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Custom Money Clips with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional money clips with logo. Shop now!

Lowest Price Match Guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. On-Time Shipment Guarantee.
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Custom Money Clips with Personalized Logo
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Why choose customized money clips for advertising your brand?

When you're trying to come up with a promotional product, you would want something that is useful and convenient. Something that your customers durable that your clients and customers would hang on to for a long time and not throw away five minutes after getting it. You'd also want something that would be popular with people regardless of their gender and background. A promo item that easily fulfills all of these conditions and is bound to be popular among your consumers regardless of demography would be custom money clips. Money clips are used in lieu of wallets to hold your money, ATM card and business cards together. They are also lighter, less bulkier and thus easier to use than wallets. Customized money clips make for a great gift and giveaway item in a tradeshow, company events, travel and tour agencies and business meetings.

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Here at Branders, we offer you a diverse variety of custom money clips that are customizable to your business' needs and standards. You'll find that our merchandise are made from top grade material that ensures their durability and strength. We have different sizes ranging from small and slender designs used to hold just cash to larger models able to accommodate multiple business cards and IDs aside from money. There are also multiple looks and finishes you can pick from. We have metal money clips that come in a sleek and highly polished chrome finish. We allow you the option to laser engrave your design and brand logo on these elegant pieces. We have wooden money clips for a more natural look. You can also choose to go with stylish and durable leather type money clips with logo.

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Few items match the usability, convenience and style personalized money clips offers. Your clients will be taking your printed money clips wherever they go. And whenever they have to pay for something, set aside spare cash or give away business cards they will be exposed to your brand and thus your business will always in their minds. And when their friends, co-workers and own customers see the care by which they handle your giveaway money clips, they will see the loyalty and trust your clients place in your brand thus building up a good image for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Go and start on a successful marketing campaign by ordering our promotional money clips now! Call us at our toll free number at 877-272-6337. Our highly trained sales representatives are ready to answer any of your questions about our money clips in bulk and ensure you are 100% satisfied with our product and services.

Custom Money Clips

Wallets have provided men with a way of keeping their money and credit cards. But the problem with this item is that it tends to be bulky and is prone to theft. Aside from that it may loose its form and shape due to constant sitting on it. In addition, they may be subjected to wear and tear.

Enter custom money clips. With these items, you do not need to flip it open and close to get cash. You simply need to pull out the appropriate bill. Aside from that, it is durable so no amount of continuous sitting will damage its shape. They are lightweight and not bulky. When it comes to money clips, there are several styles to choose from:

Metal Clip

These types of clips are usually made from a solid piece of metal folded into half allowing the banknotes and credit cards to be securely wedged in between the two pieces of metal. Titanium Money Clip

Titanium money clips are not new but rare in the market. They are available in silver and black variations. They are lighter than most common steel money clips and is antiallergic.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fibersare starting to become accepted in the industry. They are of excellent strength and durability which makes them ideal. This type of money clip allows the clamping surfaces to open beyond parallel without damaging the normal metal money clips. They are scanner proof so you can easily pass through metal detectors without the need to remove cash and credit cards.


Magnetic money clips are generally made of two strong flat rectangular or round magnets encased in leather with a small piece of leather separating the two pieces and allowing them to swivel into a closed and open position. They also come with three magnets and two pieces of leather. It has a greater carrying capacity than a metal money clip and can hold up to 15 banknotes folded in half. The more banknotes it holds, the lesser is the clamping force.

Hybrid Money Clips

These are money clips that are designed to hold both cash credit cards and ATM cards. It can either have a solid plastic clip or a magnetic clip to hold the cash together.

Rubber Band Clips

These are really not money clips but serves the same purpose as a money clip. They work by lumping together your credit cards and tie in the cash just like what you do with an ordinary rubber band.

Money clips can boost your appeal and adds prestige to your collection of accessories. No wonder every gentleman has been using them. It can help give a personal touch to your everyday items. It is a great way to express yourself. Custom money clips can make you stylish and fashionable. It is worthwhile to buy money clips because it can reduce clutter in your wallet. More importantly, it frees you from the hassle of searching around in your wallet.

What are the common uses of money clips?

The most common use of promotional money clips is to store cash or cards in a compact fashion which makes it more convenient to use than a wallet. But recently, they have been used to hold cards and banknotes as well. You can use them to organize bills of similar denomination. Aside from that, they can also hold documents and receipts so you can organize them.

Aside from holding cash and cards, money clips have also been utilized as a giveaway item. You can hand them out to your boss, employee, or loyal customers. The great thing about using money clips as an advertising medium is that you can personalize them with your company logo or slogan. If you are using to promote a particular event, you can imprint the name of the date of the event and where it was held. They also come in different varieties so you can choose the right one that will truly represent your brand to your target market.

Printed money clips are affordable so you can consider buying them in bulk. This way, you can give them to as many potential customers as possible.

How Did Custom Money Clips Originate?

It is fair to say that the history of money clips are tied with the history of non-coin currency. Invented during the Han Dynasty in 118 BCE, original lightweight bank notes were made from leather. China played an instrumental role in the development of banknotes during the Tang Dynasty in the 7th century. Europeans did not take a liking for paper money until the 13th century. Banknotes became more popular than coins, which are much more difficult to carry due to their weight. The current paper money is made from cotton paper combined with some textile and metallic fibers.

The early precursor to the money clip is the drafts organizer of ancient Mesopotamia. While it was more closely related to the paper clip in terms of function, it can be included in the history of the money clip because of the items it secured. In 323 BCE, it was used to hold notes detailing the storage of grain. It also prevented the loss of papers and helped with the easy distribution of the notes. A similar clip was used in Japan until about 300 CE for notes detailing rice storage.

When they were used in relation to European paper currency, money clips were used to clip bills to the owner's clothing. This offered some kind of protection from thieves who would steal loose cash. Materials used included leather and bone. American money clips came into style around the 1900s. They were exclusively made for the rich and were made from precious metals like gold or silver.

As paper money gained popularity the need to hold money became a necessity. The first patent for a money clip was patented on May 7, 1901 by B.G. Deovich as a safety holder for paper money. It had an attached chain to secure to and convenient button. The ones that exist today were not invented until 1931 when L. Weeks applied for the patent that we know today as the modern money clip. Prior to this, money was haphazardly carried in pockets, change purses, or folded pieces of fabrics.

Today, there are different kinds of customized money clips available. Some have time pieces on them, others have secret compartments, knives, or flashlights. They can either be made from metals such as platinum and stainless steel. They have become effective giveaway items.

Why buy custom money clips?

1. They help keep your cash, money, and documents safe. Wallets are bulky and is easily noticeable and hence are prone to be stolen. This is not the case with custom money clips.

2. They are durable and hence can ensure lasting promotions. Money clips are made from metal and other durable materials. If used as an advertising medium, this can help ensure a lasting promotions for your business.

3. They offer versatility of choices. Money clips are made from different materials so you can choose the right variety that will address your needs. If you are using it as an advertising medium, you will surely find the right money clip that suits your advertising specifications.

4. They are more affordable. With the traditional mediums of advertising now more expensive than ever, bulk money clips gives you a more affordable alternative. For a little less than what you will spend on the newspaper advertisements or television commercials, you can promote your business to a wide range of customers.

5. They make a great giveaway item. Do you have an upcoming event or tradeshow? Whatever it is that you have in mind, beef up your event with money clips with logo. Surely, your customers will remember the event and have you in their mind.

6. Here at Branders, we offer a wide range of promotional money clips. Whether as a gift to your employees or customers, we can help you make the right choice.

Money makes the world go round nowadays. As such, we need to protect it as much as we can. While we have our wallets, it is too bulky that makes it noticeable to thieves. Easily protect your monetary assets with imprinted money clips. With the competition in the industry now tougher than ever, you need to step up and take your advertising game to the next level. These items only require minimal investment on your part. The small capital required translates to huge savings for your business. The money you will save can then be used to fund other projects that you are undertaking. In the end, you can look forward to receiving huge returns. So don't just stand there. Grab that phone and call our toll free number at 877-272-6337. Our account managers are on hand to take your call. Experience top notch customer service and give yourself some peace of mind.

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