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Custom Nike® Dri Fit Shirts with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional nike dri fit shirts with logo. Shop now!

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Nike Dri Fit Shirts
#132602 - Nike Golf-Tech Basic Dri-Fit Polo
+ more colors available
As low as $50.38
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Nike Dri Fit Shirts
#132603 - Nike Golf-Tech Sport Dri-Fit Polo
+ more colors available
As low as $30.16
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Nike Dri Fit Shirts
#100494 - Nike Ladies Dri-FIT 100% Polyester Micro Pique Polo Shirt (4.4oz)
+ more colors available
As low as $37.54
(8 Reviews)
Nike Dri Fit Shirts
#100489 - Nike Golf Dri-FIT 100% Polyester Polo Shirt (4.4oz)
+ more colors available
As low as $30.88
(7 Reviews)
Nike Dri Fit Shirts
#100496 - NIKE GOLF - Ladies Dri-FIT Pebble Texture Sport Shirt
+ more colors available
As low as $33.94
(1 Review)
Nike Dri Fit Shirts
#100472 - Nike Golf Dri-Fit Pebble Texture Polo Shirt (3.9oz)
+ more colors available
As low as $29.89
(20 Reviews)
Nike Dri Fit Shirts
#61613 - Nike Golf Ladies' 100% Polyester Dri-FIT Classic Polo (4.7oz)
+ more colors available
As low as $39.58
(1 Review)
Nike Dri Fit Shirts
#61605 - Men's Nike Golf 100% Polyester Dri-Fit Classic Polo (4.7oz)
+ more colors available
As low as $33.01
(47 Reviews)
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Why choose customized nike dri fit shirts for advertising your brand?

Nike has always been a brand synonymous to quality and excellence. When looking for golf apparel, custom Nike dri fit shirts is worth your consideration. Whether it's men or women's apparel, Nike has always been the preferred brand. If you like comfort and breathability, customized Nike dri fit shirts fits the billing pretty well. Golf requires clothing that is not too tight or too loose as it could easily interfere with your swing and mobility. Printed Nike dri fit shirts are available in a variety of sizes so you can easily choose the apparel that fits you right.

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Dri fit shirts came into being in 1989 along with three other kinds of fabrics. FIT is actually an acronym: F for functional, I for innovative, and T for technology. With this fabric, golfers are able to withstand hot and cold weather, storm and snow, and sweat. Dri fit shirts are designed to discharge sweat rapidly. It is a superfine fiber that can discharge moisture using the siphon action. The moisture is then discharged to the surface of the garment before being vaporized. This fabric is cool and comfortable to wear. Aside from apparel, the Dri-FIT fabric is also used in other products such as socks, pants, shorts, and sweatshirts.

Personalized Nike dri fit shirts is not only ideal as a giveaway item for golfing events but also for casual wear. When used as a promotional product, they have a wide imprint area that can be customized with your corporate logo or brand name. So whenever a customer wears it while playing golf, your logo will be visible to other people. You have the option where you will put your logo either in the collar, chest, or back. Giveaway Nike dri fit shirts also makes a great gift to employees or loyal customers. Just make sure that the imprint is large enough to be seen by potential customers even from a distance.

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Choosing promotional Nike dri fit shirts as your advertising material is the right choice. With your logo on the merchandise, you can look forward to receiving continuous promotions for your brand. Using a trusted and well-known brand for marketing your brand can deliver huge returns for your business in the long run. Give nike dri fit shirts with logo out as a tradeshow freebie and leave an impression on your target recipients. For orders on nike dri fit shirts in bulk, call our toll free number at (844) 806-1306. Start making a difference in the industry with custom Nike dri fit shirts. This way, you can give yourself some peace of mind when promoting your brand.

How can you use Nike Dri Fit Shirts to promote your brand?

These high quality Nike Dri Fit Shirts are quite a popular choice for people who are looking for a premium promotional product. They provide unparalleled comfort and utility to their wearers. To show you just how versatile these shirts are, here are a couple of instances where you can utilize these custom printed Nike Dri Fit shirts to effectively promote your business:

1. Uniforms
As you can inscribe these customized shirts with your company’s name, logo, insignia or a chosen design, they’re extremely well suited as a uniform. Plus, since they’re functional and well suited for physical intensive activities, you’ll find that they’re also great as an activewear and sportswear. They’re a great choice for clubs, organizations or event planners who are looking for a uniform for their people. Because they are cheap, you can get them by the bulk and get them done fast. When a new activity comes up, you can already have shirts printed for all the participants with no hassle at all. This is great because having the same apparel for the activity can foster unity among your members. Plus, since they’re quite stylish and comfortable to wear, you can rest assured that your staff or event participants will be happy to wear them.

2. Souvenirs
If you’re looking for a high quality and memorable souvenir, then these personalized Nike Dri Fit Shirts are an excellent choice! If you are a hotel, a tourist agency, an amusement park owner or even just planning to host an event, you can use these excellent shirts to further your business because you can be sure that people will buy them as a keepsake for the lovely memories that you have been able to impart with them.

3. Giveaways
Got an event coming up? Or maybe you’re planning to take part in a trade show? You can utilize these excellent imprinted shirts to blow the competition out of the water! You see, they are great for any kind of event. They may be for work or for you and your family, or a holiday event, but no matter what it could be, you can use your creative powers to amuse your guests and event participants with the artwork or imprint that you place on the shirts. Plus since these shirts are of a high quality and made by a renowned manufacturer, you can bet that people will be going head over heels to get your freebie! Your tradeshow booth or presentation venue will surely be packed with interested people.

4. Freebies
If you're looking for a freebie, then you want one that's affordable, yes? Nothing gives you the most value for your money than these promotional t-shirts. While they might seem to have a hefty price tag – remember that you get great discounts when you buy at bulk! You won’t need to worry about not being able to afford these excellent shirts. Plus, they are effective in advertising your product or brand because this is a freebie that you are sure will be used, not thrown away.

5. Incentive Item
Another great way to utilize these printed shirts is offering them as a premium incentive item! These high quality clothing make for a great reward item for loyal customers who heavily patronize your business and merchandise. You can offer to hand them out for free to your clients once they spend a certain amount of money on your products. You can rest assured that your clientbase would be encouraged to spend more to be able to receive these Nike Dri Fit shirts with logo. They’ll also love wearing these and use them quite often. Thus, they’ll often be reminded of your business.

These incredibly valuable promo items are so versatile that they can be of use beyond what have been mentioned above. Go ahead and get creative. We can accommodate your plans for a great promotional campaign!

4 Top Reasons why you should buy Nike Dri Fit Shirts with logo

Need further convincing as to why these Nike Dri Fit Shirts with logo are an excellent idea? If so, here are four more points that you should consider:

1) They are a catch-all item for all demographics. Whether they may be young, old, male, female, or whatever school, university, industry, or business they may come from—anyone can wear and flaunt these customized shirts! This allows you to reach out to a great number of people, granting you an expansion of your potential clientele.

2) Although they are inclusive for all ages and all kinds of people, they can still be industry-specific. Use an imprint that can be considered as an inside joke for your target market. It will be so much easier to drive home brand recall for you when those who receive your merchandise can already make the connection between the item and the kind of services that you can offer.

3) The fact that all these outstanding shirts are fully customizable is by itself an immensely good reason. gives you the freedom of choice on whatever logo, design, message, or artwork you would like on the chosen products. You can be as creative as you want. Interesting imprints add plus points for you because they are excellent conversation starters. We also provide a medley of customization services to help you design your giveaways perfectly. We even do free artwork enhancement!

4) All of our items are made from top quality materials. And best of all - no matter how many of these apparel you order from us, you will definitely be quoted the lowest possible price for the quantity you want. All you have to do is dial our toll free hotline at (844) 806-1306 to place your orders!

Fun facts and Trivia about Nike

Want to improve your knowledge with some trivia? Here are a couple facts and bits of information we’ve gathered for your reading pleasure:

- The Nike company was founded in January 1964 by track runner, Philip Knight and his coach, Bill Bowerman as “Blue Ribbon Sports”, before becoming “Nike” in 1978

- Nike’s footwear has a 38% share of the sports footwear market, making it the most successful sports footwear manufacturer in the world!

- Nike’s best ever selling shoe is the “Nike Air Force 1 Mid”

- Just do it” has been a famous slogan that Nike has been using for many years now. But most people probably did not know that its origins stemmed from Gary Gilmore, who was executed for two murders in 1977. When asked for any final words prior to his execution, Gilmore simple replied, “Let’s do it.” Dan Wieden, the founder of Wieden+Kennedy advertising agency, used this quote as inspiration to launch the “Just do it” campaign in 1988. Utilizing that campaign, Nike was able to greatly increase its market share in North America over the next decade.

- The world famous Nike “swoosh” logo was designed by graphic design student, Carolyn Davidson in 1971. Davidson got paid only $35 for the logo design! Initially, Phil Knight (Nike founder) was not emphatic about the design, but guessed that it would grow on him with time. Knight eventually realized the value that the logo helped create and in 1983 he gave Davidson a golden swoosh ring with an embedded diamond. He also presented her with an envelope with an undisclosed amount of NKE stock in an effort to repay her for her efforts on what was now a world-famous logo.

- Nike’s world famous, “Just do it” slogan was coined by their advertising agency, Weiden and Kennedy in 1988

- Michael Jordan is Nike’s highest paid endorser, earning a cool $40 million annually from his Nike ‘Jordan’ brand

- The name “Nike” was chosen in reference to the Greek Goddess of victory

- Nike’s most expensive shoe will be an addition to their LeBron James range, called the “LeBron X’s”which are soon to be launched, costing approximately $315 per pair!!

- As of 2011, Nike employed over 38,000 people worldwide!

Start planning for your next successful promotional campaign with these personalized Nike Dri Fit shirts!

So what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on this opportunity and place your orders for these customized Nike Dri fit Shirts today! Just call us at our toll free number (844) 806-1306 and get in touch with our friendly sales representatives. We'll also help you personalize your items exactly how you want them. Just prepare the logo, symbol, text, insignia, or artwork you want to use, and choose the imprint color you want for your graphics and font. You can opt to include your location and contact details so loyal customers and potential clients can reach you at the drop of a hat. Keep in mind that your imprint will depend on the material of the item and the available imprint methods, but rest assured that we're committed to giving you the best quality customization every time. Best of all, we offer you these personalized shirts at the best discounts possible! You won't find a better deal anywhere else than here at Branders.

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