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Custom Plates - Personalized Plates - Customized Plates - Branders.com
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Custom Plates with Personalized Logo

Buy customized plates in bulk with printed logo for marketing giveaways.

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Why choose promotional plates for advertising your brand?

Plates have been around in this world for thousands of years and they certainly hold a place in history. The existence of plates traces back to 600 AD when Chinese artisans discovered the process of making porcelain and eventually the plates made their mark in European territory around 1300's. The plates then are being used as decorations, collectible items, and in the popular mind as the most important vessel between the food and our mouths. With so many uses, plates can be considered as a great advertising medium. Why? Almost all of us use plates whether it is for decoration or just plain eating and this fact gives the power your brand needs to reach wide range of audience and all of that is possible through custom printed plates.

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If plates were not around then life would not be this much easy. Every household, every restaurant, and every establishment uses plates, plainly to eat with utmost comfort which is a great thing to capitalize on if you are going to promote your brand. Plates are made with either plastic, polystyrene, or porcelain material and this is a great feature because you can have your logo and brand name customized. Have them imprinted in the plates and the nice thing about plates is that your logo and brand name will be conspicuous to your audience due to the broad structure of the plates, making your custom plates a very effective promotional product. The plates are also available in different shapes, sizes, and designs and that is perfect to cater those people with different eating preferences. Have them as gift items for each merchandise. Speaking of gift, plates are also known to be the perfect gift item for newly weds and surely, guests of an impending wedding ceremony can benef! it to a free set of customized plates.

There are other uses of plates as well, making it a great promo item. Besides to eat comfortably, plates are also being popularized by some individuals as a collectible item and why not? They are inexpensive compared to other collectibles but more so if they are given free. Surely these individuals would not resist getting their hands on your plates with logo to add up to their increasing collection. With varying shapes and designs, promotional plates are perfect giveaway items to wide spectrum of collectors. As much as they are appealing as a collector's item, they are also appealing as a decorative item. The plates are customizable, perfect to display quotes, proverbs and sayings side by side with your logo. With your imprinted plates displayed at homes, visitors are sure to be entertained and with some chance they might also start looking out for your plate, your brand that is. The plates are also good as tokens of appreciation and this is a perfect time for you to target schools or offices hosting an event and that means more exposure to your brand.

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If you are planning to have a business or tradeshow event, you might consider a bunch of personalized plates with logo as your promo item. As you can see it has a lot of possibilities to offer for your brand and a remarkable one at that. All you have to do is to dial the toll-free number at 877-272-6337 to place your orders. Make that call and start serving your brand to your audience.


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