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Custom Paper Cups with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional paper cups with logo. Shop now!

Lowest Price Match Guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. On-Time Shipment Guarantee.
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Printed Paper Cups with Custom Logo
Related Categories:

Why choose customized paper cups for advertising your brand?

Paper cups are widely regarded as one of the most widely used drink ware we have today. They can be used to hold different kinds of beverages such as water, soda, juices, coffee, and more whether hot or cold and due to such they are universally recognized to be a merchandise for the masses. As good as they are being a functional product they can also aid your business when it comes to promoting your brand. When you are plotting a trade show affair or a marketing event, you can effectively advertise your brand by serving custom paper cups as your giveaway items. As fundamental as they may appear, these customized gift items can really shine in your advertising campaign. If you are aiming to catapult your brand to the top, then paper cups with logo will be your main mechanism.

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If you are thinking of considering the concept of marketing through this promotional product, then you've got a good start going. But if you need a little bit more of convincing, then you should read thoroughly the rest of this piece. The following will explain why printed paper cups should be considered as your next promo item.

Customized paper cups can be given to all kinds of people, regardless of their age, background, lifestyle, and so on which means they can cover widespread audience reach. Drinking is known to be one of the basic necessary practices a human should do side by side with eating. With giveaway paper cups, you are greatly complementing to that prerequisite. If you grant your audience something that will aid them in their well-being, then it can give you the needed promotional points for your brand. These promotional paper cups can also come in distinct variants. These personalized paper cups come in different styles and sizes that are ideal for your standards. You can also select from the varying colors that are perfectly customizable for your preference, such as putting your company logo or brand name. With a lot of choices, you won't be disappointing your massive audience. You can even get hands-on with these gimmes. When you are hosting an advertising event, you can distribute the custom paper cups as means for drinking refreshments provided in the event.

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But there is one thing that will really give you the biggest points. Since their material is made of paper, you are contributing to the preservation of our environment and that can really boost up the image of your brand. Order these phenomenal marketing pieces for your next advertising function. Call now and order paper cups in bulk!

Branders' Custom Paper Cups Imprinted with your custom logo

Get started with your own great promotional campaign for your brand now, and let us give you that extra advertising push with our wide selection of promo items available. While browsing through our catalog of imprinted paper cups, you will eventually get to see for yourself what you would consider the first choice for you. Our inventory includes various kinds of custom printed paper cups—double-walled, compost-able cups, cone-shaped ones, etc.—each also coming in various styles, designs, materials, and colors. All of them are fully customizable as well. Here is a short overview for this category:

Ensure that your drinks are kept safe inside with these cups with double-walls. Better structuring of materials mean that they are better protected from outside influence and can easily keep their temperature, and without letting much of the heat (or the cold) going through.

Compost-able ones
Compost-able cups allows one to minimize the impact on the environment that paper cups typically entail. Do good to the environment with these compost-able cups now.

Cone-shaped cups
Get an unusual design for a usual and typically-used item. While the general shape will be able to hold relatively less liquid, it would of course still retain the other properties normal, circular paper cups will have, in a quite different that usual shape too.

What are paper cups typically for?

Paper cups are now a prevalent item used for drinking, usually at the office or at commercial places, or outdoors during picnics and other events. They are one of the most important things typically used by almost everyone in the world today. The proliferation of several kinds of drinks one could possibly consume any day also leads to the inevitable need for reliable, high quality colored paper cups.

Their primary function of course is as a container of hot liquids. Whether it be coffee or even tea, it is a reliable and durable material that could easily be used to house such drinks. Of course, they are still quite versatile to handle colder drinks as well, like juices or sodas.

And this very practicality and functionality means they could easily be used as standard items in company pantries, canteens, or other places/events. They are relatively cheap, and will always be featuring your company's logo, or any other custom insignia or message. Providing such useful items in such places, or during certain company events or outings is a sure sign of your company's commitment towards your own workforce.

Beyond that of course you can share that practical value of your eco friendly paper cups by having them as souvenirs or even giving them away through promotional giveaways and other events. The technological developments in its production meant that you could easily have thousands of cups, readily available as souvenirs for your loyal customers or as freebies to appeal and keep your new ones. The imprinted logo on each and every cup will most certainly help keep your brand in mind of those who get to use those cups. All in all, these are very useful and quite versatile items for one to have.

Get to know more about paper cups!

- A paper cup is a cup made out of paper and often lined with plastic or wax to prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper.

- The base paper for them are called "cup board" and are made on special multi ply paper machines and have a barrier coating for waterproofing. The paper needs high stiffness and strong wet sizing.

- Paper cups may have various types of lids used.

- Paper is a thin material produced by pressing together moist fibers, typically cellulose pulp derived from wood, rags or grasses, and drying them into flexible sheets. It is a versatile material and has seen varying uses.

- Although paper is mostly used for writing and printing upon, it could also be used as the primary material of containers.

- Paper, and the pulp papermaking process, was said to be developed in China during the early 2nd century AD, but the earliest archaeological fragments of paper derive from the 2nd century BC.

- The word "paper" is etymologically derived from Latin papyrus, which is a thick, paper-like material used in Ancient Egypt and other cultures for writing before the arrival of paper into the Middle East and Europe. Although paper is etymologically derived from papyrus, the two are produced very differently and the development of modern paper is separate from the development of papyrus.

- Paper cups have been documented to be used ever since paper was invented in 2nd century BC. Paper cups were known as chih pei and were used for the serving of tea.

- The modern paper cup was developed in the 20th century. Due to hygiene issues and safety concerns, paper cups eventually replaced publicly shared glasses for drinking.

- Dixie Cup is the brand name for a line of disposable paper cups that were first developed in the United States in 1907 by Lawrence Luellen, a lawyer in Boston, Massachusetts, who was concerned about germs being spread by people sharing glasses or dippers at public supplies of drinking water.

- Luellen developed an ice-cooled water-vending machine with disposable cups, and with another Bostonian, Hugh Moore, embarked on an advertising campaign to educate the public and to market his machine, principally to railroad companies.

- The Dixie Cup was first called "Health Kup", but from 1919 it was named after a line of dolls made by Alfred Schindler's Dixie Doll Company in New York. Success led the company, which had existed under a variety of names, to call itself the Dixie Cup Corporation and move to a factory in Wilson, Pennsylvania. Atop the factory was a large water tank in the shape of a cup.

- The Dixie Cup logo was created in 1969 by Saul Bass, a graphic designer known for his motion picture title sequences.

- The coupon collector's problem is sometimes called the Dixie cup problem.

- Originally paper cups were printed using rubber blocks mounted on cylinders, with a different cylinder for each color. Eventual technological progress allowed for more complex designs. Use of water-based inks also avoided cups eventually smelling of solvent (as solvent-based inks were the type previously used).

- The world's largest "paper" cup is in Riverside, California. It is actually made out of poured concrete and stands about 68.1 ft (20.8 m) tall.

Why the need for custom paper cups for your next advertising campaign?

Paper cups are quite useful items and can easily provide a wide coverage over any target market. Whatever their gender may be, or how old they are, where ever they work, they live, or they study, they will have to have something to drink from. It would be a great way to reach out to them by getting them your own branded paper cups for their use. You get to easily expand your brand's visibility and increase brand awareness through them.

Of course, by their very nature they are still somewhat industry-specific. If you are from a food and drinks business, or is part of the hospitality industry, this would be an excellent way of capitalizing on their very functions that are greatly relevant to your brand itself. Get custom paper cups wholesale from us and be able to foster an easy connection between your brand and the market in which you are operating in. The services offered by your brand would be easily recognized by your own customers, as well as your new customers too.

In addition, they are highly customizable and comes in various designs and in different sizes. They have their own distinct features that allows you the freedom to choose from our great selection. Their extensive use nowadays by just about everyone would do wonders in terms of publicity and visibility of your logo, insignia, or message placed on each custom paper cup.

Irrespective of the number of orders you make to us, you will always have the guarantee of only excellence in terms of quality, designs, and price. Here at Branders.com we offer high quality items at the lowest prices possible. You can also request for some free samples to be able to actually see them before you buy. Additional artwork enhancement is also available for your further customization needs here at Branders.

Top-up with your energy boosters for your next promotional event with your own insulated paper cups! Their high functionality and practicality means it would lead to a huge advantage for your company's publicity efforts. Your advertising needs would be satisfied guaranteed by these promotional items, and at the lowest possible prices as well here at Branders! So, what are you waiting for? Call our toll free hotline now at 877-272-6337 to place your orders.

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