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Custom Peelers with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional peelers with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Peelers as Promotional Item
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Why choose customized peelers for advertising your brand?

A peeler is the simplest, yet most important household tool ever invented. It is a staple in every household kitchen. Mothers need peelers. Culinary professionals need peelers. Outdoor campers also need peelers, and almost every individual that is a fruit and vegetable lover will certainly acknowledge peelers. In short, everybody loves peelers and if your are looking to promote your brand and take it to the next level, then turn yourself into custom peelers.

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By definition, a peeler is a kitchen tool, usually made in plastic material and consisting of slotted metal blade attached to a handle that is very useful to remove the outer skin of fruits and vegetables. Its renowned practical usage in households makes it a perfect promo item. Who would not love to have a free peeler at their home? A handful of these printed peelers are perfect gift items to distribute among mothers, chefs, or just anyone who likes to cook. They should also come in handy to individuals who watch their diet and take fruits as their main meal. Giveaway peelers will surely help their cause. Peelers with logo are also great as giveaway items to small-time businesses that boast fruits and vegetables as their main product, as it allows them to save time and be more productive in their duties.

Our customized peelers also come in variants. We have the commonly renowned Y-shape peelers, palm-held peelers, straight peelers, and so much more and this gives you the maximum marketing reach as people now have choices of their own liking or needs and we also offer our promotional peelers in sets like a Y-shape and a straight peeler in one package, giving the consumers ultimate convenience and the best part of it is that they are giveaway items. Who does not want a free item anyway? And a useful one at that.

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Still undecided in your next promotional product? Why not give these small-but-terrible, personalized peelers a try? They are more than just a kitchen tool, they are great as a marketing tool. Have these custom peelers as free items for every merchandise, or have them as giveaways in your next business or tradeshow event. Their usefulness in the society makes them the items for the masses and that means a wide reach for your brand. Here's how to order peelers in bulk: Dial the toll-free number at 877-272-6337, and get ready to peel off those competition.


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