license plate is one of the first things that you can see at the back of the car you are following.

Imprinted License plate frames are attached on the front rear portion of the plate of the car card. They are designed to hold the license plate in place. Without the frames, the license plate can be detached from its original position would would mean additional expenses for you. Aside from that, promotional license plate frames can add accent to the plate. It is important for the license plate to stay in its place because violation of the governing laws may subject you to a traffic ticket.

License plate frames custom offer a great way for making a statement about certain things. It could be about how much you love your country, state, or a certain team. They are also great for showing off your business logo or brand name to potential customers. Perhaps the most important thing about license plate frames is that it will prevent drivers from being targets of thieves and other criminals.

Common Uses of License Plate Frames

Custom license plate frames provide a great way for conveying company information to a wide range of people from different places. With so many people driving a car in the United States, adding your company logo or other information on custom license plate frame can be an effective way of increasing the exposure of your brand. With the traditional mediums of advertising more expensive than ever, let your car do the promoting for you.

While owning a business, surely you are supporting a worthy cause that you want to promote to people. Well, with the wide imprint area of customized license plate frames, you can use these items as a platform for increasing awareness of your cause. Every driver in the freeway will see the name of the charity you are supporting on cool license plate frames thus increasing its awareness.

License plate frames also make an excellent gift to either your employees or loyal customers. Everyone just loves to decorate their cars and license plate frames is just one decorative item worth considering for your car. They are the ideal present to one who just got or is in the process of getting their new car. Surely, they would appreciate getting their first car accessory which is a license plate frame.

Why buy custom license plate frames?

There are a plethora of reasons for buying stainless steel license plate frames. Aside from keeping license plates in place, here are some more reasons:

1. License plate frames can be personalized. With license plate frames, you give yourself a visible venue for making a statement. Whether its for your business or for personal reasons, personalized license plate frames gives you a huge space for self-expression.

2. Frames offer an affordable advertising medium. In the case of newspaper advertisements or television commercials, you will need to allocate a huge amount of money for your advertising efforts. On the other hand, plate frames require only a minimal investment on your part. License plate frames are affordable, you can even consider buying them in bulk. This way, you do not have to worry about what to give customers on your next event.

3. A personalized license plate frame offers an excellent advertising space. License plate frames will be the first thing that will be seen by drivers at your back during traffic situations so take advantage of this opportunity and beef up the license plate frame with the information you want to relay to customers.

4. The best license plate frames come in different varieties. License plate frames are available in different styles to choose from so you have an option to pick the style or color that is most appropriate to your need or budget.

5. License plate frames are versatile advertising items. Whether in the car, in the wall of your room, on your cubicle, a business license frame will surely increase the exposure of your business.

6. At Branders, we offer a wide range of custom licence plate frames for your advertising needs. We have the lowest cost in the industry. Get in touch with our account managers and avail of these exciting offer.

Drive traffic to your business with promotional license plate frames. They might be a small item but they surely pack a punch. They will be used on a daily basis so you can look forward to getting continuous exposure of your business. With the minimal investment you will make, personalized license plate frames can deliver huge savings for your business. Take your brand to greater heights and make a difference in the industry. Don't let the competition beat you. Give your brand a competitive edge with custom license plate frames. So go ahead! Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 and get in touch with our account managers.

Trivia about License Plates

Here are some interesting facts about license plates:

1. From 1912 to 1918, Illinois was the first state to issue license plates with holes in them, in order to allow air to pass through the radiator of the car. These days, plates are mounted to the left side of their bumpers for the reason that it would keep the air flowing.

2. Recently, the Colorado DMV denied the issuance of a vanity plate to 38-year old Kelley Coffman-Lee because it was a custom license plate with the letters 'ILVTOFU.' While the letters signified Lee's love for tofu, the DMV misinterpreted it because it has the combination FU which the DMV considers as street language for sex.

3. Did you know that the United States Post Service does not have any license plate? This agency is exempted from licensing requirements and is not required to pay parking tickets or municipality fees. It can also exercise power of eminent domain and has its own police force. However, their vehicles have an internal identification number painted on the rear side of the vehicle?

4. Steve Jobs did not have license plates on his car. While he was not a mailman, he did not get any ticket in four years for driving without a license plate. Why is this so? Steve Jobs simply changed cars every six models. His last car was a silver Mercedes SL55 AMG.

5. In 1979, Robert Barbour requested for a personalized license plates from the California DMV. When asked about three possible choices, he entered: 1) SAILING 2) BOATING 3) NO PLATE The third option meant if he can't get the first two choices, it means he did not want personalized plates at all. As a result, he started to receive loads of parking tickets about 2,500 of them. This is because law enforcement agencies also used "NO PLATE" for parked vehicles that had no plates. Eventually, the DMV found a matching address for a car with the slogan "NO PLATE."

6. In the state of Delaware, license plates are transferable to other people who live in the state. LIkewise, Delaware issues one, two, three and four digit numbers which are prestigious for some residents.

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