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Custom Playing Cards with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional playing cards with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Playing Cards with Personalized Logo
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Why choose customized playing cards for advertising your brand?

Custom playing cards provide people with entertainment and fun wherever they may be. They help individuals wile the time away during long trips and provide an accessible outlet for those who have quite the competitive spirit. Playing cards give individuals an excellent medium for building social relationships, too. At a party with new people? Play a card game. Everyone loves a good card game! There are many card games that can be played by groups--from pairs to 3 players or more. And these playing card with logo can be used by people of all ages, making them a great gift or giveaway during corporate events or other occasions.

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The earliest playing card is believed to have traced its roots in Central Asia. The documented history of card playing started in the 10th century when the Chinese played with paper dominoes by shuffling and dealing them in new games. Four suited decks with court cards were developed in the Moslem world and were imported by Europeans prior to 1370. During those days, playing cards were hand painted and only the rich could afford them. The printed playing cards we use today were derived from French designs and eventually became the standard first in England, and eventually in the British Colonies of America.

Customized playing card are great promotional product options. With their large imprint area, you can customize them according to your requirements. As a promo item, promotional playing cards will display your logo every time customers play a game of poker or blackjack. For families, playing cards are a great bonding tool. They allow opportunity for families to share memories that they will love reminiscing. The merchandise is portable so they will be carried wherever the customers will go. They will serve as a walking advertisement that will promote your brand wherever the owner may choose to go.

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Personalized playing card are effective as advertising material. Compared to the traditional mediums of advertising, they will not cost as much as what you would spend on newspaper or television ads. They can even be used on a daily basis so you can look forward to continuous promotions for your brand. Consider custom playing cards on your next tradeshow, convention, or seminar. So call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 now and see what difference it can make on your business. Take your business to the next level with playing card in bulk.


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