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Custom Pet Bandanas with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional pet bandanas with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Pet Bandanas with Personalized Logo
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Why choose customized pet bandanas for advertising your brand?

Custom pet bandanas can make an excellent addition to your pet accessory. They come in a variety of styles that can be mixed and matched with your dog's or cat's clothes. Pet bandanas will make your feline or canine friend stand out in the crowd when you take them out for a morning walk or anywhere else. Pet bandanas can give your pet a way that they can express themselves and also give them a fashion sense. They come in a variety of designs that you can choose from.

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Pet bandanas can be worn in several ways. In most instances, the pointed end will always fall pointing down. But you can always be creative and come up with your own way of giving personality to your cat. You can opt to buy one for different seasons and celebration so they will always be in style. For instance, you can buy giveaway pet bandanas for Christmas with little trees or snowman or one with a heart for Valentine's Day. It is all up to you on what kind of personality you want your pet to exude. Pet bandanas with logo make a great giveaway for veterinary clinics or pet shops.

Custom pet bandanas are excellent as a promotional product for the whole year. They have a wide imprint area for adding timely prints and styles along with your corporate logo or company name. So with your logo on the merchandise, people will be seeing and remembering your brand whenever they walk their dog. As a promo item, customized pet bandanas will carry your brand to as far as where the customers will take their pets. The important thing is to ensure that the imprint is large enough to be seen by potential customers even from a distance. Promotional pet bandanas will be used on a daily basis so you can bank on getting continuous promotions of your brand.

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Beef up your next tradeshow or corporate event with printed pet bandanas. They require only a minimal investment on your part but at the end of your campaign you can look forward to getting huge returns and considerable savings. The money you will save can be diverted to other important aspects of your business. Personalized pet bandanas as a gift will always be appealing and appreciated. So call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 and take your brand to the next level with pet bandanas in bulk. After all, promoting your brand need not be a stressful venture.

Custom Pet Bandanas

We all adore our pets. Whether it's a cat, dog, rabbit, or others, we treat them well even considering them as part of our family. We buy them their own food, give them a place to stay, and even adorn them with their own clothes. Pet owners who love buying acccessories for their feline or canine pets ought to consider custom pet bandanas.

Pet bandanas can give your cat or dog their own personality and build for them a fashion sense. These items can make your pet stand out in the crowd whenever you take them out for a morning walk or anywhere else. Custom pet bandanas provide these cuddly animals a way of expressing themselves. Heads will surely turn once your pets wear these bandanas.

Logo pet bandanas come in different styles and sizes. So whether you have a pet chihuahua or Saint Bernard, you can easily find the right style and size of personalized pet bandanas. This garment will not only let you show off your pet but also will protect them from the weather outside. These items will have other people talking about your pet whenever they are wearing the apparel.

Just like our human loved ones, our pets deserve some pampering as well. We go to the spa for some relaxation, indulge in some nail art, and others. In the same way, our pets deserve some love and care as well. Customized pet bandanas is one of the ways you can give importance to your four-legged member of the family.

Some owners would love to try everything out for their pets and this includes pet bandanas with logo. It will make your pet look stylish and cool throughout the year. Given the plethora of shops offering pet bandanas with logo, you will surely find the right bandana for your canine or feline friend.

Bulk pet bandanas can be worn in a variety of ways. The good thing about them is that you can be creative in the way you will have your dog wear them. It is just a matter of being creative with the way you will create personality for your pet. Bulk pet bandanas can be worn for all season. This means that you can keep the personality of your pet throughout the year. These items also make an excellent giveaway to veterinary clinics or pet shops.

Pet lovers will surely appreciate pet bandanas in bulk. Who would not want their pets to be the talk of the town? With their wide imprint area, you can make your brand visible by adding it or your logo on printed pet bandanas. Take advantage of this opportunity and make your brand popular to potential customers. Whenever customers take their pet dogs on a walk, they will see your logo and have a good impression of your business. Opportunities like these can give you a chance to promote your business and boost brand recall. Give your pets all the love with imprinted pet bandanas.

What are the common uses of custom pet bandanas?

Promotional pet bandanas are used to give your pet feline or canine their own personality. Likewise, they can make pets look stylish and cool. They will surely stand out in the crowd and become a head turner when you take them out for a morning walk or to a pet show.

Pet bandanas are excellent as a giveaway item during pet shows or for veterinary clinics. Many people go to these clinics to have their pets checked so the visibility of your logo is virtually assured. As an advertising medium, dog bandanas have a wide imprint area that you can customize with your company logo or brand name. So whenever customers take their dogs out for a walk, your logo will be exposed to the public. This will mean instant publicity for your company. With plenty of options to choose from, you will surely find the right custom dog bandanas that is right for your advertising needs. Providing customers with an item where they can show their love for their pets is a good way to show to create an impression on potential customers.

Where Did Custom Pet Bandanas Come From?

A closer look at history has shown that canine clothing is not a recent trend but has been around for a long time. It can be traced back to the time of King Arthur when he ruled over Great Britain in 520 AD. Dogs used in the military and law enforcement wore protective clothing. They needed protection from attacks as well as the weather.

Dog collars have been used since prior to 3100 B.C. and is perhaps the first type of dog accessory to be worn. Interestingly, archaeologists discovered a dog buried with King Cuo of Zhongshan wearing a collar made of gold, silver, and turquoise. This definitely proves that it was more than just a collar for training or identification purposes, it appeared to be a statement of wealth.

At the height of ancient Egyptian civilization, dog collars were beautiful works made of leather with copper, bronze, and gold added for embellishment. As seen from the many detailed paintings, tapestries, and literature, the Royal courts of Europe famously dressed their dogs in beautifully jewelled collars and coats. Louis XI of France, known to be a notorious miser, dressed his favorite greyhound in a collar of scarlet velvet decorated with 20 pearls and 11 rubies.

During the 17th century, gold, silver, and brass collars were engravable and leather collars had sparkling embellishments. In the 18th century, Louis XV had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who wore a gold collar engraved with diamonds. In 1833 in the United Kingdom, Princess Victoria wrote about her pampered spaniel that she had dressed him in a scarlet jacket and blue trousers. In the early 19th century in Paris, there was a plethora of shops dedicated to pooches.

Not until the 1960s when dog fashion picked up. At first, it was limited to holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. Eventually, it became a trend that what was exclusively made for the Holidays became a modern and daily canine fashion. Soon, dog outfits involved all kinds of clothing from physique fits, sweaters, coats, t-shirts, tank tops. The line extended to collars, jackets, bathrobes, beds, boots, carriers, raincoats, toys, and bandanas. Dog garments were no longer limited for wintertime but throughout the year.

Nowadays, you can see t-shirts with humorous sayings or brilliant colors showing off the dog's personality. Buying apparel is one way of showing pets that you care for them.

Why buy custom pet bandanas?

Have you ever wondered why you need to buy bandanas for dogs? Here are the reasons:

1. They help show that you care for your pets. If you really love and care for your pets, buying custom dog bandanas is one of the ways you can show that love and care.
2. Personalized dog bandanas make your dog stylish. Bandanas give your dog their own personality and character. It will make them a stand out whenever you take them out for a walk.
3. They can be customized. Doggie bandanas will not only give your canine pet their personality but also makes your brand a stand out as well. You can customize them with your company logo or brand name which could result to an increase in publicity.
4. They come in different varieties. As an advertising medium, a bandana for dogs offers flexibility of choice. They come in different sizes and colors. So whether it's a small or big dog, finding the right bandana can be easy.
5. They are affordable. The problem with the traditional mediums of advertising is that they have become quite expensive for many businesses to afford. This is not the case with a custom dog bandana. They do not cost as much as what you will spend on newspaper advertisements or television commercials.
6. At Branders.com, we understand how much you care for your pets. For this reason, we offer you a wide range of choices for pet bandanas. Order them now from our account managers.

For most people, pets are considered as part of the family. For this reason, they pamper their canine and feline friends with everything-- from their own food, place to sleep, and even clothes. Dog bandanas wholesale is just one of the many ways you can show your love for your pet. As an advertising medium, they will only require a minimal investment on your part. In the long run, you can look forward to reaping huge benefits even with the minimal investment. They will be used on a daily basis so you can be assured of continuous publicity for your brand. So don't just stand there. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 to place your orders NOW. Our account managers are standing by to take your call and deliver top notch customer service.

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