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Custom Necklaces with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional necklaces with logo. Shop now!

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Personalized Necklaces with Customized Logo
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Why choose customized necklaces for advertising your brand?

The norm in promotional product merchandise is that they should offer something that will be of great service to your customers. Because in doing so you will be getting their approval, no questions asked. In such way, your business will get a good impression from your audience. But in today's hip and trendy generation, giving regular customized items might not be the solution to your marketing worries. Sometimes, you have to shy away from the usual and be different and that may be a good way of alluring your customers' attention. Truth be told, people are always looking forward for promo item freebies that are new to them. So in your upcoming tradeshow events, distribute these custom necklaces to show to your customers that your brand is ready to keep in step with the worldly desires of this evolving society. Necklaces with logo can definitely leave a lasting mark in the minds of your audience.

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So what are necklaces by the way? By simplest definition, they are the most common forms of jewelry which are worn around the neck. They can be in a form of worked bits of metal or woven cloth using string or twine. Historically speaking, they are believed to be as old as 40,000 years dating back to the Stone Age. They were made from purely natural materials. After the Bronze Age began, people discovered how to melt metal substances like bronze, copper, silver, gold, platinum, and more to make eye-catching necklaces for everybody. In the present era, logo necklaces are manufactured out of high-grade metal such as stainless steel and titanium. But whatever their origin is, their purpose remain the same: and that is to exude an aura of elegance, prestige, and fashion to the wearer. They are also great forms of self-expression. By handing out giveaway necklaces to your customers, you are providing them the means to be a better person all throughout.

For your branding imprints, these personalized necklaces will never fail you. Their material composition vary from plastic to metal which are all customizable for your name and logo designs. These customized necklaces are also available in an assortment of designs suitable to match your branding ideas. The diverse selection of printed necklaces also gives your people the power to choose whichever caters to their preference. Truly, promotional necklaces are the way to cover expansive audience reach.

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Provide your customers items that they will value. The ability to give them precious keepsakes will give your brand long term advertising, something that most items will have a hard time doing. Call us now for your orders of necklaces in bulk. Dial 877-272-6337, and begin transforming your brand into a luxurious entity in the market.

Custom Necklaces

For women who want to make a fashion statement, custom necklaces are integral to their jewelry collection. Women always want to look good in whatever occasion they are going. While bulk necklaces were used to be a status symbol, this is no longer the case nowadays. Now, even commoners would wear these jewelries in order to look good in the eyes of other people.

A necklace is often defined as a piece of jewelry often worn around the neck. They are usually formed from a metal jewelry chain. Other necklaces are made from cloth using a string or twine. This piece of jewelry often features colorful stones such as a gemstone or jewel, wood, art glass, shells, beads, or corals.When integrated in an outfit, imprinted necklaces will add style and interest to the clothes. It is designed to draw attention to the wearer's face.

With so many varieties to choose from, one may become overwhelmed about the different style to choose from. But just to help one find the right design for a certain outfit, here are the different types of necklaces available in the market:

Choker Necklace

These types of necklaces are designed to rest right above the collarbone and fall along the base of the neck. They are usually 15 to 16 inches long and are designed for women who want to highlight their shoulder and neck. This is the right necklace to choose if you wearing a strapless dress. They can also complement outfits that feature a high neckline.

Cascade Necklace

A cascade necklace features multiple strands. They are ideal for strapless dresses or shirts together with basic tops that feature a high neckline. Cascade necklaces may feature different materials combined such as a chain between two rows of pearls or multiple layers in the front and the back.

Single Strand

A single strand necklace is a traditional accessory. Here, cultured pearls are often strung into a single strand design with color options such as ivory, white, and cream. Black pearls are also a great choice but the colors usually include green and blue. The length choices may be from 18 to 48 inches.

Princess Length Necklace

A princess length necklace is an accessory that will hang just below the collarbone. It is 18 inches to 20 inches in length. This is ideal for different necklines and apparel ensembles.

Opera Length Necklace

An opera length necklace is long and will hang down over a dress front or blouse. It will usually be noticed because of its dramatic design. An opera length necklace is 30 to 35 inches long.

Lariat necklaces

Lariat nacklaces are unattached at one end so you can tie or knot them in various ways to suit your style. Some have an open charm or slot on one end that the other end can drape through.

Adjustable Necklaces

For additional flexibility, most imprinted necklaces have extra links of some kind at one end so that the clasp on the other end can be attached to various places so you can adjust the length.

What are the common uses of custom necklaces?

Custom necklaces have often been used by women to adorn themselves for different occasions. Often times necklaces were used as a gift by husbands to their wives during anniversaries or special occasions. While both men and women use necklaces in the olden days, they are now more often worn by women to make a fashion statement, to show their religious belief, as a lucky charm or just as a souvenir or keepsake.

Necklaces are commonly used as an advertising medium nowadays. The wide imprint area of necklaces makes it ideal for adding a logo or brand name. This makes the imprint very much visible to potential customers. Many people have found a way to make money from these items by decorating and selling them to their potential customers. More than just being used as an advertising medium, these necklaces are also great as a corporate event giveaway. Since they are available in different designs and styles, they make the perfect giveaway item for any kind of occasion.

Why buy custom necklaces?

Here are several reasons you should consider buying custom necklaces:

1. They are affordable as an advertising medium. In contrast with traditional advertising techniques such as newspaper advertisements or television commercials, custom necklaces are more affordable. For this reason, many people have bought them in bulk. This way, you would not have to worry about what to give out customers on your next tradeshow.

2. They are effective as an advertising tool. People will use personalized necklaces during special occasions or if they want to show off their fashion sense. Whenever the client does this, your logo or brand will be visible to them.

3. Necklaces can be personalized. Custom necklaces provide enough imprint space for adding your corporate logo or brand name. You can choose the color or customization that will best represent your company.

4. Custom necklaces are versatile giveaways. Whether its for a wedding anniversary or as a birthday gift, custom necklaces makes a great giveaway item. They are also perfect as a "thank you" gift to loyal customers or as a reward item for employees. Whatever it is that you want to achieve, personalized necklace can truly help you achieve your goal.

5. Necklaces will always be appealing and highly appreciated. Because people desire to be beautiful in the eyes of other people, custom necklaces will always be appreciated as a giveaway item.

6. They come in different styles to choose from. From choker necklace to cascade, you will never run out of options as far as a necklace is concerned. This makes finding the most appropriate necklace for your advertising needs an easy task.

7. Branders is a haven for finding a wide array of necklaces for your promotional needs. We have the lowest price in the market but quality will never be compromised. Just get in touch with our dedicated account managers and they will provide you with the right necklace that will answer your advertising need.

We all love to be the center of attraction wherever we may be. With custom necklaces, you will surely be a head turner. If you have a strong sense for fashion, these accessories will definitely help build up your confidence. As a promotional tool, necklaces will not break your bank. They are more affordable than traditional advertising mediums such as newspaper advertisements or television commercials. In the long run, you can look forward to getting a huge return of investment. So if you want to make your brand stand out, choose custom necklace as your advertising material. Don't be left behind by the competition. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 and experience top notch customer service from our account managers.

Where Did Custom Necklaces Come From?

The first man-made objects for wearing around the neck were beads. Known as the "Adam and Eve of jewlery," these items did not however serve any purpose unless they are converted into some type of ornaments that can be worn. The most prominent use of beads was in the form of a necklace. Beads were the first kind of chain for the neck.

Early graves showed evidence of prehistoric jewelers' interest in beads. Some of these beads still hang around the neck of the owner. Prehistoric stone and clay beads were made by hand and rubbed or chipped into shape. These items were found among the remains of the lake dwellers in Switzerland, believed to have been the ancestors of the Irish Celts.

Other early proof of prehistoric ornamented beads were discovered in Egypt. These beads showed proof of an advanced art. Glass beads were highly colored and pottery beads were glazed with blue and green. While the twelfth dynasty manufactured large, fine, round beads, it was the eighteenth dynasty where beadwork reached its pinnacle of perfection. Roman intervention paved the way for the use of glass in a similar fashion as Millefiori glass.

In the Anglo-Saxon Period, terra-cotta beads replaced the glass beads of the Roman Period. These types of beads were carved and colored. Beads made of amber, amethyst, quartz, and glass were frequently discovered. The rarest variety of beads discovered in any culture were the metal ones.

The use of pendants were seen in the necklaces of Etruscan women. They were made of hollow concave places between which was a relic. Pendants were items of great importance towards the close of the 15th century. Necklaces of all kinds lost their importance in the world of fashion during the 17th century. Ribbons were worn, often times, without any adornment. However, necklaces of metal or beads were not compatible with the clothing worn. During the 19th century, chains were revived as a separate ornament. Jewelers became preoccupied with making chains for pendants, watches, seals, or for holding eyeglasses.

Necklaces had their biggest influence in the world of jewelry during the Middle Ages. Beads were not enough to satisfy the civic pomp. As a result, the use of chains reached a high point as well as their ornaments. The use of badges or pendants increased while the chain was mainly used as a badge of office or in connection with a badge of heraldic design.

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