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Custom Plaques - Personalized Plaques - Customized Plaques - Branders
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Custom Plaques with Personalized Logo

Buy customized plaques with business logo for marketing giveaways.

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As low as $79.15 each

Why choose bulk plaques for advertising your brand?

At awards ceremonies, recognition services and graduation, there will always be a time dedicated to handing out plaques and awards to people. The awarding ceremonies of these programs, regardless of how short, are always the highlight of any program and often the most anticipated. Plaques are given out to recognize and show appreciation to those people who have put a lot of time and effort into striving to achieve excellence in their field or work. Recipients of award plaques take special care of them and usually put them in an important part of their home that is visible to visitors. Thus, custom plaques are the perfect promotional product to award those people who have rendered your company a huge service, to important business partners and organizations or employees who have performed excellently. Personalized plaques with logo are excellent and giveaway item at trade fairs, company events, school and charities.

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Here at Branders, we offer you a diverse number of promotional plaques with logo that are customizable to tailor to your specific need. We make sure that our customized plaques are made with great quality material that ensures they would last a long time. We also take extra care in implementing the designs you've come up with and make sure that your printed plaques are instant eye catchers. You can choose between varying sizes, material and styles of business plaques. We have the stand-up type you can place on your business table or cabinet or go with one that you can hang on your bedroom or living room wall. We have photoimage style plaques depicting a landscape or an important event, metal finish plaques with a highly polished finish, delicate glass plaques and ornate marble plaques. Nearly all of our plaques also come with decorative gift boxes to help with the presentation.

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There are simply so many people you can give a logo plaque to. Present one to the salesperson in your company with the most merchandise sold in a year. Give it to your newly promoted operational manager. Prepare one for a retiring director with a long and meticulous service record. Gift one to a benevolent donor to your charity or organization. These are just but a few people you can show appreciation to. So when you're considering the next promo item your business should get, bulk plaques. Show your employees and business partners that you truly appreciate their performance and service. They will undoubtedly appreciate this small token of your appreciation and be more inspired to perform excellently. So call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 and talk to our sales representatives. They'll be more than happy to answer and of your questions and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


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