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Custom Playing Cards with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional playing cards with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Playing Cards with Personalized Logo
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Why choose customized playing cards for advertising your brand?

Custom playing cards provide people with entertainment and fun wherever they may be. They help individuals wile the time away during long trips and provide an accessible outlet for those who have quite the competitive spirit. Playing cards give individuals an excellent medium for building social relationships, too. At a party with new people? Play a card game. Everyone loves a good card game! There are many card games that can be played by groups--from pairs to 3 players or more. And these playing card with logo can be used by people of all ages, making them a great gift or giveaway during corporate events or other occasions.

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The earliest playing card is believed to have traced its roots in Central Asia. The documented history of card playing started in the 10th century when the Chinese played with paper dominoes by shuffling and dealing them in new games. Four suited decks with court cards were developed in the Moslem world and were imported by Europeans prior to 1370. During those days, playing cards were hand painted and only the rich could afford them. The printed playing cards we use today were derived from French designs and eventually became the standard first in England, and eventually in the British Colonies of America.

Customized playing card are great promotional product options. With their large imprint area, you can customize them according to your requirements. As a promo item, promotional playing cards will display your logo every time customers play a game of poker or blackjack. For families, playing cards are a great bonding tool. They allow opportunity for families to share memories that they will love reminiscing. The merchandise is portable so they will be carried wherever the customers will go. They will serve as a walking advertisement that will promote your brand wherever the owner may choose to go.

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Personalized playing card are effective as advertising material. Compared to the traditional mediums of advertising, they will not cost as much as what you would spend on newspaper or television ads. They can even be used on a daily basis so you can look forward to continuous promotions for your brand. Consider custom playing cards on your next tradeshow, convention, or seminar. So call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 now and see what difference it can make on your business. Take your business to the next level with playing card in bulk.

Custom Playing Cards

Whether its for competition, fun, or for simply whiling your time away, custom playing cards will always be appealing and highly appreciated. When going on a long trip or just to add fun to a boring night, there is nothing quite like playing strip poker or blackjack with friends or relatives. Playing cards can be easily carried around.They can easily fit into your backpack, purse, or even your pocket. So it would be easier to try your luck anytime anywhere. There are different kinds of card games that you can try out so you can add some variety to the game.

Depending on the location, a complete set of cards can go by different names. In UK, they are called pack while in the US, they are known as deck. Universally, they are called set. The subset of cards held by a player at a single time is called a hand. A deck of cards is used for playing different card games with varying levels of skill and chance. Most of the time, these games are played for money. The common deck are made up of 52 playing cards consisting of four suits (clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades) of 13 ranks each -- numbered cards running from Ace to 10 and face cards namely Jack, Queen, and King. There are two to four jokers although they are not commonly used in basic games. The Ace can have a low or high value depending on the game being played.It is believed that the four suits represent the four seasons of the year.

Playing card games can contribute to an all out fun with family, friends, or co-employees. Often, we see playing cards being played in a long trip, a corporate event, in a camping, overnight trips, and others. It seems that playing cards have been a staple in every household or sometimes in the office. They are great for company outings and excursions.

One cannot deny the huge appeal of playing cards. For this reason, many businesses have capitalized on its strong charm and used these playing cards for promoting their business. Playing cards are either made of thin cardboard, heavy paper, or plastic. Some people opt for the paper cards because they have been used to playing with these cards. However, there are others who like the plastic variety because they are more durable. When it comes to packaging, playing cards are packed in tuck boxes, acrylic boxes, or hinged box.

The popularity of playing cards has led to the proliferation of these items printed with company logos or themes depending on user specifications. Now more than just being used for entertainment, playing cards have now also been used as an advertising medium. Some have even printed their pictures on these playing cards adding a personal touch to them.

The best thing about playing cards is that they give a good chance to enhance your creative skills. You can add images such as your picture or of your favorite superhero or cartoon characters. Truly, playing cards have gone beyond just card games.

What are the common uses of playing cards?

Aside from providing gamers with tons of fun and entertainment, playing cards can also be used for several other purposes.

The most common purpose is for business promotions. These days, it is quite normal to find custom playing cards printed with company logos or slogan. You might have seen them when eating in a burger chain or when buying some stuff in the department store.

Playing cards are also excellent as a gift during parties and other occasions. Often, they are given away as wedding favors or as freebie items. During a corporate Holiday party, playing cards can be an appealing and highly appreciated gift item.

Playing cards can also make a wonderful addition to your collection. If you do not have one yet, start off with these amazing items. Or perhaps you can sell them to earn yourself a profit. With card games quite popular, it is unlikely that no one will buy the playing cards you are selling. There are endless possibilities available when it comes to using custom playing cards.It is all just a matter of being creative.

Why buy custom playing cards?

We all know that playing cards can provide a lot of fun and excitement. But there are other things that make custom playing cards a worthwhile purchase:

1. Custom playing cards can be personalized. Whether it's for your corporate gifts or as a wedding favor, custom playing cards can be customized according to your specifications. A company can have their company logo added on the card or an individual print their picture or the date of their event.

2. Custom playing cards offers an affordable advertising medium? Why spend a huge chunk of your marketing budget on an expensive newspaper advertisement or television commercial when you can spend it for a much cheaper option? Playing cards will not break your bank. They are so affordable, you can consider buying them in bulk. This way, you can free yourself from worrying about what to give potential customers on your next event.

3. Custom playing cards have a wide imprint area. One major feature of custom playing cards is that they have enough space for adding your coprorate logo or slogan on the card. With your logo on the playing card, you are assured of getting continuous exposure for your business.

4. They are versatile giveaways. Whether as a fundraising or corporate event giveaway, there are many ways you can capitalize on playing cards as a giveaway item. One thing is certain, they will be highly appreciated by your intended recipient.

5. Custom playing cards are available in different styles. There is a wide range of choices when it comes to custom playing cards. This can make finding the right one for your budget and advertising needs an easy task.

6. They are effective as an advertising medium. Consider the number of people playing custom playing cards on a regular basis. This represents the number of people you can target as your potential customer. Whenever people play poker or blackjack with the playing cards, they will see your logo.

7. Branders is a haven for finding a wide range of custom playing cards for your advertising needs. We offer quality products at the lowest cost.

Turn your advertising efforts into a fun experience with custom playing cards. In a tough and competitive industry, you need to step up and take your advertising game to the next level. In order to grab the attention of customers, you first need to impress them and giving playing cards is one way of doing so. These items require minimal investment on your part. In return, you can look forward to getting huge profits at the end of your campaign. Take your brand to the next level and make a difference in the industry. So go ahead! Take action! Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 for your orders and inquiries.

Where Did Custom Playing Cards Come From?

Custom playing cards trace its origin from the ancient Chinese paper money. It seems that these cards were specifically designed both as a money and playing cards. Chinese cards were not like modern-day European playing cards. In terms of appearance, Chinese cards were much thinner despite being made from flexible cardboards.

Playing cards found their way to Europe through the returning crusaders from the Middle East. However, there is no existing evidence for this until 1371. Playing cards were used by Eastern European gypsies for predicting the future. Again, this may sound plausible until after forty years they first appeared.

The earliest reference to cards in Europe are mostly in France. Records show that King Charles VI bought 3 packs of playing cards in 1392. They featured four suits and were made of 14 cards each. These suits are still preferred in most Latin countries such as Spain and Italy today.

The first appearance of modern day suits was in France during the late 1400s. It was believed that the four suits symbolize the four classes of persons at that time -- military, peasants, clergy, and aristocrats. The English adopted this style of cards in 1462. Eventually, when colonialism arrived in England and France, these styles of cards spread throughout the world which is now the most widely used design today.

For a long time, only the face of the cards were printed. The back part were usually left blank and became a convenient source of paper. Most of the time, cards were used for writing coupons, love letters, invitations, and currencies. In fact, it 18th century Netherlands, mothers left a message on the back of card for abandoned children. A card torn in half signified that the mother would soon return with the other half to claim their child. A whole card, on the other hand, meant that the mother has fully abandoned her child.

Over the years, playing cards have been symbols of beauty and mystery. When you play a game, you know your hand.Thinking that you can beat your opponent symbolizes desires of control.

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